Like Minded - Series 4 - Episode 9 - A Home From a Home

It’s not my fault I can’t speak.

Nurmel: Hey, Melody, you’re making progress aren’t you?
Nurse: She sure is. She’s almost ready to walk again, aren’t you?
Nurmel: That’s amazing.

Nurmel: Right well I need to arrange things with some people, but I’ll be back soon, alright?
Nurse: Yes, I just need to go and check up on someone else, be back soon Melody, don’t miss me too much!

It’s like I’m being treated like a child. I do have a voice! I just can’t use it yet…

Everything has been one mad blur after another. One thing I’m leaving the halls, to meet someone who said it was really urgent I see them, then I go back to halls knowing I’d let everyone down at the panto, then I got knocked out and pushed into a limo and then I woke up in THAT place. And that was just one freakish nightmare after another. Then it was being out of it for ages, trying to survive…I can’t remember what they did to me in that place but I know that it wasn’t good…
But who would’ve thought Phil Costello of all people would’ve been my rescuer…

Phil: Mia’s told me a lot about you.
Phil: I know this is probably a shock to you, and I’m sorry. I know I have to live with you when you get hidden, and it’s for your protection, you must understand that, I don’t want any funny business. I promised Mia a while ago that I’d protect you no matter what.

Phil: She’s doing fine, Mia is. She keeps talking about you, asking how you are. I think she’s really worried. But anyway…less chat, we have all the time in the world to chat when we get relocated.

He seemed almost totally different to how Mia had described him. She had said he was funny, a bit annoying, and knew how to have fun. The Phil I met was serious, and calm. Maybe something had happened recently? I can’t be too sure.

I feel like such a let-down to everyone. If I hadn’t sent that email I wouldn’t be in this mess, because it obvious now that the website was just a trap. I’ve been told everything by the General and Nurmel, about the Like Minded and I can understand that a bit more now. It’s just I feel like an outsider almost.


It was Christmas Day the other day. Strange how time flies. It had been only a couple of weeks since the panto at Greenwood…I wonder what my friends at university were doing. Are they ok? Do they wonder where I am? I wish I could see them but I just can’t. Being in this desert where it hardly snows is not ideal.

We all sat down and ate our turkey, all 11 of us. Oliver, the blonde bookworm, was sad because his partner couldn’t be here. He’d been missing for a while too. I felt sad, but felt like everyone was talking at me rather than to me. They never waited for a reply because they knew I couldn’t give one.

General: Ho ho ho!

Then the General came in, in a Santa outfit. Everyone was in stitches. I just smiled. Laughing makes me hurt more.

General: Has everyone been a good child?
Everyone: Yes!

Now I’m confined; I feel like a prisoner within myself. I want to be myself again!

The next day

Today’s the day I leave the Deserted Mound. And go to my new home. I have mixed feelings.

Nurmel: Oh Melody…I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but…I just can’t help myself. I really am going to miss you so much…

Tibbs: It’s alright, Nurmel. I’m sure Melody is just as sad as you are, aren’t you?

I wish I didn’t have to leave Nurmel. Can’t I take her with me?

Kevin: She’ll be fine though. She’s got Phil, Agent 0, the best agent looking after her.

Phil: Ok, everything’s packed and ready.
Nurmel: Oh god, this is really it.
Phil: Ready to go?

Nurmel: Goodbye, Melody! Goodbye! I love you! I’ll miss you so much!!! GOODBYE!!!

We drive off; I wave but not too much. My arm and wrist still ache.

Nurmel: Goodbye…

Phil: Well it took us a while, but look, there’s the ocean!

Phil: And this, Melody, is your – no, OUR – new home.


Home sweet home.

I think.