Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 4 - Humanity's Fate

Boy: Hey you!
Carmen: My name is Doctor Carmen, not “you” you silly boy.
Boy: I don’t care, where’s my mom?!
Carmen: Your mother is…experiencing difficulties.
Carmen: Stop shouting. You want to see her that bad?!

Carmen: Fine then, you just come with me.
Carmen: What now?!
Boy: What did you do with the prisoner next door to me…?
Carmen: They didn’t agree with our methods. Now do you want to see your mother or not?

Boy: What…
Carmen: Here she is. Say hello, mother!
Boy: You sick shit! What did you do to my mother?! Why is she in a water chamber…what happened to her eyes?!
Carmen: You see, boy, Budd, whatever your name is, your mother wouldn’t co-operate with our discussions. So we had to force her to give us information.
Budd: So you stuffed her into a tube?! She’s still alive, right?
Carmen: Her brain is giving us information…but yes, she’s pretty much dead right now.

Carmen: Don’t you run away from me.
Budd: How could you? A living person, you murdered her!
Carmen: She would’ve been dead within a week if we’d carried on the treatments. She wasn’t saying anything. Now get in the chair.
Budd: …what?

Budd: What is this thing…
Carmen: It’s a device to make you tell you the truth.
Budd: What?
Carmen: Budd, what do you know about the Like Minded?
Budd: The Like Minded? What’s that, a band or something?
Carmen: No, it’s a group of people. Do you know anything about them?
Budd: No, I’ve never heard of them.

Budd: AAARGH!!!
Carmen: You’re not listening Budd, I said you had to tell the truth.
Budd: I don’t know anything, I swear!
Carmen: Alright then, what does your brother Eric do for a living?
Budd: What?! Eric?! I have no idea what he does-
Carmen: Do you know where he is right now.
Budd: What, I don’t-

Budd: Please…please, no more…
Carmen: I won’t stop until you tell me where Eric is.
Budd: Please, I really don’t know! All I know is he left home one day and we haven’t seen him since, then we got kidnapped by you! Please, no more…
Carmen: (sigh) Fine. Perhaps you’ll tell us another day.

Budd: M-mother…
Carmen: I see you’re already becoming one of them.
Budd: One of who?!
Carmen: You’re taking the route of your mother.
Budd: No…not mummy…

Grace: Doctor Carmen.
Carmen: Doctor Grace.
Grace: Where you successful in retrieving the location of the suspect?
Carmen: No, doctor. His will is strong, like his mother’s.
Grace: (sigh) Then he will end up in the same fate as her.

Carmen: Perhaps you should carry on with this for today.
Grace: What was that?
Carmen: I think I have a migraine coming on. Must be the electromagnetism.
Grace: On the contrary, I believe you are chickening out, Doctor Carmen.

Carmen: Fine I’ll continue the work. (under breath) It just tears me apart to see them plead.
Grace: What was that?
Carmen: Nothing. I’ll take Mr Siskin back into his cell in a moment.
Grace: Good. I shall report back.

Grace: …that other patient is looking a bit dishevelled too. Maybe she needs a bit of TLC?!...haha. I kill myself with my jokes.

Nurmel: OH MY GOD!!!
Kevin: Nurmel? That was quick…

Kevin: Hey, hey! Calm down a second! What’s wrong…
Nurmel: It…it was horrible! There was a boy…a teenage boy called Budd who was…he was being tortured for information and his mother had been killed, yet her brain was still alive and…they were pumping her for…information…
Kevin: Oh my god.

Nurmel: Don’t make me do it again….please don’t…
Kevin: I’m sorry but it’s the only way we’ll find Melody. But not tonight. Go to your room and have a sleep, and we’ll talk in the morning.
Nurmel: (sniff) ok…

That night I sat watching TV until late. My eyes were on the screen but they were glazed over. It was as if someone had put a screen in front of my eyes, and a video recorder was playing over and over again of the horrific experience. That boy was so courageous and the doctors treated him like filth. What had scared me the most was what they had done to Melody…

I didn’t sleep well that night.

At 9 in the morning, I got out of bed. I had replayed the dialogue in my head, and knew there was something I had to do…

General: So you’re saying this boy, Budd Siskin, was being interrogated over the whereabouts of his brother Eric?
Nurmel: Yes. He said Eric had left them a while ago before HUL had captured him and his mother.
General: That is a truly sad fate for his mother. I only hope we can rescue him before it is too late for Budd.

Nurmel: Sir, I know this must seem out of place…but could we look for this Eric? I mean, he should be with us. I just get that feeling.
General: I know what you mean, Nurmel, and I think you’re right. Eric may very well be a Like Minded and he needs to be found and brought to safety.

General: Nurmel, this could be your very first mission with the Syndicate. Are you ready?
Nurmel: Ready as I ever will be.