Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 7 - Chez Cherie

If this is really a 5 star restaurant, I hope it’s an extremely bad joke. I mean, look at the place! It’s falling to pieces and I definitely would not want to go here. But I guess with the popularity of these “private booths” I guess it has to be given some recognition; but 5 stars?! Seriously…

So yeah, we’re here to find out what HUL is planning next.

Head waitress: So you’ve been sent by the Syndicate to spy on HUL, correct?
Kevin: Yes that is the plan.
Head waitress: Fine. Normally we’d complain and point to our customer privacy warranty but since it’s the Syndicate I guess it’s pretty important.
Nurmel: Yeah you could say that. (!)

Head waitress: This is Frank. He’ll help out if you get into any danger.
Frank: Hi there.
Head waitress: He will show the gentlemen into their booth, and then you can take refuge in the booth next door. We’ve made arrangements so that you can hear them speak but they can’t hear you, but obviously no extreme yelling because no amount of sound-proofing equipment can absorb that. Any questions?
Nurmel: Yeah, just one…

Nurmel: Why am I wearing a black wig? I already kinda disguised myself when I arrived here.
Head waitress: We don’t want to take any chances. Take Kevin for example, HUL have never seen him and yet he’s wearing a wig too.
Kevin: Yeah, at least yours looks pretty decent compared to mine…
Nurmel: Gah, fine.

*buzzer sounds*

Frank: That’ll be the service bell; our guests have arrived.

Kevin: Doing ok?
Nurmel: Just a little nervous. The guy who hurt Melody in so many ways is on the other side of these doors, and…yeah. I’m restraining myself.
Kevin: Good, because violence right now isn’t the best way to stop them! *laughs* You know, you kinda suit black hair.
Nurmel: Hell no am I dying it. I like my red locks thank you!
Kevin: Well, currently fluorescent pink and orange.
Nurmel: Ah, once all this is over I shall enjoy going back to my natural colour.

Jordan: Klavier, my most trusted right hand man…
Klavier: Ja, Boss?
Jordan: …it would have been nice if you had made an effort to dress up this evening.
Klavier: Ah. Clothing is indeed my downfall.

Frank: Welcome back, sir, to Chez Cherie.
Jordan: Frank, good to see you still here. The usual booth is available like we discussed, I take it?
Frank: But of course. We would not dare book it to anyone else.
Jordan: Terrific. Frank, this is my good friend Klavier.
Klavier: Nice place you have here.
Frank: Such kind words! I shall lead you to the room.

Frank: I hope everything is satisfactory.
Jordan: By the way, we’re expecting a friend to turn up late – when he turns up please lead him here?
Frank: But of course. Would you like me to bring some menus in?
Jordan: No. We would not like to be disturbed.
Frank: Of course.

Frank: The boss has gone in with a new friend – and they have another turning up late!
Head waitress: Must be big negotiations happening tonight. Nurmel, when the new gentleman goes in you can lead him to the room, and then with Kevin you can initiate the mission.

Nurmel: Whoah, my heart is pounding…
Kevin: Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.
Nurmel: I still can’t believe that bastard is here…

*buzzer sounds*

Kevin: There’s the bell. I’ll be over in a minute!

Nurmel: Wish me luck! *giggles nervously*

My head is rushing, my heart is pounding. What am I doing? This is my first mission as a Warrior of the Syndicate, and I feel like puking.

Nurmel: Hello, sir and welcome to the highly acclaimed (for some reason) Chez Cherie, how may I help…

Nurmel: …you?
Man: Look, I’m running late enough as it is. A Mr Underwood has already entered a private booth?
Nurmel: Yes sir. Are you with that group?
Man: Of course I am! Now hurry up and take me to them.

Geez, manners much.

Nurmel: Here is the room, sir, have a nice evening.
Man: Sorry I’m late.
Jordan: Ah, Adam, so glad you could finally make it.
Man: Traffic was absolute shite, that’s my best excuse.

Kevin: Time for part 2 of our plan.
Nurmel: K-Kevin…did you see who that was?!
Kevin: Yes, it’s the man from this morning. We have interesting neighbours, it seems!
Kevin: Come on, let’s get into the booth quick.

