Like Minded - Series 5 - Episode 11 - Our Two Journeys

Kevin: I’ve gotten word from the Syndicate. Tomorrow we’ll start our infiltration of the bank, to learn the layout ready for the raid.
Arlette: *yawn*
Kevin: Oh, I’m sorry, am I boring you…?
Arlette: No, I’m just knackered. All this planning is making my head hurt! I’ll be glad once this is all over.
Kevin: Well, unfortunately, I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon.
Arlette: Just my luck!

Arlette: Hey, Nurmel, what’s up? You’ve been quiet all evening. Worried about tomorrow?
Nurmel: I’m just thinking about stuff.
Arlette: You’re not worrying over your brother again?
Kevin: Nurmel, we’ve been over this; Simon is one of us, no matter what past he had.

Nurmel: I know, it’s just…I can’t help feeling uneasy. Why did he do what he did? For what reason would he have to work for HUL?
Arlette: I get the feeling you won’t stop asking until you actually talk to him yourself…but you can’t focus on that right now.

Nurmel: Guys, I’m pretty tired, so I’m gonna hit the hay.
Adam: Yeah, I should probably get back to my own bed.
Arlette: Oh, I forgot you were here.
Adam: Thanks…?
Kevin: Wait for a sec, Adam; I need to go over some stuff with you.
Adam: Again? Yeesh.

Arlette: Honey, what’re you doing?
Nurmel: Getting some juice.
Arlette: You’re avoiding me.
Nurmel: No, why would I?
Arlette: Look, there’s something else bothering you, isn’t there?

Arlette: Come on, you can tell me!
Nurmel: Alright, so maybe there is.
Arlette: I knew it!
Nurmel: But…can we talk out on the balcony?
Arlette: Sure thing.

Nurmel: You know when Kevin and I went out to the restaurant to spy on HUL?
Arlette: Uh-huh?
Nurmel: He kinda…asked me out. Sorta.
Arlette: Ah. I had a feeling he would.
Nurmel: Am I that dense?
Arlette: Well, let’s be fair, he did join the Syndicate because of what happened when you guys were teenagers. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have feelings for you, the way he’d go so far as to do that.
Nurmel: It’s just…been bugging me ever since. I don’t know how to feel…

Nurmel: I’ve spent my whole life moving around, being shoved to the next place, never interacting. I always knew how to be by myself. I was ok with that. But now…I just don’t know. I have no idea what I’m going to do after all this crap is over. Do I continue travelling by myself? Or do I settle down, raise some kids?
Arlette: Nurmel, I think all of us are thinking that. But that’s in the future. If you look too far forward, you’ll stumble and lose your placing over the things that are closest to you. Believe me; I’ve felt the same way.
Nurmel: I…I think I do like him…but…then I hate him.
Arlette: Don’t fret. You can mull over it afterwards. He’ll wait; if he’s gone this far for you then he won’t back down now.

Nurmel: He said he had something more he needed to say…somehow I know what it is already. But I’ll wait, until the time is right for him to tell me.

As I sit on my bed, with Arlette’s snores, I remember my childhood. Painful memories of my teenage years. Insecure children calling me names, pushing me around. If all I’ve known during this life is nothing but pain and prejudice…how can I possibly slow down?

Phil: Right, so that’s the suitcase packed…now I’d better get some shut-eye while there’s still peace.


Phil: *sigh*…I spoke too soon.

Melody: No, no, no, NO! There is nothing I can take, NOTHING! I’m going to look such a moron to everyone, and they’ll all laugh at me! Oh, why don’t I have anything decent! This is a complete disaster!!!

Phil: Ok…what’s the problem now?
Melody: I have nothing to take with me tomorrow! Everything is horrid and disgusting!
Phil: So you decided to throw them all onto the floor, right?
Melody: I’m such a failure, nothing can salvage this…

Phil: Ok, look, I’m getting a bit sick of this! Why are you so worried about what you wear?
Melody: Because everyone is judging us!
Phil: So? The woman I know doesn’t care about what’s put on her!

