Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 6 - There's No Business Like Us

Jessie: So I heard Melody’s band is in need of new members.
Nurmel: Seems like it. I heard that they got a new advert in the paper.
Jessie: Really? I heard it didn’t go through.
Nurmel: Yeah, it hasn’t appeared yet...

Nurmel: So what can we do to help?
Jessie: Well there is something I’ve been planning. You know the local theatre?
Nurmel: Oh yeah?
Jessie: Well, they’ve asked me to direct the pantomime this Christmas.
Nurmel: Oh that’s right. It’s nearly December! Time sure flies by.

Jessie: Anyway, I’m going to put on Cinderella I think, and it’d be a good way to advertise Melody and that lot.
Nurmel: I don’t know...I’m not sure she’d be alright with that.
Jessie: Well, I’ve put an advert about auditions in the paper anyway.

Jessie: This could be a real breakthrough. I can’t wait to see all the new talent of Greenwood University!
Nurmel: Well good luck with it.
Jessie: You are going to be involved you realise.
Nurmel: Darn.

December and Christmas was fast approaching. I could tell from the massively commercialised gifts and merchandise all over the shops. Even the coffee shop was advertising some Christmas mugs. I can’t say I was too surprised having lived in a city most of my life, but I guess I was excited about this Christmas. It would be the first Christmas with Melody for one thing, without the visions for once. I wondered if I would be able to go back home to see Simon for a day.
A week later, the auditions came around.

Nurmel: Good turnout.
Jessie: Yes indeed! I was hoping for a bit more to fill the chorus roles but I guess this will do. That is if they all pass.
Nurmel: Man, you’re ruthless!
Jessie: Oh don’t you worry my dear. You’ll be getting a part no matter what.

Jessie: Hey everyone! Thanks for coming along. If everyone could pull up a seat, then we can start the audition process!

The auditions were...interesting.

Nurmel: Whoah, look at her hips go.
Jessie: She’s the leader of the dancing society so she’s going to be good.

Melody: I doing this bit right?
Julie: Relax and let the music flow through you!
Darien: Oh yeah! I can feel it!
Julie: Or you can look like an idiot.

Girl: *singing* Can’t read mah, can’t read mah, nooo can’t read mah poooker faaaace!
Boy: Oh yeaaaah!
Nurmel: Well at least they keep with the times.

Man: Hello I’d like to give you all a limerick.
Jessie: Fair enough. Begin when you’re ready!
Man: There once was a man from Nantucket-
Jessie: -Very nice, have a seat.

Jessie: Ok, have I seen everyone? Can you all wait outside while I decide the cast?

Darien: How do you think we did, Melody?
Melody: Hard to say...
Darien: (laughs) I know the feeling...better put our poker faces on then!
Melody: Pfft....

Everyone left the room, the excitement fizzling over our heads. Having not auditioned I wasn’t sure what role I would be cast in. I hoped it wouldn’t be the lead. I mean, I hadn’t had that sort of acting experience before so I’d never really thought about it.

In the end, it was decided that Melody would play Cinderella, to her great surprise. I would play the role of the Fairy Godmother, Darien the Prince, Julie one of the stepsisters with the lady gaga look-alike Bianca, Vera the dancer would be the lead dancer along with everyone else as chorus. Oh and the funny guy Jake would be the stepmother...but in drag.

And so began the long rehearsal process.

Jessie: Come on, work those thighs!
Julie: Aah! I’m out of time with everyone!
Darien: Jake, dude, are you wearing a man-tard?

Jessie: Everybody swing your head-
Jessie: Owch...

Jessie: And, bend back!
Jessie: Hmm...sounds like you all need to take a 5 minute break. Julie, wait behind.
Julie: Aww man...

Jake: Hey, you’re like, Melody, aren’t you?
Melody: That’s me.
Jake: Hey congrats on getting the main role, hun! You deserve it.
Melody: Well, to be honest I’m a little hesitant...
Jake: Why so?
Melody: I’ve never really acted before so I’m a little scared I’ll let everyone down...
Jake: I think you’ll do great!

Melody: Eh, you think?
Jake: This is no time to be negative! If you’re always negative about yourself, you’ll never succeed in life!
Melody: Yeah...I guess so!

The day was long but we did a good rehearsal. We had a mountain of lines to learn, but it was fun doing something with loads of friends. I felt I had actually gotten closer to Darien and Julie doing something we could all take part in. I wondered if this was Jessie’s doing?

Jessie: Ok everyone, see you next rehearsal! And don’t forget I want Act One memorised!
Sam: Aww, what?
Julie: Why are you worrying, you don’t have many lines!
Sam: Yeah but it’s all the songs I have to learn...
Jessie: Have a good weekend!

Nurmel: Melody, want me to walk you home?
Melody: Erm, no it’s ok! I think I want to take a walk around the park anyway.
Nurmel: Fair enough. I’ll text you!
Melody: (laughs) Ok then!

Melody: Aaah you can definitely feel winter’s coming...I should really start wearing my arms are freezing! What was I thinking this morning...
Voice: Melody Solbel?

Melody: Wha-
Boy: It really is you...Melody Solbel, at last!