Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 6 - From the Drunk Man's Bottle

Sinistre: OK, side-kick guy just kicked the bucket, doesn’t that mean we should leg it?
Ruse: You’re just being a coward! We need revenge!
Sinistre: Yeah but his corpse is making me sick.

Eric: Well like he said, an eye for an eye.
Ruse: You little worm…now come with us, or else!
Man: I said…

Man: Leave us ALONE!!!
Sinistre: HEY! Ruse we’re leaving! NOW!

Sinistre: We need to report back to headquarters. I smell the work of a certain Syndicate here…

By the time we’d shifted the two bodies, the sun was setting. It was beautiful but no one noticed.

Eric: So what do we do now?
Kevin: Give them a proper burial I guess.
Roxie: I don’t want to bury Evie! It will make it too real!
Eric: We don’t have a choice.

We managed to do it as discreetly as possible. Luckily Eric had found a secluded spot to run away to…at least that’s what he thought. He introduced the man who saved us as Doyle Garza, his cousin and also his Like Minded partner. He was going to introduce us before the bad guys arrived. I felt slightly unsettled as I’d seen those henchmen hanging around the campus of Greenwood. I was glad I was in disguise or they’d definitely have noticed me, I think.

Eric: I’m coming with you guys. Doyle too.
Doyle: Yup.
Kevin: That wasn’t long.
Eric: Well, now I know what danger I’m in here. I can’t stay here. No matter where I go I just keep endangering people. I left to protect my mom and brother…but that didn’t work, because they’re both gone.
Nurmel: Eric, I’m really sorry.

Eric: Don’t be. It was my fault.
Kevin: Somehow I think they would’ve been harmed even if you had stayed.
Eric: Yeah but I could have at least protected them just for a bit!
Nurmel: Look, let’s not dwell on things. We just need to get out of here before they come back with reinforcements.
Eric: You’re right, and I’ll warn everyone about this place. They kinda know my situation so they’ll trust me.

Nurmel: Welcome to the Like Minded, Eric and Doyle.
Eric: Pleasure to meet you, Nurmel.
Doyle: Yes, pleasure.

We got back to the Deserted Mound safely, thank god. Everyone was really silent. I guess the recent events were weighing on our minds. Eric was thinking about his family and Evie, Kevin was thinking about home, I was worrying about Melody and Doyle…well Doyle didn’t say much. He seemed to stay very close to Eric though.

Eric: So what’s the next move?
Nurmel: Well currently we need to find the location of HUL HQ, because that’s where my partner Melody is. If they find out she’s a Like Minded, I have no idea what they’ll do to her, or if it’s even too late…
Tibbs: Well what we first need to do is go through some light therapy with you Eric. Nothing major, we just need to know you and Doyle’s history.
Eric: Yeah that sounds fair.

Tibbs: Nurmel, you and Kevin need to go through another session as well.
Nurmel: Again?! But I only just got back.
Tibbs: You need to understand the importance of this situation Nurmel.
Nurmel: I do, but I’m just not ready to see that place again!

Kevin: Nurmel, it’s ok. I’ll be there at all times to make sure nothing bad happens.
Nurmel: But I’m scared…
Kevin: It’s very natural, but if you want to save Melody you have to.

I had never felt so scared in my life. I was scared about what I’d see. I desperately wanted to see if Melody was ok, but I was afraid to in case something horrible had happened.

Nurmel: So…shall we?
Kevin: Yes. Just relax and let the vision come to you. I’m right here, you’re safe.
Nurmel: But Melody isn’t.
Kevin: And that’s why we’re doing this.

I let myself wander into Melody’s subconscious again.

Nellis: So, Boss, I hear there was some commotion just now.
Man: What do you mean?
Nellis: Well, Sinistre and Ruse just contacted me. Their backup got shot but they shot someone first.
Man: Did they find the target?

Nellis: They did, but…they didn’t return with him.
Man: Why not?
Nellis: I said, the guy was shot! The enemy were armed and they lost their nerve.
Man: Aren’t they under your leadership?
Nellis: I…
Man: They didn’t think three people with guns couldn’t take down the enemy?
Nellis: I…sir…

Man: Nellis, pass me my clothes.
Nellis: I…yes, sir, anything sir!

Man: Now pass me my cigarette.
Nellis: Another smoke, boss?...Sir?
Man: You can say that.
Nellis: Boss…no Boss! Not that! Not the cigarette! Anything but that! AYEEEEEEE!!!

Man: That’s what you get when you disobey my orders, you useless junk.

Carmen: …I can’t do it. It’s too painful…he’s more or less dead now anyway.

Guard: Hey, Doctor Carmen! *hic*
Carmen: What are you doing here?
Guard: Just checkin’. Got anything out of that boy yet?
Carmen: No. If you don’t mind I’d like you to leave.

Guard: You know what you’re problem is? You worry too much.
Carmen: And what’s that supposed to mean?
Guard: You’re always like, worrying about things. *hic* You should loosen up more, I mean it’s not like anyone will find us on this island!
Carmen: Are you…are you drinking?!
Guard: *hic* Maybe…

Carmen: Disgraceful! A security guard drunk!
Guard: So? It’s boring out here! Nothing happens! No one comes along!
Carmen: So you need to be alert for when people DO come along, you fool!
Guard: Like anyone is going to find us on a tiny ocean right bang in the middle of the Mediterranean!

Carmen: How dare you speak of the location of our base?!
Guard: Well it’s not like anyone’s going to care. I mean who’s going to listen in? *hic*
Carmen: I want you out of my sight, now! Go back to your position and do your job!

Guard: Alright, but only if you do your job too! *hic*
Carmen: What’s that supposed to mean?!
Guard: Ya know what I’m talking about…

Carmen: I can’t take much more of this…

Kevin: Oh, you’re back – HEY!
Nurmel: Sorry! I’m just so happy!
Kevin: Well something good must have happened, or are you just scared?
Nurmel: No, I’m happy…but I’m shaking like crazy.

Kevin: Ok, what’s the good news?
Nurmel: I know where Melody is!