Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 4 - Places To Hide

A lifetime of guilt can follow you no matter how hard you run.

Doctor: Can you believe what he’s saying? It’s like he says it’ll actually work? Does he really think he’ll get approval for something as sick as this?

Doctor: Perhaps he needs to spend some time getting a life of his own, outside the laboratory!
Everyone: *laughs*

Chief Doctor: I’m afraid this is going too far! Clear your desk – I want to see you gone by the end of the day.

Why couldn’t you morons have understood? I wasn’t doing it for the world. I wasn’t really doing it for the good of humanity!

…I was doing it for her.

Girl: *reads* New unit opens up at the Sheena City hospital. Security measures have increased ever since the incident almost 20 years ago…

Simon: Rina? Are you there?
Rina: I’m here. Just reading the newspaper. Were you seen?
Simon: I doubt anyone knows who I am here.

Rina: Hey there.
Simon: Dinner smells good; you’re getting the hang of this cooking thing.
Rina: I learnt from you!  We’re having pork chops.
Simon: …Again?

Rina: It seems so…unnecessary. That we had to be uprooted from the flat and moved here.
Simon: Maybe so, but you know the Syndicate are trying to protect everyone who was involved with Nurmel and Melody, and since we know them personally and are part of the team we’re more in danger.
Rina: Si…did you ever tell Nurmel? That you worked for the Syndicate?
Simon: No…I never did. She had to find out about that on her own, I guess. She just seemed so young and innocent, and had already been through a lot, I didn’t want to confuse her.
Rina: I guess that makes sense.

Rina: Will you tell her? When all this is over?
Simon: Yes, if she doesn’t already know. She’s been moved, did you hear? Seems she’s training for Warrior status.
Rina: What?! That’s too risky.
Simon: I’m sure the General tried to dissuade her and failed. She’s really stubborn like that.

*doorbell rings*

Rina: Oh god…
Simon: It’s alright; it might just be the neighbours with, like, pie or something.

Rina: Is it ok?
Simon: Oh god…
Rina: What?
Simon: Rina, hide.
Rina: But…
Simon: Go, hide in the wardrobe and don’t make a sound!

Simon: Quickly!
Rina: Be safe!

Simon: What do you think you’re doing here…?
Jordan: Simon, Simon, Simon…

Jordan: Is that any way to greet your former foster father?

Simon: How did you find where I live?
Jordan: Oh, it was just instinct. I just looked into my heart and it guided me.
Simon: That’s such a lie; you don’t have a heart!
Jordan: We both know I do. Simon, where did it all go wrong? Was it the hospital? Did I push you too far?

Simon: Why did you bring that up?
Jordan: Because after that day at the hospital you seemed to stop treating me like a father, stopped loving me…
Simon: Why do you think?! You forced your own foster son to do terrible things!
Jordan: I hardly forced you; you gladly did it on your own!

Jordan: Or is this why you joined the stupid Syndicate? To atone for your sins, because if it weren’t for you your little sister wouldn’t be running from me right now, all because of you-

Simon: Get out.
Jordan: Am I right? Did I strike a nerve?
Simon: Shut up! You made me! You made me trust you and then you manipulated it to make me do it!
Jordan: But you secretly wanted it to happen, didn’t you Simon.
Simon: You know what, Suzanna leaving you was the best thing she ever did. Because she saw what a sleazy manipulative bastard you really are. Now please leave, and don’t ever come back because we won’t be here.
Jordan: It’s no use Simon…

Jordan: …no matter where you are, your guilt will keep coming back to you. As will I, ahahah!

Rina: Has he gone?
Simon: Yes, he’s gone. Pack your bags and contact the Syndicate. We need to move again.
Rina: Just as we were settling in…

Girl 1: You know, settling into Sheena City could be the best darn thing we ever did.
Girl2: Tell me about it. So, what’s the news?
Girl1: Nothing new as of yet. Nice hair, by the way.
Girl2: Well I reckoned since we’ve got new personas I might as well make it harder for me to be recognised.
Girl1: Good thinking, young one.

Girl2: I’m hardly young, darling, I’m just inexperienced.

Melody: *yawn* I wonder what’s for breakfast this morning…

Erin: So then I said to him, why not let me look after the dog while he fixed the lights, and he said well I wouldn’t want you to get all dirty, isn’t that sweet?
Phil: Yeah, I guess…
Melody: Erm…

Erin: Suzie! Darling! It’s so good to see you up and talking again!
Melody: I…thank you…
Erin: George was just telling me about how much better you’ve gotten since moving here.
Melody: Yes…I suppose the…sea air has helped clear my mind.
Erin: That’s delightful. Tell me, do you want to go out with me today?
Melody: I…guess? Where to?
Erin: To the town shops, as a treat to say well done on recovering!
Melody: That’s…very kind of you.

Erin: Suzie, I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends, I can tell.