Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 8 - Aftermath

They thought she wasn’t going to make it.

They said…she was so messed up inside.

But somehow she kept fighting…and she’s here today…she’s so silent, she hasn’t woken up since we brought her here.

And that’s how we got here. I’ve been sat here every day, with nothing to do but to think about the past. And I have, I’ve sat here and recollected everything that happened; back from when this whole mess started, when I was in Flint City to being in HUL, to Simon’s, to Greenwood…then to here.

But when it did it really start? I think it really started back when my visions began. Or was it something…more?

Thinking about things just confuses me so much. I know I need answers but I’d never find them. I would never go ask someone; I’m too busy watching over Melody battle for her life…

Because it’s the only thing she can do now.

Nurse: Good morning Nurmel.
Nurmel: Morning.
Nurse: Any improvements?
Nurmel: Not really…not that I’ve seen anyway.
Nurse: Hmm, ok. Well from the monitor it seems her fever is calming down.
Nurmel: I guess…that’s good news.

Man: Excuse the intrusion.
Nurse: Oh not at all.
Man: How is she faring?
Nurse: Well, one baby step at the time. She’s not getting any worse, which is good.

Man: You’re Nurmel, right?
Nurmel: That’s me. And you are…?
Man: Agent 0…I saved Melody from the explosions.
Nurmel: Oh! I see.
Agent 0: If you don’t mind, Sergeant Tibbs was looking for you.
Nurmel: Oh! She probably wants to question me about the headquarters again.

Nurmel: Thanks for letting me know.
Agent 0: No problem.
Nurmel: Where are you off to then?
Agent 0: To a meeting with the General.
Nurmel: Fair enough. Have fun.

Where have I seen you before?

General: Melody’s condition is getting stable, is it?
Agent 0: Yes sir. The nurse expects her to recover fully in a week.
General: Perfect…Agent 0. I have a new mission for you.
Agent 0: Have you found new information on HUL?

General: I’m afraid not. No, this is different. We’ve set up the place of retreat for Melody.
Agent 0: …Sir?
General: It’s not safe here for Melody anymore. We need to protect her. We need to protect all the Like Minded actually.
Agent 0: So what do you want me to do?
General: We’ve arranged for a normal house in a secluded seaside area for her to live in…and I need you to live with her and look after her.

Agent 0: Sir? Don’t you think that’s a little…?
General: What’s wrong with it?
Agent 0: I don’t know…
General: Look, she will probably be targeted by HUL now they probably know who she is. So I need one of my best agents to protect her. Be her bodyguard, if you will.
Agent 0: I understand.

General: If not for me, Agent 0…do it as part of your promise.
Agent 0: Yeah…

Nurse: Excuse me, General?!
General: Oh! You startled me.
Nurse: I’m terribly sorry, but you must come to her room straight away!
Agent 0: What’s wrong-
Nurse: Oh, it’s a miracle! She’s awake! Melody’s awake!

Nurse: Here she is.
General: My goodness…Melody, it’s really you…how do you feel?

General: Is…is she alright?
Nurse: Well, that’s the thing. I don’t think Melody is able to speak.
General: What? What did they do to her? Brain damage?!
Nurse: No, nothing like that. I believe its post-traumatic stress.
General: I see…so the impact of being locked up and…tortured at HUL…has had a psychological effect on her. Oh Melody…

I’m sorry for bursting in! I heard Melody was awake and I came right a-

Nurmel: Oh Melody!!! What have they done to your hair?! Your beautiful long hair is all gone!!!

Some time later

Nurmel: So…I heard they’ve got somewhere for you to stay.
Nurmel: Like, to hide from HUL and all that…I’m guessing they’ll be hiding me away too just to be safe…
Nurmel: I guess you can say I’m being brave in not minding too much…but I know it’s going to be very hard for me.

Nurmel: I just don’t know how long it’s going to be until we next meet again…

Nurmel: There, doesn’t that feel better?
Nurmel: Oh, Melody. I’m so happy I could cry. Even with all you’ve been through, you can still smile…

Agent 0: Hello again, the nurse said I could come in now.
Nurmel: How long have you been waiting?!
Agent 0: Not that long.
Nurmel: Hey, Agent 0…do you have a proper name? It’d just be useful and all that instead of saying Agent 0 all the time.
Agent 0: Oh, sorry. Allow me to introduce myself.

Phil: I’m Phil Costello.

Nurmel: …what?

Well this is a fine turn of events, I’m sure.