Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 4 - Feeling Out of Place

Melody: Hey, everyone. It’s good to see a few people in the Coffee House. I’d like to start with a small number you all should know: it’s called “Feeling out of Place.”

Nurmel: I think it’s great that Melody’s still singing even though she’s just doing Art!
Darien: If you say so, babe.
Nurmel: Dammit, haven’t you ever heard her sing?
Darien: Nope.
Nurmel: Well, prepare to be swept away, boy!

Melody: I can see you walking past
 Holding your head up as you go
 Was the words you spoke just a dream?
 Or was there something I should know?

Girl: Hey, sorry I’m late.
Darien: Hey, Julie! You’re just in time for Melody.
Julie: Oh, good. I’ve always wanted to hear her sing.

Melody: Reach out your hand as you see me stumble,
 My whole world could surely crumble
 But you won’t care if I’m
 Feeling out of place

 My ideals are soft and tender
 But my heart’s broken, no time to mend her
 Can’t you see that I’m
 Feeling out of place?

Nurmel: Wow! You sing even better than I remember!
Melody: Oh Nurmel, don’t.
Nurmel: Don’t go all shy on me, you know it’s true.
Melody: Heh, I guess I have improved.
Julie: Hey guys, I’m gonna have a coffee. Anyone else want one?

Julie: Melody, that was amazing! Your singing has given me an idea.
Melody: What, you want me to sing at a concert or something?
Nurmel: Pfft, good one.
Julie: Hah, I wish! No, I wondered if we should start a band.
Melody: A band? I don’t know...
Julie: It’ll be fun! Think about it; you sing great, I can play the bass guitar, Darien’s quite funky at the keyboard, and I know a couple of people who can play guitar and drums!

Melody: But where and when would we practise?
Julie: The SU has a couple of practise rooms for bands, and we can do it in the evening after lectures. I don’t think anyone has a lecture at night, right?
Melody: Well...I guess so.
Julie: Atta girl.

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to intrude, but I wasn’t going to be a part of this band obviously. I couldn’t help being jealous, but I knew deep down that there was no way I could be in a band...when I didn’t know how to play an instrument.

I couldn’t help thinking about it after we’d said goodbye to each other and gone home. I had spent a load of time with Melody recently, and it was only fair that she should spend time with her other friends.

Jessie: Hey sport. Why the long face, horsie?
Nurmel: Oh, it’s just Melody’s friend wants to start a band, but I can’t really join because I don’t play anything. Plus I can’t sing.
Jessie: Ah, I see. And you’re feeling a bit down about it, yes?
Nurmel: I guess so.

Jessie: Gee, I’m sure you’re good at stuff too. I mean, you may not be musical but you’re quite the dramatist. Maybe you should go into acting.
Nurmel: Acting, huh? I dunno, I’d probably need education for that...
Jessie: Not if you’re looking in the right place, you don’t. All kind of dumb people start acting...not that you’re dumb of point is, is that everyone has secret talents that they never really pursue. I play the violin, for example.
Nurmel: You do?!
Jessie: Have you never been in my room? Follow me, and I’ll show you.

Jessie: I started playing when I was a kid. When I was in my teens, I decided I wanted to be a sporty girl instead of musical. My dad said he was happy he didn’t have to pay for violin lessons anymore. ‘Course then he saw how much he’d have to pay for swimming lessons, football clubs, etcetera, etcetera...

Nurmel: That sounds beautiful.
Jessie: You should look inside yourself and find your own motivation. If you can’t support Melody musically, I’m sure you can support them in many other ways.
Nurmel: I guess...

I went into a small daydream and remembered a time in my past.

I was very young, so young we hadn’t been forced to become travellers then. It was still at our first house in the desert, that small secluded village that had seemed so tiny then.

Nurmel: Dad, what should I be when I grow up?
Harris: You can be whatever you want to be, honey.
Nurmel: I have to work hard for it though, don’t I?
Harris: Well, yes, you generally have to work for your rewards. But if you focus on your goals enough, you’ll find that you can swing higher than you thought you could. Like the day you learnt to swing by yourself.
Nurmel: Yeah...

Nurmel: You’re right, Dad! If I can focus enough on what I want to do, no matter what I do, I can reach the sky!
Harris: That’s a pretty awesome goal. (laughs)

It was both touching and yet sad to remember a time in my childhood when I could actually look to the future with excited eyes. But now...I can get back onto the track. I stopped for a little while and got distracted but now I can walk down that road once more.

Nurmel: You know, Jessie, you’re right! I have to keep believing in myself. I can’t get myself distracted just because I’m not as good as anyone else.
Jessie: That’s my lovely. I’m glad we had this pep talk!

Somewhere else on campus

Man: It was nice for the university to accept us so late into the semester.
Woman: I’m sure Mr Nellis and the Boss pulled a few strings to get us in here.
Man: Well, then, shall we?

Man: Miss Sinistre, are those-
Sinistre: They are exactly what they appear to be, Mr Ruse. Instructions from Mr Nellis.
Ruse: What does he say for us to do?
Sinistre: We must find Melody Mystare and take some photos of her, so that Doctor Grace may run some tests on it.

Sinistre: Once we have done that, we can start Operation B.
Ruse: And then we kidnap her, right?
Sinistre: That is correct, Mr Ruse.

Ruse: Excellent. I look forward to it very much.
Sinistre: As do I...

Lunchlady: Oh my god, are they at it again?

Ruse: Watch out, Miss Mystare, wherever you are...

Sinistre: We’re out to get you.