Kevin: Cosy.
Nurmel: I think I can hear them…
Jordan: …I haven’t seen you since high school, my friend, how have you been…
Adam: …oh, not too bad…and this is…
Jordan: …this is my right hand man and loyal friend, Klavier…I called him specially from the HQ in Munich for this…

Kevin: Erm…Nurmel?
Nurmel: What is it?
Klavier: …It is an honour to support my friend from doctor’s college…we worked well in the past and I am hoping we will do so in the future…
Kevin: I don’t know if it’s the situation we’re in or I’m just being stupid…but there’s something I feel I need to tell you.
Adam: …I see, so we both knew Jordan from his young years *laughs*…
Nurmel: What’s that supposed to mean?
Kevin: I have to confess…if you get what I’m saying.

Nurmel: *harsh whisper* Now?! You really think this is a good time to start with that sappy bullshit?!
Jordan: …Adam did you ever get married?...
Kevin: Nurmel, it’s more than that -
Nurmel: I’m trying to concentrate on HUL, I don’t need to listen to this!
Adam: …No, I am still a bachelor….I’m married to my work…

Kevin: I’ll leave the important stuff for another time…but I’m guessing you’ve just rejected me, huh?
Jordan: …anyway as much as I’d love to play happy pasts all evening…we have some business to attend to…
Nurmel: Kevin, right now I don’t know what I want. I’m too focused on bringing HUL down. Now hush, they’re getting to the gritty stuff.
Adam: …yes, and this is where my services come in…?

Jordan: The thing is, we need your help to bring in a steady cash flow.
Adam: So you’re using my job as a banker?
Jordan: Of course. I need money and I need it soon. And the only way to do that is to leak into every account you have in that bank, which means an organised ambush. But with your help, only you and I and the security guards will know about it.
Adam: And you’re doing this to help rebuild your empire?
Jordan: Yes. Then I can continue my research.

Adam: Just let me know what I need to do.
Jordan: You need to switch the rotas to the ones you know are working for me. In a couple of week’s time, we’ll say. We shall plan the ambush and take money from each account.
Klavier: And I will be there with my mutt to take care of any funny business, ja?
Adam: It sounds sneaky…what’s in it for me?
Jordan: My friend, I’ll make the rest of your life comfortable and affordable.
Adam: That sounds like a nice life.
Jordan: Hehe…little will Roadring Bank know that they are placing their money into the hands of my friend, Adam Mystare.

Nurmel: *gasp* No!
Kevin: Mystare…
Nurmel: Oh god, oh god. He’s Melody’s father.
Kevin: You mean the one who shoved her out of her home?
Nurmel: No! Her real, biological, flesh and blood father!

Jordan: Very well, we shall meet again next week to arrange plans and blueprints. I think we can call it an evening, gentlemen.
Adam: That’s fine, just let me know.

Nurmel: Oh god, oh god, I can’t go outside…
Kevin: I’ll handle this, don’t worry.

Kevin: Ah, leaving so soon sirs?
Jordan: Yes, our business is done for now…er, you must be new?
Kevin: Yes, my name is…Ted.
Jordan: Right, Ted. We shall be calling to arrange our next rendezvous.
Kevin: But of course. Have safe journeys now, sirs.

Adam: Well, I shall leave you two, I left my motorbike in a non-parking zone and I don’t really want another fine.
Jordan: I’ll be in touch, friend!
Adam: Yup.

Klavier: Hmph. He seems like a right moron.
Jordan: He is. I only called on him because of his connections with the bank.
Klavier: Boss…there were an awful lot of new people here today.
Jordan: Yes, that Ted bloke and that girl Adam mentioned.
Klavier: If I may give my opinion…we’ve been spied on.

Jordan: Oh, of course we have. That’s why I gave a false date for our ambush.
Klavier: Ah, Boss, you really are on top of the ball. Are you going to tell Adam the real date?
Jordan: Maybe. *laughs* I want to go out with a bang.

Kevin: So, er…guess you’ve had quite a few bombshells this evening, huh...
Nurmel: Mmmm.

One thing is certain; Adam Mystare is in danger. And I must be the one to warn him before its too late.