Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 8 - What a Swell Day This Was

Did I ever tell you about the day I had yesterday? It was interesting.

TV: The rain will continue into late evening, where we might see some stars out tonight! Back to you, Darren.Darren: Thank you, Rebecca! Our top stories are as follows: Reality show Sim Brother has sparked some interesting debates between columnists. A serial killer strikes again in a remote town in the Western Nevada region. And repeats of Sim Date are being shown on the SimTV network; many fans have been reborn in their love for the show.


Adam: Just as I’d settled down…who’s crazy enough to walk in this weather?


Adam: Alright, alright! I’m coming.

Adam: Can I…help you?
Nurmel: Hi! You might remember me; I live 2 doors down from you! Anyway, I’ve run out of milk and don’t really want to walk down to the store in this weather so I thought I’d see if my neighbours had any, and plus I need to properly introduce myself! Things have been hectic lately and I haven’t had a chance to get out much.
Adam: Right…ok. I might have some spare milk in the fridge, come on in. It’s dangerous to be out in this weather.
Nurmel: It’s fine, I have my brolly. I’ll just leave it by the side of the garage inside, is that ok?
Adam: Sure.

Nurmel: Thanks again, you’re a lifesaver!
Adam: No problem, it’s just upstairs.
Nurmel: Yes, my apartment is the same!
Adam: Of course, how silly of me.

Adam: Right, I might have some in the back, let’s have a look.



Adam: …Am I right in thinking you’re pointing a gun at me right now?
Nurmel: Wow, you’d be correct.
Adam: You sneaky little-
Nurmel: Hey hey, I just want to talk.

Nurmel: So what does HUL want with you? I know about the bank raid they’re planning?
Adam: How did you – you were the waitress from last night, weren’t you?!
Nurmel: It took you so long to recognise me, I obviously did well.
Adam: Listen, I’m not telling anyone anything. I worked hard to gain Jordan’s trust and I will NOT be compromising it.

Nurmel: Mr Mystare, I think you might be digging a hole. And I’m here to stop before you dig to China.
Adam: Look, they needed money so I’m giving them money!!
Nurmel: But I don’t think it’s the money. Jordan wants you for something more.
Adam: I don’t understand! I know about this weird Like Minded thing but I have nothing to do with that?!
Nurmel: Mr Mystare, what if I was to tell you that you have a daughter who is one of the Like Minded children, and Jordan is using you to find her; and before you tell me I’m lying perhaps you might remember a certain fling you had around 19 years ago with Teresa Solbel, your art college sweetheart?

Adam: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

I showed Adam some pictures of Melody, from when she was little and with Teresa, to when she was at university with me. I felt choked up, seeing her. I miss her so much.

Adam: That’s…that’s you?
Nurmel: Yeah. I’m Melody’s Like Minded partner.
Adam: Melody…does she sing?
Nurmel: Like a lark. 
Adam: And she has my eyes…there’s no doubt about it.

Nurmel: You never knew?
Adam: No…Teresa never said anything to me. She left so quickly after that night; I couldn’t even tell her…how much I loved her. But to keep a daughter from me…why would she do that?
Nurmel: Because she was ashamed she’d committed adultery. But basically, John knew from the moment Melody was born, because of her eyes. And he knew she was yours, and he hated that.
Adam: John was a fool…he doesn’t know the real Teresa like I do.

Adam: I’m such a fool…I couldn’t stop her marrying him and now look where that has got me?! Taking jobs from seedy super-criminals and an elusive daughter I’ve only just found about today!
Nurmel: Hey, I’m sorry…it was a bit of a bombshell, huh…are you ok?
Adam: No, not really…
Nurmel: I’ll give you some time to think.

I sat there watching him cry, he didn’t hold back the tears he’d felt from a long bitter unrequited love. When he was done, he looked embarrassed as if he’d shown me a part of him he didn’t like.

Adam: Sorry, you didn’t have to sit through all that…
Nurmel: It’s perfectly fine. I kinda know how you feel. A while ago I found out I had an older brother that my parents never told me about, and I was so angry at them…I’m still mad at them now. I don’t think I can ever forgive them. But that’s different, it’s not like Teresa wanted to keep Melody from you. She just wanted to avoid drama.
Adam: You’re right, Teresa would be like that. I need to see her. Also, I know that Jordan is using me now, it’s obvious. Why would he call me after so long? I hardly spoke to him after high school when we went our separate ways. 
Nurmel: So you’ll help us? Help us stop HUL?
Adam: On one condition; that you locate Teresa and arrange a meeting between me and her.
Nurmel: Ok, let me just ring up someone. I know where she used to live, but that was a while ago and I have no idea if she moved since.

Nurmel: Hello, Sergeant Tibbs? It’s Agent Wildfire here. I need information on the location of Teresa Solbel, Melody’s mother? Ok, hope you’re successful. Yes. Thank you, goodbye!

Nurmel: She’s looking into it and they’ll be in touch.
Adam: Thank you so much. I must be so demanding.
Nurmel: It’s fine, really!

