Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 2 - Time To Heal

Mia stayed with us for a good few months after that. I rarely saw the neighbours after the incident, whenever she did call round she spoke to Phil instead. I guess she found it awkward talking to me. We spent some days on the beach, and playing in the snowy sand.

Mia: Phil, let’s make a snowman!
Phil: Isn’t it odd, it’d be a snow-sand man!
Mia: That’d be hilarious! Let’s do it, let’s do it!
Phil: But we don’t have any gloves; our hands would freeze.
Mia: Boring sensible brother.

There was a problem that showed up however.

I started to get into these “moods”. They occurred frequently. I’d be depressed, or sometimes I’d get mad and want to trash something. Mia said it was a phase I was going through due to post traumatic stress. She always knew how to calm me down, but I bet Phil was thinking the same thing as me; how would he handle me when Mia finally left?

Mia: Melody? Are you alright? You’re having a migraine again, aren’t you? I’m sorry, sweetie. I thought you were alright there.

The wheelchair followed me around everywhere. I hated its existence. I longed for the day when my legs would move by themselves again, but I just couldn’t get them to move an inch. Those days I got frustrated and would cry.

Mia said I was progressing and getting better, but I couldn’t see how. I just looked like I always did. An invalid who can’t live a normal life.

But, things looked up. Winter has turned to spring, and it’s time for Mia to return to HQ to report. Through intense physiotherapy, she has enabled me to walk again. I’m a little stiff in the mornings, but generally able to move around though. I still can’t talk.

Phil: Well, it’s been lovely having you. The cab’s all packed.
Mia: Thanks, hun. I hope everything gets better, and I’m sorry I wasn’t here for your full recovery, Melody!
Phil: If I need any help-
Mia: - Just ring me. If you’re desperate, I’ll try and come over, but no promises.
Phil: Understood. Give my love to mom and dad.
Mia: Will do!

Mia: Goodbye Melody. Please don’t give up yet, I just know you’ll be back to your normal self anytime now. Ok, the cabbie’s getting impatient; I’d better run!

Phil: Well, I can say that was an interesting send-off. Although it did make me a little sad too.

Phil: How are you feeling, Melody?
Phil: …I’ll leave you to it for a while.


Man: Ah, Sheena City. It is so beautiful, yet so deadly.

Man: Don’t look at me like that, you silly mutt, I fed you an hour ago. This is the place; we’ve got business.

Man: This must be the room he was talking about. Right, here goes.

Man: Eurgh, what a mess. It smells foul here.

Grace: Hence why we have all the windows open, you moron.
Man: Doctor Grace…your eye!
Grace: Yes, my eyelid got burnt from the explosion. I myself am fine though.
Man: I am happy to hear this.

Man: Boss…it’s been a long time.
Grace: It has been a very long time, Klavier.
Klavier: Indeed. I haven’t seen you in years…

Klavier: Jordan B. Underwood.
Jordan: Nice to see you could make it, Klavier. Straight to business then?
Klavier: Of course.

Jordan: As you have probably heard, our laboratory in the Mediterranean was infiltrated and blown up by the Syndicate. Most of our information was destroyed, including the corpses with the brains we were pumping. They also captured Doctor Carmen, but I doubt they’ll get any information out of him; he was in the middle of a nervous breakdown.
Grace: That fool, I knew he couldn’t handle it.
Jordan: Of course, they also took the suspected Like Minded, Melody Solbel.
Grace: I thought her surname was Mystare?
Jordan: …She changed it. Mystare is the name of her real father…
Grace: Gah! No wonder it was so hard to track her down! Those foolish researchers. I’d fire them if they weren’t already dead.
Klavier: Ah, you could say they got fired anyway. From the explosion.
Jordan: Forgive me for not laughing.

Klavier: Ahem. So this is where you are hiding now?
Grace: For the time being. As you can see, this was one of our old warehouses that we discarded in the early days. It got redeveloped into apartments but this floor never really got renovated. And as you can see, it has been used by teenagers as their hideout, a place to get wasted and do drugs.
Klavier: That explains the mess and the smell.
Grace: But luckily, Jordan still had connections with the man he sold the lease too, and they allowed us to remain here until we can rebuild what was lost.

Klavier: So what’s the next move?
Grace: To slowly and secretly rebuild our empire.
Klavier: Can we do that?
Grace: We have enough willing men scattered around. It is possible.
Jordan: We need to find Melody.

Grace: …Sir?
Jordan: We need to get her back.
Klavier: Why her? Why not one of the other 11 Like Minded?
Jordan: Because she knows too much. She may not be talking now, but once that pretty voice of hers kicks in, she might speak. And we might lose connections once people realise our methods. Plus, to me personally, she’s pretty special.
Grace: … I understand.

Jordan: So that’s decided. First off? We need to visit a few friends.