Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 3 - It's Only the Beginning

Before we knew it, summer became autumn, and the trees started to lose their leaves. I felt my steps getting lighter, my head feeling less stuffy, like the end of a cold virus. I spent a lot of my free time with Melody, just generally chatting. Some people remarked that we looked incredibly close, like sisters, to which we scoffed at them and went on chatting.

But it is like Melody is almost like my adoptive sister. I went to her halls for the first time soon after that, and found myself needing to wear a jacket.

Nurmel: Oh darn, it’s starting to rain.
Melody: (yawn) Nurmel? What’re you doing out here?
Nurmel: I arranged to come see you, remember?
Melody: You did...?
Nurmel: Did you just wake up or something?
Melody: No.....(yawn)
Nurmel: You’re as scatterbrained as always, I see.

Melody: So what do you fancy for breakfast?
Nurmel: Oh, I’ve already eaten.
Melody: Well I haven’t, so you’ll have to eat with me.
Nurmel: (sigh) Fair enough.

Nurmel: So how have lectures been?
Melody: Oh, pretty normal. My mum would have loved this course; it’s exactly the sort of thing she enjoys.
Nurmel: Did your mum not go to university?
Melody: Ah, no. She could’ve after art college...but she had me instead.
Nurmel: Oh are John and Cindy?
Melody: Ech, I don’t care. I don’t talk to them much anymore.
Nurmel: Yeah, I wouldn’t either.

Darien: Hey hey, what’s going on here?
Melody: Darien! What the hell?!
Darien: What? I smelt pancake mix. Can I have some? And why don’t you introduce your cute friend, too?

Melody: Geez, if there’s going to be any introductions, at least put a top on.
Darien: Oh come on, baby. Play nice.
Melody: Shut it!

Nurmel: He so fancies you.
Melody: What?...You think?
Nurmel: Uh-huh. You going out with him?
Melody: No...I don’t think I have the time.
Nurmel: Why not? He seems nice.

Melody: Yeah, but I hear he’s a bit of a player. I don’t want to get myself caught up with that sort of person.
Nurmel: Suit yourself. Mmm, these pancakes are delicious!

Melody: So what was it we were going to do today?
Nurmel: Phwe were mmgonna phlook phon the phinterphet.
Melody: Must you speak with your mouth full?
Nurmel: Phorry, phor mphnighphess.

Melody: So you think if we go online and do a search we’ll find something on the visions?
Nurmel: Yup. That’s my theory anyway. I’ve never really used a computer or the internet before, but I hear you can find anything on the internet. Even naked fat guys rolling in maple syrup.
Melody: Gross...

Nurmel: Melody, I’ve always wondered, but if you had visions of me, how come no one thought you were crazy, like me?
Melody: Oh, I guess it was because I learnt how to control them.
Nurmel: Say what now?
Melody: When I was a kid, I found I could stop myself from passing out every time I had a vision. It was a big psychological thing I learnt from some TV programme. If I focused my mind enough, I could stop seeing the visions. But at night time I would always open my mind and see what was going on. It seemed like the visions were never at the same time as I had them. As in, at night I could have a dream about you during the day.

Nurmel: Yeah, you know what, that happened too! I never saw anything boring with you, I always saw you when something big or life-changing happened to you. But lately I didn’t have the visions. Why is that?
Melody: Well, it’s either because you’re with me now and can see what’s happening, and/or you’ve learnt how to control them finally.
Nurmel: I wish I’d done that a long time ago.
Melody: I could still dream about you, because that’s how I knew you’d be here. I saw you accepting the job here with Miss Rose and knew I had to transfer here from Elm State. It was really short notice but I was lucky enough to manage it.
Nurmel: So that’s how you got here too! I always thought it was fate.

Melody: Right, so let’s have a look.
Nurmel: What the heck? That’s the internet?...Looks pretty weird to me.
Melody: You’ll get used to it. Now let’s seems there’s a website here...someone’s discussing visions!
Nurmel: What, like our visions?!
Melody: Yeah! The doctor explains how there’s a telepathic link between two people, and psychologists are still trying to research what’s happening.

Nurmel: Aw man. I was hoping they’d have an explanation.
Melody: I’m going to email this woman, expressing an interest in the research already done. Is that ok with you?
Nurmel: Yeah, knock yourself out.

Somewhere off the Coast

That email would prove to be our worst mistake.

Man: it seems someone has expressed an interest. This website was more use than I thought.

Doctor: That’s right, sir. Didn’t I tell you it would lead those gullible children right to us?
Man: You’ve done well.

Man: Ah, Doctor Carmen, Mr Nellis. I see you’ve arrived on time again.
Nellis: You wanted to see us, Boss?
Man: Correct. It seems that we’ve found a specimen.
Nellis: Seriously? But that website’s been up for years! I didn’t think it would ever work!
Man: It appears you were wrong. Doctor Grace has done very well with her “research”.

Man: Now, Doctor Carmen. How are things doing at the Institute near Flint City?
Carmen: Well, sir, everything seems to be getting back to normal.
Man: I heard your colleagues Kelsey and Granger came into a little predicament a few months ago.
Carmen: Well, true, a couple of the clients escaped, but we’ve hushed everything up.
Man: But you have no idea where these “clients” are now, correct?
Carmen: Erm...correct, sir.

Man: I’m disappointed. I thought that Institute was top-notch in security, you said so yourself.
Carmen: Sir, with all due respect, one of the clients was very tactical. We’re not sure if she was ever really mentally unstable at all...
Man: Keep looking for her, and the other for that matter!
Nellis: Boss, what about the email?
Man: Ah, yes. The email. Doctor Grace, if you would be so kind as to give the location of the sender?

Doctor: Sir. It seems as though the sender is a student at the Greenwood University. Her name is Melody Mystare and she is 18 years old.

Nellis: Mystare? Never heard of her.
Man: Nevertheless, she must be investigated.
Nellis: But what if she’s just a normal curious person?
Man: We can’t let her slip away. I’m giving you an order Nellis. Send your finest men to Greenwood University and keep a track on her. And I do not expect you to fail me. Understood?
Nellis: Yes, Boss.

Man: Despite our efforts, our children are running free, clueless as to their existence. But we shall join hands and find the truth together.

Man: And then we can take over.