Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 5 - Sand Dunes

Ah, the sea. I’d never really been to the sea. Mum and Dad never found the time or transport to take me, I only saw it on the rare chances we had stopped off at a seaside town when we were travelling.
So as you can imagine it looked pretty huge to me…

We arrived late afternoon. After getting some things taken care of, Kevin and I had set off for where we thought Eric Siskin was. The beach he was supposedly at was a bit empty, but there were a few young adults there, just chilling.

Nurmel: So…remind me why I look like this?!
Kevin: So no one recognises you.
Nurmel: But aren’t we looking for Eric?
Kevin: Yeah, but anyone here could be looking for you. We have to stay alert.
Nurmel: Ok, fine, whatever. Just saying, a blue wig is a bit extreme.
Kevin: It was the only one we could find that wasn't in bad condition; no one's really had to disguise themself before like this in the Syndicate.

Nurmel: They look pretty happy.
Kevin: So carefree…unlike us.
Nurmel: Yeah. Hey, Kevin? If Eric is a…you know, Like Minded…who’s his partner?
Kevin: Unfortunately we don’t really know.
Nurmel: Oh. So you don’t know who all the Like Minded are then.
Kevin: We’re working on it. Some people have been easier than others, like Nisa of course, being the General’s grand-daughter.

Nurmel: And I guess they found the others swiftly?
Kevin: Over time, yes. You, Melody and Eric have been hell though. It was hard to track you down.
Nurmel: How so?
Kevin: You moved around too much.
Nurmel: Oh…what do you mean by that?
Kevin: Never mind.

Nurmel: Well, whatever. I’m going in.
Kevin: Be careful.
Nurmel: Yeah, yeah!

Nurmel: Aah, the sea. Smells like fish.
Girl: Can I help you?
Nurmel: Er, yeah. I’m looking for someone actually.
Girl: Oh, yeah?
Nurmel: Yeah, do you know anyone called Eric?

Girl: That’s Eric over there in the sea. The one with the green hair.
Nurmel: Green, that’s unusual.
Girl: Not really, he dyes it. I think it looks cute. And wouldn't you think your blue hair is unusual too?
Nurmel: Oh yeah...hehe, I guess...


Girl: Hey!
Nurmel: What?
Girl: Why do you even want to talk to Eric anyway?
Nurmel: Why do you want to know?
Girl: Because I’m his girlfriend!

Girl: *yawns* Evie, you know that’s not true, you just like to think you’re his girlfriend.
Evie: Oh, shut up Roxie! What do you know?
Roxie: Well if you’d let me sunbathe in peace I’ll shut up.

Evie: Look you, I don’t care what you want with him, he’s MINE and no one is taking him away from me!
Nurmel: Gee, I don’t want a boyfriend right now thank you, you’re welcome to him!
Evie: You’re just saying that because you know you can’t win against me!
Nurmel: Oh my god, what is with you?!

Eric: Hey, what’s all the commotion?
Evie: Eric, baby, this girl here thinks you’re available.
Nurmel: Oh my life…actually I just want to talk to you but your blonde airhead here thinks otherwise.
Evie: How DARE you?! Eric, tell her to go away!
Eric: Evie, why don’t you go away for a second, ok? I want to talk to these people.
Evie: Oh, FINE!

Eric: Sorry about that, she’s a little nuts.
Nurmel: I’ve seen worse, don’t worry. I once met a girl who thought I’d stolen her boyfriend and ended up driving my unconscious body to the other end of the city causing me to be lost and caught up in a horrible scandal that would affe…that’s not for here.
Kevin: …yeah. Look, Eric, we’re here about something. Your mum and brother have been kidnapped.
Eric: …what? Mum?! And Buddy?! Who would do something like that?
Kevin: Apparently someone who was looking for you.


Eric: So you’re saying that my mum’s dead, and my brother is near dead? I knew this would happen.
Kevin: You did?!
Nurmel: How so?
Eric: Well, I knew there was something fishy about me, and I didn’t want to endanger my family so I took off, found this seaside area and settled down. But I guess that was the worst thing to do…
Nurmel: So…you know you’re a Like Minded then?
Eric: What?
Nurmel: You know you can see someone else’s life in visions?
Eric: I…yeah I guess.
Kevin: In that case, we need to get you out of here ASAP.

Evie: Roxie, I’m going to the shops for an ice cream. Want to come?
Roxie: Nah, I’m fine here, thanks.
Evie: Fine, be that way.
Roxie: You’re still sulking ‘cos Eric blew you off, right?
Evie: Am not! He was just concerned that psycho bitch would attack me.
Roxie: Yeah whatever. You’re crazy.

Eric: How long do I have to pack?
Kevin: About…as much time as you need. But we need to do it quickly.
Eric: Ok…actually, there’s someone I want you to see. He’s in the toilets right now.
Kevin: …he?

Evie: W…..why?!
Ruse: I’m sorry, you got in my way.
Evie: Eurgh…Eric…

Roxie: EVIE! EVIE!!! Please don’t die on me!!! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to call you crazy, I didn’t mean it!
Ruse: Oh, do shut up. You’re doing my head in, do you want to be next?!
Roxie: What did Evie ever do to you?

Eric: What the hell’s going on?!
Kevin: We’re too late.

Eric: Hey! Why the hell did you just shoot my friend?!
Ruse: Simple, I just wanted to test my new handgun.
Eric: You MONSTER!
Minion: Hey, Ruse, it’s him!
Eric: What…
Ruse: I am well aware of that. Eric Siskin, you will come with us.
Eric: What for?
Ruse: So we can take you to safety!
Eric: LIES!
Ruse: I’d do as I say, if I were you...

Ruse: Or do you want to meet the same demise as your precious airhead?

Nurmel: NOOO!!!

Sinistre: What was that?
Minion: Ruse…
Ruse: Someone shot that guy we brought with us.
Sinistre: I can see that, who was it?
Minion: Someone, help me...Eurgh…

Man: It was me you cold-hearted murderers! An eye for an eye...

Man: ...And if you want to live you’ll leave my big cousin alone.