Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 10 - First Lady

Previously on Outbreak:

Dana: I don’t care what excuses you lot give – you’re all mass murderers and how you are going to live with yourselves is beyond me.
Jack: Mum, you know that I didn’t want today to happen.
Dana: You were the head scientist! You could of said no! You could of refused to of done it! You were the one who created the virus!
Jack: I don’t get how you have the right to act all innocent! You were part of the team too!
Dana: You watch your mouth! I left two years ago when I found out about the groups little plan to wipe out three fourths of the worlds population!
Jack: Hey, I gave you the cure!
Dana: Oh, wow. Thank you so much. You can sleep easy tonight now.

Jack: Mum – you didn’t take the injection?
Dana: Nope but seeing as I’m less likely to catch the disease as I live on an Isolated mountain I’ve managed to avoid it – but seeing as you’ve come from the city you’re a carrier, so I have say thirty seconds left now?
Jack: Mum! No! You’re messing with me right?

Delta: OUR son!? Do you even know what your son's favorite TV show is these days!?
Wayne: Well no but...
Delta: Do you even know his favorite color? His best friends name?
Wayne: I - I....
Delta: Point proven. We're done.
Wayne: What!? Delta!
Delta: I want a divorce!

James: What we injected into you and your friends earlier today was a cure - it will save you.
Johnny: Save me from what?
James: The Outbreak.
Johnny: What's the Outbreak? What Outbreak?
James: Johnny I need you to listen to me and I need you to listen to me well - I can't tell you much as what I know myself is limited but a disease has been biologically manufactured and soon it will be released - and the results well... they'll be catastrophic. It's estimated three fourths of the population will die.

Outbreak - Series 1 - Episode 10 - First Lady

Liam: Mum! This is SO boring, why do we have to stay at this boring spa!?
Delta: We're only here for the rest of today darling - go and play in the pool for five more minutes.
Liam: (Huffs) Fine!

Delta: I can't tell you how much I need this massage!
Rodrigo: (Laughs) Just relax Mrs. Davidson. Listen to the sound of the waves - let it all take you away.
Delta: It's Miss. Swan now - me and my husband are getting a divorce because -
Rodrigo: No "because" Miss. Swan - just relax and let yourself forget about all your worries and stresses. Allow me to do the work.
Delta: Ah - you're right. You're right.

Delta: (Sighs) Thanks anyway - was nice whilst it lasted!

3rd May 1983

Delta: Morning Mum - how are you feeling today? I've been really busy lately. I began school a few days ago. I'm really liking it so far, I've made alot of friends and everything! I've gotta head out soon - Auntie Karen's taking great care of me mum. Don't worry about anything - I'm doing great!

Delta: Just concentrate on waking up - please.

Karen: You were in there longer than two minutes.
Delta: I just had to pick some stuff up is all.
Karen: You just wanted an excuse to see her didn't you?
Delta: Why is it so bad that I wanted to a pay a visit to my own mother?
Karen: Don't get mouthy you brat! I don't see the point in you even bothering to talk to her, she's just a vegetable.
Delta: She might be able to hear -
Karen: She can't! I'm not dropping you off hear again you hear? You can walk from now on!

Delta: But it's six miles -
Karen: Shut up Delta! Now come on or you'll be late for school.
Delta: Could you talk to my teacher for me?
Karen: Why?
Delta: Cause these girls are really bullying me, calling me names -
Karen: Ignore it.
Delta: But they take my lunch too and they -
Karen: I said ignore it! Now shut up! I don't want to hear your voice again until later tonight.

Present Day:

Delta: Hey Wayne.
Wayne: Where the hell are you?
Delta: I told you - me and Liam are visiting Washington for a while.
Wayne: Why on earth!? I want you to come home! I want us to talk things through.
Delta: No, Wayne - I told you the other day. I want a divorce, we're getting one and there's nothing you can do about that.
Wayne: Oh please, think of Liam! Think of our son!
Delta: How can you even begin to try and use that against me? I've been raising your son all by myself since you've become Mayor! You've had NOTHING to do with neither of us since, we're just little people who are there to make you look good!

Wayne: Now that is not true!
Delta: Yes it is! Now Wayne, I'm trying to have a relaxing weekend with my son, heaven forbid I need it!
Wayne: But Delta - I love you.
Delta: I'm sorry Wayne, but I don't love you. Not anymore.
Wayne: But what about that person who tired to kill me! They're still out there!
Delta: I'm sure they'll be found.

Katherine: I'm telling you it's Stephanie Meyer who writes the Twilight books!
Marvin: But how do you know -
Katherine: I listen to the audio books.
Marvin: Oh, sorry.
Katherine: (Laughs) It's all right.
Marvin: So who is it that writes that Harry Potter thing?
Katherine: That's J.K Rowling.
Marvin: Oh!
Katherine: It's your turn to answer a question Raven - Raven?

