Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 3 - Hiding Behind Glass

Phil: So, will you be ok?
Melody: …yes.
Phil: Certain? I can postpone this for another few days.
Melody: I’ll…be fine. Don’t worry.

So yeah, I can talk now. Nothing major, I still have to think before I say large sentences or complex words. Plus it’s pretty much monotonous. When I started to speak, Phil was ecstatic. So much so that he rang up Mia and the Syndicate to let them know, so they could celebrate too and wish me luck. I guess…I’m happy too. I guess.

Announcer: We will shortly be returning to “Lives of the Rich and Ruthless” – which millionaire can gain the most respect in a week? Find out the progress soon.
Phil: So are you just going to sit here watching TV?
Melody: …Yes.
Phil: Fine. Well my cell’s on me if you need me at all, my number’s on the phone’s speed dial, ok?
Melody: …Yes.

Phil: Alright, I’ll see you later. Stay out of trouble.

So, I guess I still don’t speak as much as I used too. Did I ever speak more than this? Most people usually did the talking for me.
This is the first time I’ve been left alone. Phil’s going to check up on the coffee shop he now supposedly owns. I guess he thinks it’s alright for him to leave me in the house alone. I’m not quite sure what to think.

Phil: Man, it’s going to be another hot day. And it’s only spring still. I wonder if summer is going to be any worse?

Phil: This must be the place. It looks pretty welcoming…

Man: Hello, can I help you?
Phil: Ah, hello, my name’s George Hamilton.
Man: You mean…Mister Hamilton?
Phil: That’s correct. I took over the shop a few months ago, right?
Man: Well yes! I wasn’t expecting you today, the place is a mess!

Phil: Relax, I just want a look round; I’m not as strict as you think.
Man: Oh, good! I nearly fainted then. Just please don’t go into the kitchen yet.
Phil: …Right. Can I have a latte?

Man: One latte, coming right up! On the house, of course.

Man on TV: So I guess this completes our stories for today, right?
Woman on TV: That’s right.
Man on TV: We’ll see you again tomorrow at 1 o clock sharp. Oh, and Melody?
Melody: …huh?
Man on TV: We’ll come see you again. And again. We’ll see you everyday if you want.
Melody: N-no…

I know it’s just in my head…right? Everything starts to go fuzzy…

Man on TV: We’re watching, always watching…you’ll have to say something soon.
Melody: Stop! Get out of my head!

These voices aren’t coming from the TV! They’re coming from my head! Distorting my view of the world…until I have no hope.

Phil: Ah, that’s the good stuff…at least the coffee is good in this place.

*cellphone rings*

Phil: What?

Phil: …Hello?
Mia: (on phone) Hey! How’re things going?
Phil: Pretty good, I’m checking out the coffee shop right now.
Mia: What about Melody?
Phil: Well, I left her at home, obviously-
Mia: You left her at home?!

Phil: Well yeah, she seemed to be better now she’s speaking and all-
Mia: Phil, you moron! She’s not better yet! She might not look it but she’s carrying a ton of emotional baggage!  Now you go home straight away and check that’s she’s alright!
Phil: Ok, ok! I’ll call back later.

Oh god. Oh god. Help me, they keep talking to me. They keep reaching out for me. This just won’t go away. I just have to scream.


Phil: MELODY! What the hell?!
Phil: Melody, get off the flowers! Don’t make me get over there!

Jordan: It’s ok…it’s ok…because…because I can touch you, right? You won’t let anyone else but me touch you.


Jordan: You’re very special to me, and yet you still don’t know why…oh darling…it’s ok…

Get…the hell…

Phil: Melody, please, you need to calm down.

Phil: Melody, please let me help you!
Melody: H-help me?!
Phil: Yes, I want to help you! I care about you!
Melody: N-no…

Phil: Ow! Melody, stop it!
Melody: KEEP AWAY! DON’T TOUCH ME…please…*sobs* Don’t touch me…

Phil: Melody!
Melody: Keep away you bastard!
Phil: Melody…

And so I lie, in an insecure position, waiting for it to pass. Waiting for my moment of insanity to be washed out of my mind. It happens almost every day. The voices come and go. I go crazy. I break things sometimes. I…I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

Phil: For god’s sake…I messed up big time. She really can’t cope on her own can she?...and neither can I.

Phil: Hey, Mia? Yeah, it’s me. Yeah, she was having a spell when I arrived. But she said something new.
Mia: (on phone) Oh yeah?
Phil: Yeah. Said stuff like “keep away” and “don’t touch me”
Mia: Hmm. I think she’s having flashbacks of being in that cell. I mean, who knows what those HUL guys did to her.
Phil: Well whatever it is, it’s bad, because she wouldn’t let me comfort her and when I approached her, she hit me.
Mia: Ahaha! Ouch. Well, that serves you right for approaching her when obviously she was feeling vulnerable.

Phil: Listen…Mia?
Mia: Yeah?
Phil: Do you wanna swap places?
Mia: What do you mean?
Phil: I mean, I work at the Deserted Mound, and you come and look after Melody.
Mia: But you’re supposed to be a couple! And I’m too tied up here, plus what if HUL find you? I can’t kick anyone’s butt like you can!
Phil: I know it’s just…(sighs)…I don’t think she wants to be with a man right now.

Mia: Are you saying you want to quit?
Phil: I…I don’t know. I just know I can’t control her. I can’t comfort her. I feel like I’m doing nothing and that bugs me.
Mia: Well…have a think over. I’m sure if I talk to the boss he can send one of the female agents if need be. But don’t give up now, bro! Give it a couple of days, you’ll see.
Phil: …Ok. Talk to you later.

I guess I scared him a bit too much, huh?

TV: We’ll be right back after these special announcements from our sponsors…
Phil: Hey…do you know what time it is? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?

Melody: …I could…say the same to you.
Phil: Well, I’ve got a lot on my mind right now-
Melody: L-look. I…sometimes…sometimes I get voices in my head. And I lose control…but…but that doesn’t mean I hate you.
Phil: I never said you did.
Melody: But you want to leave.
Melody: You’re sick of me. So you should go. I’ll be fine.
Phil: Melody…

Melody: Look, I…I had a bad dream.
Phil: …oh?
Melody: And I kinda don’t want to sleep alone?
Phil: What’re you saying?
Melody: Can I sleep in…your bed…tonight?
Phil: You’re not going to kick me out or punch me again, are you?
Melody: Well…I can’t promise anything.

Melody: I’m just ashamed that I acted like that…I mean, people could’ve heard us.
Phil: I doubt they’re not used to domestics.
Melody: So…can I?
Phil: Well…I guess. You need sympathy right now.
Melody: Thanks.

Melody: Just…no funny stuff…ok?
Phil: Heh…you got yourself a deal. G’night.
Melody: …Night.