Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 2 - The Like Minded

Sergeant Tibbs took us into a large conference room. In front of the rows of chairs was a medium sized stage, where a stand was all set up with a microphone. A giant screen was behind all this and the Sergeant with a man were standing, keeping watch. Everyone was hushed as an old man stepped up onto the stage, and I assumed this was the General about to make his speech.

He started to speak.

General: I’ve called you all here to make an update on our situation. As you know, the Deserted Mound is secure from any rival attacks. We have done our best with security and I am proud on our safety here. However, with the recent events in the last couple of years, I am afraid we may have to take action soon, and fast.

The giant screen turned on.

General: As you know, HUL is still at large.

HUL? Wasn’t that the name of the place I was in after the fire…?

General: They have struck terror in many people’s lives. Just yesterday, they managed to blow up a prime location of our work. Luckily, our cameras were able to detect the missiles and the whole place was evacuated before anyone was hurt. However, this shows that HUL have some intelligence as to where we are. Thankfully, any information of the whereabouts of the Deserted Mound has been wiped constantly from the records and files, so if there is someone hacking into the Syndicate’s network, they cannot find us here. But that does not mean we cannot be vigilante.

General: The whole world is depending on us. As you know, HUL have been kidnapping people, sometimes some of our people, and our rescue team right now are doing their best to find and release their prisoners. We are not entirely sure what they are trying to achieve, but I do know that they appear to be torturing the prisoners into telling them information. Therefore we must find a link.

General: As you remember, it was many years ago, almost 20, when the large electric volt attacked that small unit. And since then, things have happened and HUL have been getting motives and information. No matter what the big picture is, they must be stopped.

General: So if we ever need your help, I will be sure that we have your dedication and support. If not for us, but to keep the Like Minded safe.

And with that, everyone applauded and then started to leave the room again. I turned to Arlette.

Nurmel: Wait…so what’s a Like Minded?
Jemima: Nurmel…you really don’t know anything!
Nurmel: What?
Arlette: Nurmel, I think it’s time we went to see the General. There are things you need to learn.

Arlette left a befuddled Jemima and took me into the lift, then down another long corridor to a large door. We entered the General’s office.

Arlette: I’m really sorry to bother you like this Billy.
Nurmel: Billy? I thought he was the General.
General: I am. General Bill Oakley. Arlette doesn’t believe in etiquette and calls me by my first name, with a nickname no doubt.
Arlette: But he doesn’t mind!

General: So is there anything you wanted to ask me Nurmel?
Nurmel: Erm…yeah. Basically, your speech was wonderful-
General: -but it left you completely confused, right?
Nurmel: …yeah.
General: I’m not surprised. Nurmel, you know nothing at all do you? You were one of the few Like Minded who has no idea what you’re in for.
Nurmel: ….wait. Did you just call me a Like Minded?

Arlette: …A Like Minded is a person who shares a psychic link with one other person. There are twelve of us, six pairs.
Nurmel: Us?!
Arlette: Yes, I’m one too. My partner is Jemima. We know each other very well as we had visions of each other just like you and Melody. Therefore Melody is your partner.
General: And you’re all in grave danger from HUL. No doubt they are behind Melody’s abduction.

Nurmel: WHAT?!
Arlette: -Nurmel…
Nurmel: Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?!
General: It’s not that simple Nurmel, we had no idea where you lived because you moved around so much-
Nurmel: First I think I’m the only one who’s like this, and everyone treats me like dirt because of it, then I find out Melody is the same, and now you say that I’m part of some exclusive group with like, ten other people plus us two?!
Arlette: I know it’s hard to get round at first-
Nurmel: I need to get some fresh air-

General: Nurmel!
Arlette: She collapsed!
General: Get a doctor, quick!
Arlette: No, it’s alright. She’s just having a vision. When we get overly emotional it happens sometimes.
My first vision in a long time.

What….where am I?
This isn’t Greenwood University…the air feels different.
Wait! That man…he hit me and then…my head hurts so much.

What is this place…it feels too cold. Wait. Bars?! Am I in prison? What did I do?! But it doesn’t feel like a prison…that room over there, it feels too eery to be a prison…

What the-


Man: Ah, you’re finally awake.

When I woke up, I was in another room. It was like a bedroom, with a bed that could be pushed against the wall and a tv and a desk and everything. I had this odd feeling that was going to be my room.
I heard a knock on the door.

Arlette: Hey, sleepy-head.
Nurmel: Arlette? Did you bring me here?
Arlette: Sure did. You were having a vision so I wanted to take you somewhere comfortable.
Nurmel: You knew I was having a vision?
Arlette: Duh! I’m a Like Minded too, of course I’m going to know when someone’s having a vision, I’ve had them myself.

Jemima: Hey, Nurmel, so you know everything now, do you?
Nurmel: Well, almost everything.
Jemima: Great! So you want to come meet the others, right?
Nurmel: The others…?
Jemima: Yeah, they’re all downstairs and can’t wait to meet you!

Nurmel: Hey, wait up!
Jemima: Last one there’s a rotten egg!


I followed her down the lifts and into another floor, where I kept following her as she wound round different passageways. We finally stopped and I was pushed in by Jemima and Arlette.

And there sat 5 others. 5 other like minded.

Girl: Well, look who finally turned up.