Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 8 - Painful Memories

When Melody told me about the boy and how he called her Melody “Solbel”, my mind remembered her past life. I had seen in it my mind, like a movie. I knew things that most people will never know.

The Solbel’s lived in the suburbs – in a house that was almost a mansion. They were wealthy, yes, but not exceedingly. They could afford the house, and the bringing-up of two daughters.

For John and Teresa Solbel, life couldn’t have gotten better. They had moved into their dream house, Teresa was becoming a critically acclaimed painter, and John was speeding along with his car business.

It seemed almost like a perfect dream.

Mom! Mom!
Teresa: Not now, darling. I’m doing some rough work for Mr Frederick.
Cindy: But mooom, I need someone to help me dress my dolls!
Teresa: I’ll be with you in a second, dear, honest.

Teresa: Melody, you can finish practising now, you’re getting along very nicely!
Melody: Ok, mom.
Cindy: Oh great, Melody can come play with me then!
Melody: ...

John: Family, I’m home!

John Solbel. The main bread-winner of the household. Usually in a good mood, unless something really irritates him. Most of the time that “thing” would be something Melody did.

Cindy: Daddy! You came home!
John: Of course I did, my little princess.
Cindy: Hey! I want to go play princesses now!
John: Whatever you want my sugar cupcake. I’ve got another doll for you if you’ve been good.
Cindy: Oh yes, I have been good!

Cindy Solbel. The youngest daughter by two years, and she acts it too. Acts innocent and sweet on the outside, on the inside she loves manipulating her father and being a spoilt brat.

Come on, dragon! Aaargh! I’m going to be eaten by the dragon!

Melody: Why am I always the dragon...?

Melody Solbel. The eldest daughter and the least spoilt. Luckily has more brains than her sister but will never understand Cindy. A quiet shy girl.

Cindy: Oh, what’s this, are you complaining?
Melody: Well I was just wondering if maybe we could do a swap-
Cindy: A swap?! Ahahahah! Like I’d swap places with you! I’m too beautiful to be the evil ugly dragon, just as you’re too plain and boring to be the beautiful princess!

Melody: Urgh, you little brat! I’ll show you who’s boring!
Cindy: HEY! That hurt you vicious brute!
Melody: At least I’m not a selfish little cow!

Cindy: That does it...DADDYYYY!!! MELODY HIT ME!!!!
Melody: Oh Cindy...why’d you have to tell-tale...

John: Melody, did you hit Cindy?
Melody: But Cindy called me boring-
John: Did you hit Cindy?
Melody: I – yes, but-
Cindy: She called me a selfish cow!
Melody: Yeah, but she started it!
John: I don’t care who started it. Melody, what have I told you about calling your younger sister names? She’s an innocent sweet little girl and I want you to go straight to your room.
Melody: But I-
John: NOW!

Melody: Why?! Why do they always pick on me...
Voice: Melody, honey, can I come in?

Teresa Solbel. Melody’s favourite person in the whole world. The only one who actually listens to her.

Mom, does Dad hate me?
Teresa: No...why would he?
Melody: He always takes Cindy’s side even if she starts fights.
Teresa: Did he do it again? I’ve tried to tell him to listen to you more.
Melody: It doesn’t seem to work...

Teresa: Honey, don’t get too worked up over it. If Cindy aggravates you again, please don’t resort to violence. That’s exactly the reaction she wants for you, and then she’ll use it against you. So promise me you’ll try not to let her get to you, ok?
Melody: I guess...

Melody and Cindy still remained almost rivals, from when they were children... when they were teenagers.
It all fell apart on Melody’s 17th birthday

Teresa: Hey, darling! I love what Rose did to your hair. Curls look good on you!
Melody: You think?
Teresa: Yeah! You should start wearing it to high school, you’ll be really popular with the boys!

Cindy: Daddy, this cake isn’t sweet enough.
John: I’m sorry, muffin. I’ll tell your mother to put more sugar in it next time, alright?
Cindy: Yay! Thank you, Daddy!

Teresa: Alright, hold it there...there we go! I wanted a decent photo before the balloons start popping.

Teresa: Wow, I can’t believe it, your big 1-7.
Melody: Mom...
Teresa: One more year you’ll be 18! And will go to university...
Melody: Mom! Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?
Teresa: I don’t know, maybe seeing you grown affects me somehow...

Teresa: Ah, the whole family. Where did you two go?
Cindy: We were in the other room, eating our cake. It wasn’t sweet enough.
Teresa: Oh, I’m very sorry about that. You should’ve come and seen us, we never see enough of you!
John: ...

Teresa: Lighten up, John! Aren’t you proud for Melody?
John: ...Is there really any point?
Teresa: I’m sorry?
John: Why should I be bothered?
Teresa: John, no. Please don’t –
Melody: Dad, what are you talking about?

John: You want to know, little precious Melody?
Cindy: ...Daddy?
Teresa: John, please, shut up!
John: When your mother was newly married to me, one night she went off to some artist’s bar and had a one night stand! Nine months later she had you; and from the moment I saw your reddish eyes I knew.
Teresa: John, NO!
John: I had only recently confirmed it after speaking to some witnesses from that night. It took me this long but I finally know the truth!

Melody: Dad...what are you talking about? I don’t understand-

John: You’re not my daughter! So why should I give a flying heck about you?!
Teresa: John, get out, now! You’ve ruined this evening.
John: Good! Now she knows the truth of how I detest her so much.

Cindy: Well that was...unexpected.
Teresa: Cindy, quiet!....Melody? Are you ok...

Teresa: Melody, please, listen to me!

Teresa: Melody...
Melody: I need some time to think!

And with that, the perfect family shattered into a thousand pieces, never to be fixed again.