Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 6 - Girlish Banter

I guess I’m pretty scared.

This house looks so elegant. I’ve never seen one like it before. I guess I’m intimidated by what I’m going to find inside…

I’ve never gone out with other girlfriends like this. Not with anyone as…rich as this. Not even when I was young and living with Mum and the others. They never really cared about me socialising; that was Cindy’s job.

Well, here goes.

Erin: Suzie! So good to see you! And you’re looking gorgeous.
Melody: Thank you, Erin.
Erin: Come on in, let me introduce you.

Melody: Ah, hello.
Erin: Everyone, this is Suzie Hamilton, the woman who lives opposite us. Suzie, this girl is my own Harriett, sitting next to her is Chrissie, who lives on the other side of Tranquillity Grove, and the dark haired woman is Lillian.
Lillian: Hello there, Suzie.
Chrissie: Glad to finally meet you!
Melody: Yes, hello!

Chrissie: It’s really great you can join us today, Suzie; it’ll be like the whole community out on a day trip!
Lillian: Though it’s women only!
Teenager: Hmph.
Lillian: Oh ignore her. That’s my eldest, Danielle. She’s sulking since she’s being made to babysit Harriett at the Lido.

Danielle: I’m not sulking!
Lillian: Danielle, you are. You should be grateful Erin’s actually paying you for looking after Harriett, plus you’re going to be Chrissie’s bridesmaid at the wedding.
Danielle: I am grateful! Just shut up mum!

Harriett: It’s ok, Lillian, I can look after myself! I’m a big grown up girl!
Lillian: Is that so?
Chrissie: Aww, bless.
Erin: Ok, everyone, are we all ready?

Chrissie: Honey, don’t take what she said to heart-
Lillian: I know, don’t worry, I can look after my own daughter-
Chrissie: Ok babe, I was only looking out…
Melody: Oh! Hello…where did you come from?

Man: That’ll be our dog, he's called Honeybun.
Melody: Oh, he’s lovely!
Man: Nice to meet you Suzie, I’m Erin’s husband Rex.
Melody: And you too. Are you joining us?
Rex: Oh no, I’m staying here to look after this little tyke. You girls go have fun!

Erin: OK, sport, you sure you’re alright with this?
Danielle: Yes Mrs Cookson, you don’t need to worry.
Erin: Thanks sweetie. Sorry you couldn’t join us, maybe next time?
Danielle: Sure, whatever.

Erin: Phew, that gets her out of the way, now we can have some real adult chat!
Chrissie: Suzie, have you been down here on this side of the coast yet?
Melody: Oh, er, no I haven’t.
Lillian: Really? Why ever not?
Melody: See, I only just recovered from injuries…
Chrissie: Oh, I see!

Chrissie: (whisper) I’m such an idiot sometimes, why did I go and ask her that.
Lillian: You didn’t know, you only met her today-
Chrissie: Yeah, but Erin did tell us about her circumstances. She’s so brave coming out like this-
Lillian: Chrissie, shh! Don’t let’s talk about her anymore.

I wonder if they know I can hear them?

Erin: What’re you eyeing up?
Melody: Postcards, they look nice. I might buy some for my friends…
Erin: Oh, back in the city?
Melody: Y-yeah…
Erin: Well, it’s almost 2, time for us to sit at our table!
Melody: Table?

Lillian: Suzie, the food here is to die for, really! There’s nothing better than food by the old pier.
Melody: Old pier?

Chrissie: Yes, you see the old planks of wood next to the seating area? That’s where the old pier used to sit. It got destroyed in a fire though but they rebuilt a smaller one further along the coast.
Melody: Oh, I think we passed that on the way here.
Chrissie: Yes, that’s the one.

