Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 5 - Metamorphosis

How do I look?

You look…different.

Just different?

Erin: Suzie! Darling! It’s so good to see you up and talking again!
Melody: I…thank you…
Erin: George was just telling me about how much better you’ve gotten since moving here.
Melody: Yes…I suppose the…sea air has helped clear my mind.
Erin: That’s delightful. Tell me, do you want to go out with me today?
Melody: I…guess? Where to?
Erin: To the town shops, as a treat to say well done on recovering!
Melody: That’s…very kind of you.

Erin: Suzie, I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends, I can tell.

Erin had called earlier this week. She invited Melody out for a trip round the town. Well, she invited Suzie.

To be honest I didn’t know what to think. I was amazed she had taken an interest; when they first met, Erin looked as if she didn’t want to know. I was concerned. A voice of doom was echoing in my head, telling me she was untrustworthy. But I silenced it. Erin was being the good neighbour, she had waited until “Suzie” was well enough before taking her out. In a way that was a kind act.

Melody: I’m just going to go get dressed, okay?
Erin: Oh, that’s fine, Suzie, wouldn’t want you to go out in your pyjamas now, would I? *laughs*

Phil: What are you looking at yourself in the mirror for?
Melody: Why are you in my room?
Phil: Because we’re supposed to be married; she might think it weird if we went into different bedrooms.
Melody: It’s perfectly natural; I know many couples who prefer to sleep in separate rooms. Especially if one of them snores.
Phil: I guess so. You’re talking really fluently today.
Melody: I am…?
Phil: Oh, by the way. I need to visit the nearest Syndicate point. They need a report on your progress.
Melody: Can’t they come here?
Phil: I’m afraid not. I need to take the train but I’ll be back by tomorrow.

Melody: Tomorrow?
Phil: Yeah, it’s quite a way away. You can stay with Erin, can’t you?
Melody: Yeah, I guess. No worries, I’ll be fine.
Melody: What? Why are you worried?
Phil: You know why. I’m worried you’ll have an incident and Erin will have no idea what to do.
Melody: Oh please, I’ll be fine! Going out will keep my mind off it.
Phil: Alright, if you say so.
Melody: Now please, I need to change!

Melody: Sorry for the wait.
Erin: Oh no, not at all.
Melody: What are you looking at?
Erin: The sky – it’s starting to cloud over. Never mind, I’m sure it’ll pass. The weather didn’t say anything about rain, so we’re safe.
Melody: Erm, is it ok if we drop George off at the station on our way?
Erin: No problem. He told me he needed me to look after you for a couple of days.
Melody: …yeah. Is that alright?
Erin: Course it is!

Erin: Here’s the train station.
Phil: Wow, it’s so small…
Melody: Well what did you expect? This is a small town, you know.
Phil: Yeah, I know…is that my train?
Erin: It’s the train to Oaklet East.
Phil: That’s the one!

Erin: That was lucky; he would’ve had to wait another hour if we’d missed that!
Erin: Are you okay, honey?
Melody: Well…I’m a little nervous.
Erin: Aww, sweetie. Is this the first time George has left you by yourself?
Melody: Well, like this, yes.
Erin: That’s too cute! I know it’s hard, and you’ll miss him, but it’ll be alright.
Melody: Erm…thanks.

Erin: Over here we have our Lido, where I dump the kids when I want some me time *laughs*
Melody: It looks very…unguarded.
Erin: Oh no, there are cameras, just very well hidden. Right next door to this is the town shops!

Erin: Ta da!
Melody: Oh, very chic. Does that shop have flamethrowers outside?!
Erin: Yes, it’s a new feature. I don’t like it very much.
Melody: It makes me a bit nervous.
Erin: Then let’s stay away from it then! Time for some clothes shopping!

Melody: Erm…I do have some-
Erin: Oh sweetie, I want to spoil you! Get you some nice new clothes, make you look all stylish! You’ve got such a cute face and figure, why not enhance them!
Melody: Well…you’re being ever so kind.

Erin: Of course, Suzie! I love to help people. Now how about this, this would look good…no, maybe in this?
Melody: Erm…can I see?
Erin: Oh no, it’s a surprise!

Cashier: That’ll be $239.99, miss.
Erin: Way ahead of you!

The next day

Erin: Suzie! You haven’t changed your dress?
Melody: Well, I still had another use of this-
Erin: I’m disappointed; I was hoping you’d wear the dress I bought you!
Melody: Oh, I’m sorry…I feel bad now.
Erin: No, no, it’s ok! I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to force anything on you. Anyway, are you ready?
Melody: For what?
Erin: For your new hair makeover!

Erin: Tracey!
Tracey: Erin! Hun! It’s so good to see you again! I haven’t seen you since the party at Chrissie’s house, what was it, her engagement?
Erin: Yes, that was it!
Tracey: Hun, what do you want done with those fab locks today?
Erin: Oh, well actually, dear, I’d love it if you worked your magic with my neighbour Suzie Hamilton here.

Tracey: Hello! You must be Suzie Hamilton. Erin told me you were hoping for a cut and style!
Melody: Oh, well…I don’t know. I quite like this look.
Tracey: Yes dear, but it’s rather choppy and uncared for. We need it to show off your face!
Melody: Oh, well, ok.
Tracey: Step this way, Miss Hamilton!

Tracey: Erin, hun, what do you think?
Erin: Hmm, maybe make it a little shorter.
Tracey: Yes, and maybe the fringe on the other side?
Erin: Mmm, and make it more divided?
Tracey: Suzie, my co-worker will now do your wash.

Co-worker: Are you ready for your transformation, Miss Hamilton?
Melody: Erm, well, I guess so…

Being on a train is so relaxing. You can think about anything you need, contemplate on things, have debates in your head. The slow rocking of the train as it rumbles along the track can soothe any worries you might have.

We were on the last leg of the journey, going towards Tranquillity. There were only a few passengers left, many of them getting off at city locations. There was a mother and her son, debating on the best way to sit on a train, and a couple on the other end, talking about their plans for the next day. It was so humbling just to sit on a train and have no one care or worry about who you are or where you’re going.

Speaker: Tranquillity. This is Tranquillity. The train will now terminate. Thank you for boarding City Interlines.

I got off, hoping Melody was ok. I’d been worried ever since I left her; she had this sad little look on her face.

A voice called out my name as I turned round and froze.

Melody: Hi, George, darling. How was your trip?

…She has changed.

It was the beginning…of something new.

Melody: So, how do I look?
Phil: You look…different.
Melody: Just different? I was hoping for something more…flattering.
Phil: Why would you expect something like that from me?

Melody: Because you’re my husband, George.
Phil: *laughs* you don’t have to call me that when no one else is around, you know.
Melody: Sorry? I’ve got to go, I’m going out with Erin and the other women of the neighbourhood, I’m so nervous. I’ve never met them before!
Phil: …I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Melody: Thanks, George, see you later!

…What’s happened to you?