Melody: *sobs* Well MAYBE if you’d paid more attention, George, you’d see what kind of woman I AM!!!
Phil: Aaaand here come the waterworks; I don’t have time for this.
Melody: You’re cruel! And heartless!
Phil: Yeah, yeah.

Phil: I don’t know why I haven’t pushed her off the balcony yet, for god’s sake.

Melody: *sniff* I…I just want to be loved…*sob*

Phil: Hey, Mia?
Mia: *on phone* Yo, bro, Wassup?
Phil: I’ve lost my last nerve.
Mia: You say that every time…
Phil: But this time I’ve really had it! She’s changed Mia.

Mia: What do you mean, changed…?
Phil: I mean, she doesn’t want to be Melody anymore it seems! She’s clinging to that crappy persona of hers, living in the little world of make believe! It’s like she’s a whole different person, worrying over every little detail and it just drives me nuts!
Mia: *laughs* You sound like a married couple already.
Phil: Oh for god’s sake – I’m a military agent, I’m not cut out for this kinda sh*t!
Mia: Phil, come on, please calm down. I’m being serious. How changed is she?
Phil: Completely different. She never falters. And the other day, I called her Melody and she asked me who Melody was. She didn’t know who you are, or who Nurmel is.
Phil: Mia?

Mia: Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Phil: …what?
Mia: It means she’s gaining a split personality.
Phil: I…
Mia: Because of the trauma she’s been through…she feels like she has to become a new person to escape it…when you go into the new identity, there are…cases of memory loss.
Phil: So…so it’s serious then…?
Mia: Yeah.

Mia: Right now, inside of her, there are two people. The person she really is and the person she feels she needs to be to keep herself sane. The perfect doting wife. The good friend, part of the clique. Right now, this new personality is pushing her true self aside, taking over her completely. She might have changed back, but when you never saw it.
Phil: Is there a cure?
Mia: It’s a rare condition…there is no definitive cure. What you need to do is to gently remind her now and then of her past. Give her a chance to let her true self come through. Look, the wedding rings are being delivered finally to your house for tomorrow morning before you go on this trip. I’ll drop in some stuff from her past that Teresa gave me. They might help you.

Phil: Thanks…this is harder than I thought.
Mia: Aha…yeah.
Phil: I think I’d have gone crazy if it weren’t for you, little sis.
Mia: Phil, do you want to know the real reason I suggested you be her guardian for this?
Phil: Because I’m top agent?
Mia: *laughs* No…


“Because you need her in your life.”


Phil: Good morning.
Melody: Isn’t it? I hope it doesn’t rain on this island we’re going to.
Phil: It’s the tropics, anything could happen. I’m…guessing these huge cases are your luggage?
Melody: You’re lucky it was only 3, George.
Phil: Yeah…

Phil: So you finally decided on what to wear then?
Melody: Just barely. I still think they look rubbish though.
Phil: Well, I’m sure you’ll look lovely in them.
Melody: …you’re my husband; it’s your job to say that.
Phil: Heh. Hey, the wedding rings arrived, finally.

Phil: Oh, good, they fit. Mia said she had some trouble with the sizing since you’d lost weight at the hospital.
Melody: …Mia?
Phil: Yes, my sister.
Melody: I didn’t know you had a sister.

Phil: I do, her name’s Mia. She’s the same age as you; actually, you’d get along well with her.
Melody: Will I ever meet her?
Phil: I sure hope so. And my parents too…
Melody: Your parents…did they come to our wedding?
Phil: I guess so, can you remember them?
Melody: Only vaguely…
Phil: Right, well shall we be off?
Melody: Yes, let’s not keep the others waiting again!

I’m nervous right now, my heart is pounding, and I have no idea what’s going to happen.

Nurmel: Suspicions of a locust invasion? Geez, if only you knew…

But what I do know is, in the next few days…

Something is going to change. Something big.