Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 7 - Operation 26

Pilot: We have landed on enemy territory, I repeat; we have landed on enemy territory. Operation 26 is in motion, I repeat, Operation 26 is in motion.

Pilot: Alright, you guys, I want you all in one piece, understand? I don’t want to have to fill in more paperwork. That goes for you too, Agent 0.

Agent 0: Understood. Alright, count off! 0!
Agent 1: 1!
Agent 2: 2!
Agent 3: 3!
Agent 4: 4!
Agent 5: 5!
Agent 0: We’re all here then. Now you know why we’re here. The general sent the 6 best men and women in the Syndicate for this mission. Does everyone remember the details?
Agents: Sir, yes sir!
Agent 0: Alright, let’s move on out!

Agent 0: This isn’t for the Syndicate, this is for the world.

General: The HUL base has been found, in the small island in the Mediterranean. We never saw it because it was never there before. They were clever, but not clever enough.

General: This day could be one of the finest days in the history of the Syndicate. Now go and make me proud!

Guard 1: *sigh* Another boring day outside…we won’t see anyone. The only people who enter and leave this island are our own people.
Guard 2: Well, there was that boat of Italian tourists.
Guard 1: Yeah and what did the boss do with them?
Guard 2: Drowned ‘em.
Guard 1: Exactly.

It was quiet. It had never been so quiet. Everyone was tense, waiting for news. The soldiers had been sent out early this morning…I had no idea when or if they’d come back.

Guard 1: Weren’t you drunk on the job yesterday?
Guard 2: I was, but Doctor Carmen didn’t tell anyone.
Guard 1: That surprises me; I thought Doctor Carmen was extremely strict.
Guard 2: Grace is much scarier if you ask me. I think Carmen’s losin’ it a bit. Like he’s havin’ a nervous breakdown or sommit.
Guard 1: I wonder…

Nurmel: Please be alright…please be alright…

Guard 1: Ack!
Guard 2: What’s wrong?
Guard 1: Someone just….poison dart….I…
Guard 2: Hey! Mate! Hang in there!
Guard 1: It’s…too…late…

Tibbs: Don’t you worry Nurmel. We’ve sent our best recruits. If they have Agent 0 leading them, they’ll be fine.

Agent 0: Hi. I hear you’ve got some hostages here.
Guard 2: Oh my god!

Guard 2: Ack! Not another poison….dart….
Agent 0: He’s down!

Suddenly everyone started talking to each other. It was as if it was the only thing they could think of doing before driving completely insane.

Agent 0: Quickly everyone, Operation 26 is now in full course.

And yet everyone spoke in anxious tones, whenever anyone laughed it was high-pitched and fake. Everyone was worried. I felt a little better.

Agent 0: Right, we’re in. Agent 2 and 3, go with Agent 5 and find the main guy. We need him alive.
Agent 5: Roger.
Agent 0: Agents 1 and 4, come with me. We need to find the hostages.
Agent 4: Yes, sir.

Agent 4: Base? Sir is this-
Agent 0: Yes, this is the HUL base. We’ve found it.

Agent 3: This looks like the top floor. If there’s a bad guy he’ll be on the top floor.

Nellis: What the hell?!
Agent 3: FREEZE!
Nellis: Holy crap! WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! BOSS! WE’RE-

Nellis: -ARRRGH!
Agent 3: Stop talking in that annoying voice.

Agent 2: It appears to be a lab of some sort.
Agent 5: This can’t be right.
Agent 2: I can’t wait to get out of here.
Agent 5: Me neither.

Agent 3: What’s this room? Everyone be alert.
Agent 5: We are, sir. Except I think my gun is jammed.
Agent 3: That again? You should’ve got it checked out.
Agent 5: I didn’t have the time-

Agent 5: Eurgh!
Agent 3: AGENT 5!!!
Agent 5: Damn…I dropped my guard.
Agent 3: No!

Agent 3: Agent 5!!!
Grace: I think you’ll find she can’t hear you anymore.
Agent 3: Who are you working for?
Grace: The man you’re looking for has already taken off and left in his helicopter. He saw you from a distance.
Agent 3: So who are you?
Grace: I’m the mastermind behind this whole organisation. And I’m telling you that because you’ll never live to retell it…

Agent 2: Agent 3, I set it up!
Agent 3: Perfect!
Grace: What?!
Agent 3: Let’s run for it!
Grace: Come back here-



A little earlier

Agent 0: So this is the place the Like Minded girl saw…
Agent 4: In that case the hostage must be here!
Agent 0: Everyone, look for information.

Agent 1: Sir, these are the missing individuals. They all seem to have gone blind and I think they’re dead.
Agent 4: Yeah they’re all floating in tanks of liquid and the computers have all switched off now.
Agent 1: No doubt they did it as a security measure to prevent us revealing secrets.

Agent 4: There’s a boy here slumped next to a woman in a tank, they look like they’re related…
Agent 0: I think that must be Buddy. He looks like he didn't make it.
Agent 4: Sad…

Agent 0: Hey, didn’t see you around.
Agent 0: Who are you? Speak.
Carmen: I am Doctor Carmen. I am one of the head scientists in the project.
Agent 0: So why are you still here and not running away-

Agent 0: HEY! Don’t knock my gun out of my hands-
Carmen: I can’t take it anymore! This is torture! I thought I could take it but I feel so ashamed…
Agent 0: Listen, I need to know where-

Agent 0: SHUT UP!!!
Agent 0: WHERE IS SHE?!
Carmen: What-
Agent 0: Where is she? You know who I’m talking about.
Carmen: I don’t know who-
Agent 0: Where is Melody Mystare?!
Carmen: …She’s in the cell. First one on the left.
Agent 0: Finally. Agent 4, come and take this man away.

Agent 4: Come on now, some nice therapy will do you good!
Agent 1: I’m setting up the explosives.
Agent 0:

Agent 4:
Sir, you alright?
Agent 0: Yeah…I’ve found her.

Agent 0: Melody?
Agent 0: Melody Mystare?
Agent 0: What have they done to you?

Agent 0: It’s alright now; we’re going to save you.
Agent 1: Sir, shall I light the explosives?
Agent 0: Yeah, did you feel that tremor just now? I have a feeling the others have set theirs off now.
Agent 1: Affirmative.

Agent 0: It’s alright Melody…I’m going to protect you. I promised her I would.

Pilot: Everyone alive on board? Fine. Time to take off!