Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 7 - Something Is Coming

No one’s called me a long time.

Boy: I knew I’d find you if I hung around here long enough!
Melody: Erm...I don’t understand.
Boy: I mean, I was here since this morning and kept asking everyone who went passed if you lived here. They must have thought me crazy!

Melody: Ok, enough chit-chat. Who are you?
Boy: ...Erm?
Melody: No one comes up to me calling me by my old name without some strange reason, now spit it out!

Boy: Oh Melody, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise! Please, let me talk to you and I’ll sort it all out.
Melody: .....

Melody: Ok then, start talking.
Boy: Well, my name is Takeshi. I’m a month older than you and I’m here to warn you.
Melody: Warn me?
Boy: There are bad things happening. And I’m worried that you might be targeted!
Melody: Wait, me? Why? What’s so special about me?!

Takeshi: I know you don’t trust me-
Melody: Well I only just met you.
Takeshi: -but please believe me. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious! Or your life could be in danger!....
Melody: Are you alright?! You’ve gone all pale all of a sudden...
Takeshi: I...

Takeshi: He says they’re after me.
Melody: Excuse me?
Takeshi: They’re coming to find me, I must run away!
Melody: What on earth...?

Takeshi: I’m sorry! That is all I can tell you!
Melody: Wait!  I still don’t get anything...

Melody: (sigh) I wonder who that guy really was...

Takeshi: Ack!
Man: So, decided you’d play a game with us, huh?
Takeshi: Y-yes, that’s it! A nice game of hide and seek.

Ruse: In that case, I think I’ve won. Did you talk to anyone.
Takeshi: N-no, I spoke to no person! I could never do that...
Ruse: Oh really...

Ruse: Sinistre, I think you need to contact HQ and let them know they’re missing one prisoner.
Takeshi: No! Please! I don’t want to go back to the Island...
Sinistre: I agree. Let the boss decide what to do with you.
Takeshi: No! Mercy!

Ruse: Shut up! This is no time for apologising.

Nurmel: Gee, Alex, I didn’t think you’d be able to do it but wow!
Alex: Oh, it was nothing. I am a fashion student after all!
Nurmel: I guess Jessie was right when she asked you for help!

Nurmel: Melody, what do you think of that dress? Doesn’t it look great?
Melody: .....

That boy must have been there for a reason.

Nurmel: Er, Melody? Are you there?
Melody: ....huh?

Nurmel: Gee, spacing out there are we?
Melody: Oh, I’m sorry! It’s’s very pretty.
Alex: Phew! For a minute there I thought you hated it!

Alex: Right now I’d better start on the other costumes...and that’s going to be horrible!

I’ll tell you what’s horrible, the colour of this hideous dress.

Nurmel: What’s up, then?
Melody: Sorry?
Nurmel: You’re acting like you’re on another planet. Are you worrying over the pantomime again?
Melody: No, I...well.

Melody: This boy was waiting outside my dorms yesterday evening.
Nurmel: Ooh! I can tell where this is going! A secret admirer?
Melody: Not exactly. He said I was in danger, and that bad things were happening. Then he started freaking out about how “they were coming for him” and he ran off.

Nurmel: Oh, so not an admirer then. Well, cheer up; he was probably some weirdo who thinks the world is ending or something. I’ve seen quite a few of them in my own time.
Melody: His name was Takeshi.
Nurmel: Oh, a Japanese? Hmm...maybe he’d been reading too much manga.

Melody: But Nurmel, this is the weirdest part: he called me Melody Solbel.


Nurmel: ....what?

And so we shift back to the beginning, where it all began...