Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 1 - A New Life Begins

Phil: Hello? We’re home!

Wait, someone else is here? I thought it was just going to be two of us…

Woman: Alright, alright! Hold your tongue, mister!

Woman: Hey, I’m glad to see you again. Did you have a good journey?
Melody: …!!!
Phil: Do you recognise her, Melody? It is my own little sister, after all.
Mia: Melody! It’s so good to finally see you after all this time! Come on, I’ll show you my room.

Mia…I thought I’d never see her again. She looks different…older perhaps. A little more mature. So…was she working for the Syndicate too? Did she help out her older brother?

Mia: There, that’s all the clothes put away. It’s a lovely big room, isn’t it?
Mia: Oh, Melody. It’s ironic, I finally see you but my heart is broken by how fragile you are now. I can’t even hear your sweet voice!
Mia: I know. Your bedroom’s all white. White isn’t a good colour for me too. It reminds me of hospitals, and I’m sure it’s worse for you. Anyway, I’m here for a few months to help you recover, I’ve been trained in nursing for exactly these situations.

So…she is working for the Syndicate then. She trained in nursing rather than going on to do fashion design. I’m surprised, but she’d never know that. I can’t tell her how much I missed her. I feel awkward just wanting to embrace her again.

Mia: You like the sea, don’t you, Melody? We got you a house by the sea, just to cheer you up.

Mia knows me well. I remember telling her when we were younger that my ideal house was by the sea.

Mia: Heh. You’re smiling so I know you’re happy with it.
Phil: (from downstairs) Are you girls done yet?
Mia: Oh god, sorry about him. He gets a bit impatient…Don’t look so worried babe! He’s fine once you know how to deal with him! Now, let’s get you changed and then we can chat.

Phil: So what’s the situation then?
Mia: Ok, listen carefully. You are now George and Suzie Hamilton. Got that?
Phil: George? That’s such a common name…
Mia: Can’t be helped. You’d attract more attention as Zen or some other weird exotic name, right?
Phil: Yes, I suppose so.

Mia: You moved here for a better life from a city, say…Sheena City. And you’re here in Tranquil Grove to find that life. Now George…(giggles) you’ve bought a coffee shop chain and run it behind the scenes. The assistant manager knows everything, he's one of us too. Your wife Suzie here, she was in a tragic car accident in the city and that is one of the reasons why you moved, ok?
Phil: Sounds plausible. Does this mean I’ll have to leave Melody by herself?
Mia: Not just yet, only after she’s recovered and is comfortable of being left on her own. Don’t expect it to happen overnight though.
Phil: Of course.

I hate how they talk about me but not to me. I really wish I could talk soon. My mind is so messed up…

Mia: Oh, Melody. Is this alright with you?
Phil: Seems like it.
Mia: Let me know by, like hitting me or something if you’re not happy with anything, ok?

Ok, so maybe she does care.

Mia: Anyway, your business cards and passports are in your room.
Phil: On the table? I haven’t looked through them yet.
Mia: Do so ASAP. You’ll also find your legal birth and marriage certificates in case there are any challenges whatsoever, but to be honest I’ve done a check of this whole place, Tranquillity, and I doubt you’ll get any problems. Now how about some lunch?

My head is buzzing. She really has thought of everything, hasn’t she?

Mia: Oh! And your wedding rings are on order and should be with you soonish. I wasn’t able to get the estimated date though. If by the odd chance anyone asks why you don’t have them on, tell them you’re getting them resized.

…Now she HAS thought of everything.

Mia: You look very anxious Melody; is the prospect of being married to my big brother that scares you?
Phil: Hey!
Mia: Well if I were given a choice I’d run a thousand miles before marrying a scary serious guy like you!
Phil: Thanks, sis.
Mia: Come on, Melody; let’s cook some dinner, ok?

Last night it snowed. I’m not sure how to feel. I feel happy at seeing snow…but I feel sad that I cannot enjoy it.

The sunrise looks so beautiful on the pure white blankets. I can’t sleep. I can never sleep these days, I always have bad dreams. I wonder what could ever help me forget these things.

Mia: Oh wow, it looks like another snowy day! It’s a shame it didn’t snow at Christmas, it would have been wonderful to have had a White Christmas! Oh well.

Phil: Your wounds look a little better this morning.
Phil: I don’t think it’ll be long before they heal completely.
(doorbell rings)
Phil: Don’t look so worried! I’ll go and get it, you stay here.

Mia: Melody, don’t worry so much. Phil is going to be fine; no one’s going to hurt you here.
Melody: …?
Mia: Yes, the flowers are nice aren’t they? They are fake you know. (Laughs)

Phil: Hi, can I help you?
Woman: Oh HI! I’m your sort of next door neighbour, we live opposite in that house there.
Phil: Ah, I see what you mean.
Woman: I’m Erin Cookson, the girl here is Harriett and the little boy here is Noel.
Phil: Nice to meet you, Erin, I’m George Hamilton.
Erin: So, do you live by yourself?
Phil: No, no, I live with my wife Suzie. Please, come in.

Erin: Oh, hello! We’re your new neighbours! Harriett, don’t even think of touching that.
Harriett: I wasn’t going to, mooom!
Erin: Kids, honestly, who’d have them?
Erin: So, which one of you is Suzie, George’s wife?
Mia: Er, that’d be this young woman here, I’m George’s sister.
Erin: Erin Cookson, nice to meet you all!

Erin: Oh, a wheelchair! Is there an elderly person living in the house? I’d hate to have one in my house; it’d stand out way too much…I mean you can obviously see it and you’re always reminded it’s there, right?

Melody: …!
Mia: Er, that…I mean…

Phil: Ah, that would be for my wife, Suzie. You see before we moved here she had a car accident, and had to be hospitalised. She can’t walk or talk at the moment due to trauma. We decided that move away from the city, so, here we are.
Erin: Oh goodness, I didn’t know.
Harriett: Mooom, I don’t like it. It’s scaring me.
Erin: Oh shh, you. Anyway, we must be going, it was nice to meet you! We’ll let ourselves out.

Mia: Holy…what in the hell was that? I thought the neighbours were supposed to be normal? Obviously not. Melody? Are you ok?

I’m thinking. She’s right. The wheelchair is scary.

Because it reminds me of what I have become.