Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 5 - A Troubled Mind Knows No Limits


Mia: Melody, never give up! Because I have faith that you will do anything you set your mind on.
Melody: But Mia, where are you going? Aren’t you going to Elm State University with me?
Mia: ‘Fraid not. I know where I need to be right now. It might take some time to get there but I know I can reach it if I try hard enough.

Melody: But, Mia, what will I do? I’m not strong enough by myself.
Mia: What are you talking about? Of course you’re strong enough, don’t be silly.
Melody: Mia, wait!
Mia: Goodbye, Melody.

Melody: MIA!!!..........

You know you’ve reached a low when you have a nightmare about someone you care about. Nightmares are horrible anyway, but ones of people leaving you....they scare me more than any monster could.

It was still very early in the morning, the lack of sunlight and the clock told me that. But I was afraid of going back to sleep, in case more nightmares lurked in my subconscious mind. So I decided to get up for a bit.

No reply from that woman. I was growing a bit uneasy. I know Nurmel was so positive she would be able to help us, but the paranoia in my head uncurled itself like a stirring snake. I knew there was no way anything bad would happen;` all I had sent was a measly email, and I hadn’t even put my name on it.

I found I couldn’t sleep and went into the living room of the dorms, the lights down low. I didn’t make any noise but a sudden figure made me jump.

Darien: Melody?
Melody: Oh, hello.
Darien: What are you doing up at this time of morning?
Melody: I could ask you the same thing.
Darien: I was working on an assignment, and heard you get up.
Melody: Oh, I’m sorry. Was I making any noise?
Darien: Not much, no, babe.

Darien: Are you still worried about what happened yesterday?
Melody: Kinda. It wasn’t really the best of things to happen to us.
Darien: I know what you mean...

My mind drifted back to the day before, when we had met to start our first rehearsal...

Ruse: Hey, bartender! *hic* Gimme another of those...fruity things.
Bartender: ....Cocktails?
Ruse: Pffft....yeah....COCKtails....with....with extra COCK!
Bartender: I’ll...see what I can do.

Julie: Ew, drunk guy.
Darien: So, is everyone here?
Melody: It’s rather close to everything else isn’t it?
Julie: Yeah, this was the only place available today. Oh, and I almost forgot!

Julie: Everyone this is Georgina and Sebastian.
Georgina: Wassup?
Sebastian: Hi, beautiful people.
Julie: They were the guys I was telling you about.

Georgina: Ok, let’s do this!
Julie: Can you read the sheet music alright Melody? Sebastian wrote this song himself.
Melody: “Stabbing Your Cat”?
Sebastian: It’s based on a true story.

Sebastian: Oh yeah, can you feel this beat Georgina?
Georgina: You better believe it Sebby baby.

Melody: Your cat likes to piddle on my lilies
 Which makes them die inside
 So I shall take my revenge on you
 And take my knife as I’m inclined

 Stabbing your cat, I’m stabbing your cat
 Until the juices run clear
 Oversized rat, an oversized rat
 Now back to the sewers with you, you mangy beast!

Georgina: Word out!

Bartender: Want any more drink, sir?
Ruse: Nah, nah, I think I remember why I’m here.
Bartender: *mutters* Thank god.

Sebastian: So, wasn’t that the coolest thing you ever heard or what?
Georgina: Baby I could feel the cat dying.
Melody: Erm, yeah, about that...
Sebastian: What’s up, little tuney?

Melody: Erm...I’m not sure I really want to be singing about stabbing a cat for revenge.
Sebastian: How about some other stuff, like “Peeing on your rosebush” or “I got a ticket for running over your kid”?
Melody: That’s horrible!
Sebastian: That’s life!

Georgina: Whoah now. Sebastian doesn’t like conflict, so I don’t think it’s going to work out. You’re just too mainstream for our music.
Melody: Aren’t we the ones with the band...?
Sebastian: Georgie, let’s go. I want to bleach my hair again and dump the remainder of the bottle on the dog.
Georgina: What a great idea.

Julie: Melody, I’m so sorry. I only heard them play when we’re doing things in class; I never knew they were into that punky goth stuff.
Melody: Even when they dress like that?!
Julie: Yeah...hey, there’s a guy over there coming towards you.

Melody: Erm, hello?
Ruse: Oh heeeeeey. *hic* I’m from, er...a magazine. I mean, I’m from the newspaper. University newspaper.
Melody: You mean the Greenwood Scope?
Ruse: Yeah....that. Anyway, I heard you singing and you’d be perfect for a little column of what’s hot. If you want, I can advertise for new band members for your band...
Melody: Oh, that’d be really nice of you...what happened to your eye, by the way?
Ruse: A very tragic accident when I was 5.

Ruse: Anyway, in order for this to work I’ll need your photo, and then people will know who to look for.
Melody: Makes sense. Want me posing in any way?
Ruse: Just the way you are is fine.

He took out a small camera and I smiled naturally.

Ruse: Beautiful, wonderful! Very nice smile, my dear.
Melody: Er, thank you.
Ruse: I shall now go and send this off. Good luck with your endeavours! *hic*

Melody: ...and then he left.
Darien: Why did you tell me everything that happened? I was there.
Melody: Oh, my bad.
Darien: Don’t you worry about those two weirdoes. They just had a weird taste in music and seemed to deem it elite.
Melody: Yeah, but what if they go around discouraging people about us?

Darien: Melody, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. That article will appear in the Greenwood Scope and hopefully people will step forward.
Melody: But what if I don’t want to do it anymore?
Darien: That’s up to you, but I wouldn’t give up just yet, babe.

Sinistre: ...Did you have to get the images blown up this big?
Ruse: Why not? Now we know every pore and detail.
Sinistre: Ew. Well, at least we now know what she looks like.
Ruse: Excuse me a second.

Student: Yo, Ruse! Did you get those notes down for the lecture today?
Ruse: No I did not. I did not attend the lecture.
Student: Whaaat? You know the professor’s gonna kill you!
Ruse: It does not matter.
Student: Well, it’s your future man.
Sinistre: Grrrrr....

Sinistre: Look, can you, like, leave?
Student: This is a free country, man.
Sinistre: As you can clearly see, I am a woman. NOW SCRAM YOU LITTLE BEATLE!
Student: She’s crazy man! HELP!

Ruse: ...Was that really needed?
Sinistre: Now people have been warned. They must never mess with us.
Ruse: ahahah.
Sinistre: Ahahahahaha.