Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 10 - A Past of Regret

Nurmel: Hate this wig, hate this wig…why couldn't I have worn the black one again. Mind you, that itched too…Eurgh.
Adam: Ahah. Nice to see you make an effort with clothes too.
Nurmel: I would never wear this unless I’m at a gym.

Nurmel: Right, this is the block of flats, first floor here we go!
Adam: Oh no…I've suddenly lost all feeling in my legs.
Nurmel: Move it, chicken!

Adam: This is such a bad idea, I should never have come, John’s going to gut me like a Cornish pasty oh god oh god I’m going to hyperventilate-
Nurmel: Shut it, someone’s coming!

Teresa: …Hello, can I help you?
Nurmel: Er, yes you see-

Teresa: ADAM?! Is that you?!?
Adam: Teresa! What a pleasant surprise, I didn’t know you were here!
Nurmel: *sigh*
Teresa: Come on in, I’ll grab some coffee from the shop next door.

Adam: So erm…I found out about Melody.
Teresa: Oh…right…
Adam: I…is John here? I don’t want to cross his path…
Teresa: No, he’s not…there’s a reason for that.
Adam: Oh?

Teresa: John and I…we split up. Divorce finally happened a month ago.

Adam: Eh?!
Nurmel: Alright!
Adam: But why? Didn’t you love him anymore?

Teresa: I’d had enough. When we had to move because of what had happened to Melody, I was so scared for her. But that son of a bitch had got it into his mind that Melody had put it all on herself!
Nurmel: God, what an asshole.
Teresa: So, I said well either you care about her, or I leave. And well, after this long a time of him not caring he wasn’t about to start anytime soon. So I packed my bags, left, got in touch with our solicitor and I haven’t heard from him or Cindy since. Which isn’t fair, seeing as she’s my daughter too?

Adam: What a predicament.
Nurmel: So you know about what’s happened to Melody?
Teresa: Yes, and I’m so thankful she’s been hidden away. Same for me, this place and area is lovely. To be honest…I always knew there was something different about her. I know about her being a Like Minded now…and I think I know why.
Nurmel: You do?

Teresa: I still remember it clearly as if it were yesterday…

Teresa: Our nearest hospital was in Sheena City, and I had regular checkups there. This one day I’d gone to my breathing classes, where I met 11 other women doing the same. We were all heavily pregnant.

Everyone was excited about their births. For some, they’d been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but for others it was their first time and they were pretty nervous. Including me, of course.

They all spoke about their lives, and their respective partners, and whether they were hoping their child was a boy or a girl.

A woman next to me, a world-wise woman named Leona, spoke to me quite a lot. She would cling to my every word about my lifestyle and how the business John had was getting more successful. She would always sigh.

“You must be so lucky.”

I always wondered why she said that. She didn’t sound like she was in financial trouble, but from what she’d told me, she’d had some rough times.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. A teenage boy, blonde, came in carrying a plastic bag. No one knew what was inside it to this day.

He came straight for us, and pointed at Leona, shouting, “This is for forgetting me, Mother!”

Leona screamed. And then was silent, and didn’t speak.

The boy said, “I’m sorry, everyone.” And he threw the bag onto the floor.

Everyone was very flustered by now, and were confused as to what had just happened.

But everyone screamed when the mist started pouring out of the bag, engulfing us all. It was torture, I felt like I was suffocating, and yet breathing as clearly as ever.

Teresa: We had all passed out by the time the mist cleared. Nothing physical had changed, but I could tell something was different. And my hunches were right. Melody never revealed it but I knew she had this power. You know, to see other people. Sometimes I would hear her calling out at night. I never mentioned it.

Adam: I had no idea you were involved with it. I heard in the news when the incident had happened but I didn’t realise you or Melody were-
Teresa: It’s ok…well it’s not, but at least we weren’t harmed.
Adam: I guess we can safely say that whatever was in that plastic bag was what caused the Like Minded genes to- Nurmel? Is everything ok?
Nurmel: No, it’s not. Leona was my mother.
Teresa: I see…so you’re a Like Minded too?
Nurmel: Yup…and that boy was my older brother Simon, who I had no contact with until recently.
Teresa: Oh gosh…

Nurmel: Don’t you see? Simon was, and might still be, working for the enemy! I trusted him and he’s the one who made me this way!!

Adam: Hey, now isn’t the time to get worked up.
Nurmel: You’ve suddenly changed your tone, funny man.
Adam: I can be serious if I need to be, you know! Look, you said that when I found out about Melody, Teresa had a valid reason for not telling me, right?
Nurmel: Yeah.
Adam: So, there might be a valid reason Simon did what he did? This is Jordan B. Underwood we’re talking about here, with him anything is possible. Besides, remember what he said before he threw the bag? He apologised. If he was working for the enemy of his own free will, wouldn’t he be more snarky about it?
Nurmel: You’re right…I think.

Nurmel: Thanks for the coffee, but we need to be heading back. It was nice to finally meet you, Teresa.
Teresa: Likewise, Nurmel. It’s good to see Melody is in safe hands.
Nurmel: I sure hope so.
Adam: Go on ahead; I need to speak to Teresa.
Nurmel: Ok, I’ll wait down in the courtyard.

Adam: Teresa, I-
Teresa: Shhh. We can talk later. Right now, you need to help them stay away from our baby. After that, we will have all the time in the world to talk. Do we have a deal?

Adam: Deal.