Like Minded - Series 3 - Episode 9 - A Life-long Change

Melody’s father, John Solbel, had told her on her 17th birthday that he wasn’t her real father – her mother had had an affair. To be honest, I hated that guy. Both of us knew the real reason why he was always to harsh to her. He saw her as someone else’s child, someone who didn’t belong to him. I found that...rather petty. But I guess I wasn’t looking at it from his point of view.
Melody was in her room, crying. 17 years of lies had come through in one massive explosion.

Teresa: Melody?...Honey?....Please let me in.
Melody: .......
Teresa: Melody, please! If you don’t open this door I....I don’t know what I’ll do! I might...oh. I give up. Melody, please.

Melody: You have some explaining to do.
Teresa: I do, I know I do. Ask anything you want and I’ll say the absolute truth.

Melody: So...who was he?
Teresa: His name was Adam Mystare. He was a friend of mine from art you want to hear the whole story?
Melody: I guess.
Teresa: Well, we were good friends. I wasn’t very attracted to him, but I did like him. Then when I was around 20, I met your fa - I mean, John. He was charming, as he usually is, and I was swept off my feet. And a few months later we were married, but the first few months of our marriage were shaky. We had money problems, and this was before we became successful. We had a lot of arguments...

Teresa: Anyway, one night I was having an art college reunion and John wasn’t happy with me going. He insisted on coming with me but I was adamant to go by myself. I could be myself more when I was with my art friends...when I got to the reunion, I met Adam again. He looked so charming, and seemed to have grown even more handsome since I last saw him. I guess...I realised the grave mistake I’d made in marrying John. Anyway, we both got rather...well, drunk, and I guess things went from there. It was a complete accident...and the next morning, I freaked out and left. I went back to John like a good wife and never told him. Nine months later, I had you...and I think he suspected something but he never asked me. But he found out a few days ago.

Melody: You do realise that he’s going to treat me like a complete stranger, now?
Teresa: I do...but I won’t let that happen.
Melody: Mom...I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. But...I need to get away for a bit I think. What was his name again?
Teresa: His name was Adam Mystare...
Melody: Mystare...right...

And so, Melody started taking on the surname of her real father. She found out about Bridle’s High School for Girls, and seeing that it was a boarding school decided this was the break she needed.

She asked John about it of course, as he was the one to pay for the tuition. When she asked him, he replied, “Do whatever you want.” With distant eyes, of course. This was how it was going to be for a long time anyway.

And then, even though it was so sudden during the term, she transferred to the boarding school.

And became the Melody I know. I guess going to Bridle’s really did open up her eyes. She came from a rich luxurious background, very different from me...and yet she acts very similar to me. Plus there’s the vision thing. How very curious...

Jessie: YES!
Nurmel: Whoah! What?
Jessie: This stage is perfect! I love the job they did with it!
Nurmel: It’s not very Cinderella-y though, is it?
Jessie: Well, I was looking for a generic pantomime set! And with the budget we’ve got, of course we won’t get it up to professional standards!

Jessie: Ok everyone; it’s time to start the dress rehearsal!

Meanwhile, somewhere else around the campus:

Sinistre: These pancakes are really good...Ruse? What’s up?
Ruse: Do I really have to eat these? They look like mulch.
Cook: HMPH!
Sinistre: Now now, don’t upset the cook.

Man: Hello you two.
Ruse: Mr Nellis-
Nellis: Shut up, I’m in disguise.
Ruse: .....Changing your hair colour and wearing sunglasses doesn’t make you in disguise, Boss.
Nellis: *sighs* Fine.

Nellis: I need to talk to you in private.
Ruse: Can I take the pancakes?
Nellis: What do you think?
Ruse: Take it as a no, then.

Nellis: Have you acted on the orders I sent you?
Ruse: Yes, sir, we got the pictures of Miss Mystare.
Nellis: Is that all you did?
Sinistre: didn’t say anything else.
Nellis: Do you ever check your email?! I sent you more orders!
Sinistre: What? No way!

Sinistre: Oh, bad.
Ruse: Hahaha.
Sinistre: Well if Ruse hadn’t been playing Minesweeper on it all the time!

Nellis: ENOUGH! You’re our best men on this team, and yet you act like total morons!
Ruse: But sir, we get the job done. It is purely an act.
Nellis: While that may be true, I’m embarrassed with your behaviour. Here are your orders from the big man himself – we act tonight! We shall hold her captive and take her back to HQ.
Sinistre + Ruse: Yes, Boss.

Nurmel: Damn, my feet are killing me! Why did I have to wear ten inch killer heels for this outfit?!
Melody: I’m sweating in this dress.
Nurmel: Eww, TMI.

Jessie: Everyone...I want you all here at 6.30 to get ready for a 7.30 start. Tomorrow evening this room will be filled with people...I want you to perform for them! Do your best!

Nurmel: No pressure, then, huh?
Melody: None at all. Let’s do this?
Nurmel: Yeah!


I didn’t know then. This would be the last time I saw Melody for a while.