Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 3 - Faces of New and Old

Girl: Hey, Nurmel, you finally made it!
Nurmel: Hey…you know my name?
Girl: Course I do! Everyone knows it here. You remember be, don’t you?
Nurmel: Erm…
Girl: It’s me, Nisa!
Nurmel: I don’t remember a Nisa…
Nisa: Oh wait, I didn’t use my real name…do you remember a Denise?

Nurmel: Oh my god! Denise?!
Nisa: That was me alright.
Nurmel: I haven’t seen you in ages! You just left me on that bench until Simon arrived!
Nisa: I know, and I’m sorry, I just got a bit caught up. But I’m glad Simon found you in the end.
Nurmel: So…you’re a Like Minded too then?
Nisa: I am indeed. Let me introduce you!

Nisa: This is Clara Voclain, an aristocrat.
Clara: Nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you.
Nisa: She’s also a great big socialite.

Nisa: And this is her partner, Vasco Blake. He comes from the south.
Vasco: …..Hi.

Nisa: This is my partner, Kaleo Gardener.
Kaleo: It’s so great to finally see you, Nurmel!

Nisa: And this is our resident bookworm, Oliver Sowa!
Oliver: A pleasure to make your acquaintance!

We all sat by the long tables on the other side of the room. Sergeant Tibbs and the General Oakley (who I found out was actually Nisa’s grandfather) came and sat with us. We all filled up half the table but it still felt empty.

General: It’s great to see you all settled in now Nurmel.
Nurmel: Thank you, sir.
Nisa: Yeah! We’ve been having tons of fun.
General: Now, everyone, I hope you all heard the speech I made this morning.
Nisa: Yes, we did, Grandpa.
General: So you know that HUL are still at large and have captured a potential Like Minded.

Nurmel: You were talking about HUL in your speech…but wasn’t that the name of the loony bin I got chucked into?
Tibbs: You mean the place Nisa broke you out of?
Nurmel: Yeah, that place. So was that Doctor Kelsey a major baddie then?

Tibbs: Nurmel, it’s worse than that. That building was only a sub-branch of the true institution. We have yet to find their HQ, which shows just how serious they are.
Nurmel: But the doctors were working for this bad company, right?
Tibbs: That is correct.
Nurmel: I knew they were up to no good.
Tibbs: And now more henchmen of HUL have gone and kidnapped Melody, and we must find her before they realise her potential.

Oliver: But what about Takeshi? He was captured too.
Nurmel: Takeshi?
Tibbs: Takeshi is Oliver’s partner. And you’re right, he has been captured too. Which makes us even more at risk. Who knows what they’ll do to get information out of the two of them…
Oliver: I shudder to think.

Clara: Well, I know we’ve got to get them out, right? So I’ll support anyone in any way I can. Thankfully Daddy doesn’t mind me booking any flights for other people, so if you all need travel expenses I can pay for whatever.
Tibbs: That’s very considerate Clara, but don’t forget we also have a massive cash infusion from the government to keep this quiet and to prevent HUL from causing more damage.

Kaleo: So what’s the next step? Looking into our heads and hoping people will draw us a map?
General: Something like that, Kaleo.
Kaleo: …I was only joking you know.
General: Even so, we will need Oliver and Nurmel to try and see their partners, to get a good idea of their surroundings. Oliver, please go with Sergeant Tibbs while I take Nurmel to the conference room.
Oliver: Understood.
Tibbs: Yes sir.
Nurmel: Erm…ok.

The General took me to another floor, the sun was setting outside and my head was still buzzing from all this excitement and new faces. It had been great to see Denise (or Nisa rather) again, and it was good to know that she was well. She seemed to know what I was talking about when I mentioned Simon. I remembered Simon mentioning a “Nisa” when I first met him. Could it be that my own brother worked for the Syndicate?

General: Now, Nurmel. This is a conference room where you will meet a trained psychologist, who will look after you while you try to connect with Melody.
Nurmel: Ok. They won’t find it freaky will they?
General: Of course not. Not with our training, anyway. (chuckle)

General: Here is your new patient, Nurmel Rosetta. She is here to connect with her partner Melody.
Man: Understood, sir.
General: You’re doing a great job, my boy.

Nurmel: Hi there!

…Hellooo handsome. Well, that’s what I thought at first, anyway.

Man: Hello. You must be Nurmel, right?
Nurmel: That’s me.

General: I’ll take my leave of you.
Man: You look so much different since the last time I saw you.
Nurmel: Eh?
Man: You’ve grown taller too. And look more mature.
Nurmel: …You’ve lost me.

Man: You mean you don’t recognise me, Nurmel? I don’t blame you, it’s been a while since I was in Flint City.
Nurmel: Flint City, what the-?!
Man: That’s right, Nurmel. It’s me, Kevin. Remember?


Kevin: OW! What the hell?!
Nurmel: That’s for getting me in this mess, you asshole!
Kevin: Nurmel, I’m sorry-
Nurmel: Apologising isn’t good enough you piece of crap! If it hadn’t been for you and that precious Collette I wouldn’t have been lost, I wouldn’t have been caught up in that gypsy fire and I wouldn’t have gotten arrested, put into a loony bin and then put on trial for a crime I didn’t commit!!!

Kevin: None of that matters, Winston would have found a way to get you arrested anyway!
Nurmel: What makes you so sure?!
Kevin: Just trust me. Anyway, that’s all in the past. I left Flint City shortly before your trial. Ever since that oaf Raife left Collette, she came crawling to me. She was such a demanding bitch I grew tired of her; no, I was tired of her for ages before that. I wanted to leave but she was so controlling it wasn’t possible, until one day I just snapped and walked out. Then I found out about the Syndicate, and trained as a psychologist in the hope that I’d meet you again and apologise…only I didn’t think I’d get slapped for it.
Nurmel: I…I’m sorry.

Nurmel: So…all I have to do is have a vision, right?
Kevin: That’s right. Don’t worry; no one can enter the room. And I’m not going to harm you. 
Nurmel: Yeah, yeah.

Kevin: Now what you might see is disturbing, but I’m prepared to take whatever you do. If it’s serious, we have to report to the General. If she’s in danger, it’s even more important.
Nurmel: Alright, I got it, stop yapping.
Kevin: …Ok.

So I sat there, trying to close my eyes and concentrate on Melody. It was hard to do with that asshole Kevin breathing down my neck but somehow I managed to tap into Melody’s head…