I had such a weird evening yesterday.

Melody: Well, here goes…

Phil: Ah…if there’s anything I love about this place, it’s having a hammock right by the ocean…lovely.

Phil: You’re looking lovely today, your face says otherwise though.
Melody: Hey! The party is starting in 10 minutes!
Phil: It’ll take us less than 10 minutes to walk across the road, don’t worry!
Melody: Oh, and you’re wearing that are you?
Phil: Erm, yes? Is that a problem? 
Melody: Well yes, because it’s a formal occasion and I don’t want my husband looking like a dog! Now get up and get dressed into your suit!
Phil: But-
Melody: NOW!!!

Phil: Alright, alright…geez, what’s up with her?

Melody: We’re so late! Everyone’s there already!
Phil: Oh hush. At least we’ll be fashionably late.
Melody: But the looks on their faces, oh I don’t think I could take it…

Erin: Suzie! George! So glad to see you!
Chrissie: Ah, glad you made it on time?
Melody: I know, I know. George was being stubborn about his suit.
Phil: Yes, it’s all my fault…
Erin: Oh never mind! You’re here now, and that’s what matters. Ooh introductions!

Lillian: Suzie and George, this is my husband Jacques, my son Tony and you’ve already met my daughter Danielle. She’s wearing the bridesmaid dress for Chrissie’s wedding so we know it fits her properly!
Danielle: Yes, thank you Mom, for telling the whole world!

Chrissie: This is my fiancé Leon! 
Leon: Pleased to meet you…?
Chrissie: Darling, these two are Erin’s neighbours, and Suzie is singing at our wedding!
Leon: Aah I see now. Yes, looking forward to it!
Erin: The caterers have informed me that it is now dinner time!
Melody: Ooh goodie! George let’s go grab ourselves a plate!
Phil: *sigh* Yes, dear.

Jacques: It always ceases to amaze me when there are three stunning ladies at the table.
Erin: Oh Jacques, you tease! Don’t forget Suzie!
Jacques: But of course, such a slowly opening blossom such as her.
Lillian: Ok, Romeo, time to zip it.
Jacques: But then how shall I eat?
Lillian: With your arse, just like how you speak?
Erin: Ahahah! Nice one!

Harriett: Sooo…how did you meet Suzie?
Phil: Excuse me?
Harriett: How did you meet your wife lady? Was it love at first sight?
Rex: Harriett, don’t be so nosy.
Phil: It’s ok. Well, I guess we met because she was a friend of my little sisters, and well, it kinda of went from there.
Harriett: Does your sister mind?
Phil: Well I’m hoping she’s used to it by now. *laughs nervously*

Erin: Suzie, have you tried the duck yet?
Melody: No, I haven’t, but I’m too stuffed to eat any more!
Lillian: Ahaha! Wise words. Don’t eat just because Erin makes you.
Erin: Hey! I’m not that demanding am I?!
Chrissie: Suzie, don’t worry, there’ll be lots of exotic foods at my wedding.
Lillian: Oh gosh, that’s right – I’ll have to pack soon!
Erin: Only less than 2 weeks to go. I’ll need to buy a new bathing costume!
Melody: Oh, don’t remind me.

Rex: The juggling trick is my masterpiece!
Jacques: Whatever you say, jester.
Leon: I can’t believe I’ve found someone who loves superhero comics just as much as me!
Phil: Yeah…
Leon: Did you read Batman #1788? It’s a shocker!
Phil: Erm, no, I haven’t read them for a while…
Leon: Oh…well I’m sure you’ll catch up!

Erin: George, darling…it is time for your initiation!
Phil: My…my what?!
Erin: As an initiation into the group, you must…dance with me!
Phil: Oh no…

Rex: Hah! Don’t worry, buddy, she does it to every man. You should have seen her when Chrissie introduced Leon!
Erin: Shush you, and go back to your silly glass juggling.
Rex: Yes dear!

Phil: I’m not…incredibly good.
Erin: You have potential! 
Phil: You’re pretty good, I have to say.
Erin: *laughs* But of course! I go to dance classes every Friday.
Phil: Oh…does Rex go with you?
Erin: No, he doesn’t dance much.
Phil: I see.
Erin: Why not give it a go, George? You seem so stiff all the time, as if you’re expecting something to happen.

Chrissie: Ah, I do love a good party. I hope my wedding party tops this though. I want fairy lights everywhere! Won’t that be good, Suzie?

Chrissie: Suzie? Aaah, this tune is shaking my world! I must play it at my wedding.

Melody: Hate to intrude…but George and I must be going.
Erin: Already? But darling, it’s only almost 10.30!
Melody: I know, it seems so rude, but I promised the doctor I’d rest up.
Erin: I see… well that’s understandable. What about George, don’t you mind leaving?
Phil: I don’t mind, I’m feeling pretty knackered myself. Thank you for a lovely time.
Erin: My pleasure…

Phil: If this is what a normal party is like, I have a feeling Chrissie’s wedding celebrations are going to be wild…

Like I said, a weird, weird evening.