Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 9 - Cracks Along the Pavement

Phil: So remind me why we’re here again?
Melody: Oh, George, we’re here because I need a new outfit and swimsuit for the wedding!
Phil: I thought you already had enough clothes for the trip?!
Melody: Nope, I need a new outfit just so it looks like I tried.

Phil: So…why did you need me along then? Surely you can decide by yourself?
Melody: But you’re my husband, George, and you can tell what looks good on me.
Phil: …Of course. But can we stop by the coffee shop first? I do own it after all.
Melody: Sure thing! I’ve never actually been inside. Erin told me it didn’t look very inviting.
Phil: Erin did?…Fine.

Phil: Hi there.
Worker: Mr Hamilton! Once again you grace us with your presence! *laughs*
Phil: This is my wife, Suzie; we’re just stopping off to see how things are going.
Melody: What a quaint little place…
Worker: Hello, Mrs Hamilton?
Phil: Don’t mind her, she’s a little nuts.
Melody: Come on George, I need to hurry before the shop closes!
Phil: Oh for Pete’s sake. It won’t close until this evening at least…sorry about this. I wish I could have a cuppa.
Worker: Come in whenever you want, sir!

Melody: Eurgh, it all looks so tacky.
Phil: That never stopped you before.
Melody: I would never be seen in that! Here, what kind of swimsuit should I wear? A one piece? Bikini? Tankini?

Phil: Why…are you asking me…?
Melody: Because you’re my husband, George, and I care about what you like to see!
Phil: I, erm, really don’t mind. Just get whatever you want.
Melody: Fine, bikini it is. Can’t not show off my abs.

Phil: I hope that’s not my money you’re spending there!
Melody: Oh hush! It’s not like you do anything but wander into a coffee shop now and again.
Phil: I own that place, I am entitled to wander whenever I please!
Melody: I’m hungry, can we go eat?

Melody: It’s raining! It’s raining!
Phil: Hurry up and get inside then before we get soaked, and stop squealing like a mouse…

Melody: This better be the best pork chops I ever ate if that price is anything to go by.
Phil: Didn’t Erin recommend this place? 
Melody: Yes, but she never mentions the price of things, she’s loaded.

Phil: I’m sorry I can’t make your life more comfortable. (!)
Melody: It’s fine, I can cope.
Phil: You’re such a drama queen…
Melody: I’m just looking out for our best interests; besides, Erin’s my best friend, I listen to her advice because they are pearls of wisdom!
Phil: Best friend, huh? What about Mia? 
Melody: Mia? Who’s she?

Phil: Mia’s my sister. Remember? You went to high school with her?
Melody: I think I’d remember that George.
Phil: Can you at least remember Nurmel?
Melody: George, will you stop spouting silly names at me. I’m trying to eat!
Phil: Geez, why are you suddenly being so difficult?

Melody: Because I love you.

Phil: …*whisper* Ok, Melody, I think you’re overdoing the whole husband-wife thing now…

Melody: …Eh? Who’s Melody?

Nurmel: Ah, the Deserted Mound. Haven’t seen this place in a while.
Adam: Our stuff will be alright in the car, won’t it?
Nurmel: Yeah, no one ever comes here unless you’re with the Syndicate. Oh hey, nice to see you Sergeant…

Tibbs: Nurmel…forgive me for calling you up on short notice regarding Mrs Solbel.
Nurmel: No problem! You sound funny, got a cold?
Tibbs: I…well. There’s been…an incident.
Nurmel: Something wrong?
Tibbs: Something very wrong.

Oliver: I can’t believe it! My…my mind is just blank now. I can’t even see anything anymore! It’s just black space…

Nurmel: General, sir.
General: Nurmel. Nice to have you back for a short time.
Nurmel: Sir, I know something has happened, please let me know.
General: We have confirmed our worst fears…after finally sending troops over to investigate the wreckage of the HUL HQ in the Mediterranean. We found Takeshi’s body.
Nurmel: Body, sir…?

General: Takeshi is dead. He died soon before the explosions began.
Nurmel: No! That…that can’t be possible!! But why couldn’t Oliver sense he was in the same place as Melody?

Nurmel: Oliver…I am so sorry. I wish I’d known Takeshi was there too. We could have saved him!
Oliver: Please don’t blame yourself. If anything it was mine for not paying enough attention when looking into his mind…

I don’t know what to say or do. I feel like I’m drowning. I thought we were invincible. I thought we were all safe. I kept forgetting about Takeshi, and I’m sure others did also. I feel so sorry for Oliver. He never deserved this.

Adam: So…he lost a best friend then, huh? Sad times. 

Nurmel: They knew each other for almost their whole life! I think they can be called more than just best friends…
Adam: I’m sorry; I just don’t understand much about all this.
Nurmel: It’s ok…sometimes I don’t understand either.

General: I hear from Arlette that you’ve found out HUL’s plans about the bank raid?
Nurmel: That is correct. She’s working with Kevin to bring the best agents down.
General: Well, everyone except Agent 0, of course.
Nurmel: Of course, sir.
General: And I hear you’re looking for the location of Melody’s mother, Teresa Solbel, correct?
Nurmel: Yes, sir, this is Adam Mystare, Melody’s biological father; he would like to speak to her and he is willing to help us fight HUL.
General: I shall arrange the address to be given to you.

General: Now, Nurmel, while I have you here, I would like to ask you never to be so reckless in the future.
Nurmel: S-sir?
General: You may think you are disguised but you need to do a lot more than that. Wear the wigs; don’t rely on your personality to shield you. If I hear of you travelling without protection I shall strip you of your Warrior status. Am I clear?

Nurmel: …Yes, sir.
General: Thank you. I shall now take my leave, you can see yourselves out.

Adam: Wow…that was harsh. Sorry.
Nurmel: It’s ok. He’s right, I haven’t been thinking. And besides, he was only angry because of what’s been happening today, so I don’t hold it against him.
Adam: So…now we wait for the address.
Nurmel: Yeah. I need to go take a breather, meet you in the lobby?
Adam: Sure.

I need to talk to him…to make sure he’s ok.

Nurmel: There you are. I was worried you’d run off somewhere.
Oliver: No, I daren’t, not now when they might know who I am thanks to Takeshi. Come up on the stage with me.
Nurmel: Ok…

Oliver: Did you ever think about why this room was so big?
Nurmel: Not really. 
Oliver: Takeshi always admired this room, because it was the biggest he’d ever seen.
Nurmel: He was a really great guy. He met Melody once, at university. He warned her…but she got taken anyway.
Oliver: I was with him that day. In mind anyway. I tried to keep him away from those bastard henchmen but they still caught him!
Nurmel: I know. Those slippery assholes.
Oliver: Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout. I’m just…feeling too much.
Nurmel: Hey, it’s ok.

Is this what it’s like for a Like Minded to feel when their partner is gone? I want to protect Melody more than ever.

Oliver: I can still feel traces of him. But it’s so weird to think of him as gone. When he was missing I could still talk to him somehow and comfort him. But now it’s too late. I did nothing to help him.
Nurmel: Oliver, you know you did plenty. Fate just wasn’t on our side.
Oliver: I guess.

Oliver: Thanks for the chat. You’re one of my favourites out of the rest of us.
Nurmel: Hey! There’s no time for favouritism. All for one.
Oliver: Aha. Yeah, you’re right. I think Sergeant Tibbs is calling for you.
Nurmel: Probably that address. Well, take care. Don’t get too down, buddy!
Oliver: I’ll do my best.

Nurmel: I’ll be back soon!
Oliver: I’ll be waiting!