Erin: Not meaning to change the subject or anything, Suzie, but do you sing at all?
Melody: Er…excuse me?
Erin: Oh, nothing major, I was just wondering. See, sometimes when I walk past your house I hear you singing a bit.
Melody: Oh, er…do you really?
Erin: Oh yes, and when we were walking today I could hear you humming under your breath.
Melody: Oh…well, yes I do like a bit of a sing now and then…

Erin: Chrissie, it’s how long until your wedding with Leon?
Chrissie: Erm, about a couple of weeks?
Erin: And didn’t I hear you say you were looking for a singer for your wedding, and since you’d already booked everything you had a space left on the cruise and the hotel for a singer and their guest?
Chrissie: Yes, that’s right?
Melody: I…oh dear.

Lillian: Oh Erin that’s a perfect idea! Best idea you’ve ever had, and then we can all go to that lovely tropical island!
Erin: Yes, and then Chrissie can stop fretting over getting someone to sing!
Melody: Erm…I’m sure she wants to hear me first…

Erin: Pssh, if you’re anything like I’ve heard you you’ll be fine!
Melody: I…well…
Chrissie: Suzie, you don’t have to but it would be really nice.
Melody: I guess so.
Erin: See? Don’t all my schemes come out awesome?
Lillian: You call it a scheme like you’re up to something!

Lillian: Aaah! That was delicious. I do love their lobster.
Erin: Right, now we’ve stuffed ourselves I have an announcement to make; Rex and I are having a party!
Chrissie: OOOOH! Finally!
Lillian: You haven’t had one since Noel was born!
Erin: I know! So we’re pulling out all stops, and I want everyone there, tomorrow night! Suzie, you bring that dashing husband of yours along so he can meet everyone!
Melody: You want me to come…?
Lillian: Of course! You’re one of us now!

One of them, huh?

Sheena City

Man: Hey, old man, don’t break your neck now!
Old man: Cheek! In my day children were seen but not heard…

(phone rings)

Kevin: Oh for Pete’s sake…yes I’m coming!

Kevin: Hello?
Voice: It’s me.
Kevin: Oh, I thought you were another telemarketer; I swear, I’ve been called at least 5 ti-
Voice: Just meet me outside.

Girl: Maybe I should’ve added a “and come alone” at the end for giggles? Nah…too dramatic.

Kevin: Hey.
Girl: You took your sweet time.
Kevin: What the hell? We live next door to each other!
Girl: You should be running to me!
Kevin: Oh, I see how it is. So what did you want?
Girl: I was under the impression you had something to tell me.
Kevin: *sigh*

Kevin: Nurmel-
Nurmel: Shh! Don’t say it out loud!
Kevin: Sorry!
Nurmel: What did you want to say?
Kevin: I’ve gotten summons from Arlette.
Nurmel: Hang on, let’s go inside.

Nurmel: (under breath) Aww, damn neighbours.
Man: Good afternoon.
Nurmel: Afternoon.

Nurmel: (whisper) Ok, where are we meeting up?
Kevin: You don’t have to whisper. We’re going to be meeting at the burger place.
Nurmel: Aww, burgers again?

Arlette: I think we’re going to need a new meet up place soon, the workers love us but we do go here often…
Nurmel: Well you’re the one making us go here so you can fulfill your gluttonous nature!
Arlette: Yeah…

Arlette: I have a lead.
Nurmel: Finally!
Arlette: Apparently the inside source says there’s going to be a deal tonight.
Nurmel: Where about?
Arlette: I think it’s in a posh restaurant called Chez Cherie.
Nurmel: Sounds posh.
Arlette: The only way we can get in there is by sneaking in. There are private booth rooms that you can book for, er, deals such as these.
Nurmel: So a whole lot of illegal stuff goes on there then?
Arlette: Like that yes.

Arlette: I have some connections with someone who works there who can manage to get you two in without a hitch. You’ll have to be disguised though.
Nurmel: Not a wig again…
Arlette: I’ll be waiting for your return, if there are too many people, they’ll get suspicious. Find out what HUL are up to, the future of many depends on it.