Raven: Huh, what's that sorry?
Marvin: Man you have been so distant and quiet the past few days and that is so unlike you.
Raven: Oh haha!
Katherine: Are you alright?
Raven: Yeah - yeah I'm fine thanks. I'm just thinking about something that's all.
Marvin: Wanna share?
Raven: Not really.

Michael: I'll be back in a few minutes guys - I'm going to the store.
Marvin: Didn't you go like yesterday son?
Michael: Yeah - granddad. Just had to get something that's all.
Marvin: Oh, okay.
Raven: Want me to come with?
Michael: No Raven - I'm fine.

Marvin: That's another person who's been distant the past few days too.
Katherine: Yeah, I've noticed it too.
Raven: I'm gonna go see if he's alright - you two carry on with your quiz game.
Marvin: Fine by me!

Delta: Honey - can you hurry up and pack please?
Liam: Mummy, why aren't you and daddy together anymore?
Delta: Well honey... sometimes things just don't work out. But like I told you the other day. Me and your daddy love you very much.
Liam: Do you still love each other?
Delta: Yes - we'll always be a family but me and your daddy aren't together anymore.
Liam: But why not?
Delta: It's difficult to explain honey but I can assure you that everything is going to be alright? Okay?
Liam: How can you be so sure?
Delta: Sit down love, we'll have a talk.

Liam: I don't understand why you and daddy aren't together anymore.
Delta: Oh honey, all that matters is that me and your dad love you very much - and you're going to see him all the time.
Liam: But won't be living at home anymore?
Delta: No love, I'll be buying my own house and you'll probably visit your dad on weekends.
Liam: Will he have time for that?
Delta: I'm sure err - I'm sure your daddy will make time for you. Now go pack okay?
Liam: Okay, I love you.
Delta: I love you too son. How about we go for a walk in the city champ, would you like that?
Liam: Yeah!

6th May 1983

Jean: Oh my goodness Delta - are you okay? Did somebody push you over?
Delta: Yeah, I'm fine Mrs. Shaw. Don't worry, I just grazed my knee is all.
Jean: Are you being picked on again love?
Delta: No, no - it was an an accident.
Jean: Love if you're being bullied you can tell me.
Delta: I'm not.
Jean: Are you sure?
Delta: Yes.
Jean: Alright, well come in - geography begins soon.
Delta: Okay.

Later that day:

Karen: What did you say to your teacher?
Delta: What? Nothing.
Karen: Don't you lie to me you little brat! Your teachers become concerned that you're getting bullied - what's the matter with ya? Can't stick up for yourself!?
Delta: No Auntie Karen - please - please don't get mad with me.
Karen: We'll see what happens when we get in.
Delta: No - no! I don't wanna get the belt again! No - no please Auntie Karen!
Karen: Shut your mouth! Now come on and hurry up before I get even more angrier with you!

Present Day - The Chambers Island:

Yuriko: Man - we have plasma TV's in our bedrooms. It's got hundreds of programs available on it!
Saskia: Wow, this whole place is incredible. I guess we best get comfortable here.
Yuriko: Yeah, we're gonna be here for a while after all.
Saskia: Well with that whole virus thing breaking out I'm not surprised, I know where I'd wanna be.
Yuriko: Me too - right here. Although I can't help worrying to death over my mother and brother.

Saskia: You couldn't find them when you went back into your place could you?
Yuriko: No, they weren't anywhere to be seen.
Saskia: Do you think my fathers men took them?
Yuriko: I can't be sure - maybe, maybe not. I have a feeling Shiro took off with her after I had left. I don't know why, but I'm not stupid - I know he's been up to something these past few weeks.
Saskia: I'm so sorry.
Yuriko: What on earth for?
Saskia: Ruining your life - it's all my fault. Your whole family was torn apart by Areas of Research, I can't help but feel partly responsible.

Yuriko: Don't be silly! You have nothing to do with it what so ever! It's your father doing all of these evil monstrous things - not you Sask.
Saskia: But whilst my father remains a part of me, which he always will do because I came from him - I'm forever going to feel guilty.
Yuriko: You need to try not too, you've done nothing wrong.
Saskia: I know, but I can't tell my mind and conscious that can I?
Yuriko: I suppose not.
Man: Excuse me ladies -

James: Mind I come in?
Saskia: Do we have a right to say no? (Laughs).
James: Of course, it's your house now! May I?
Saskia: Yeah.
Yuriko: Sure.

James: So how are you both settling in?
Yuriko: Great thanks.
Saskia: Yeah, it's a really nice place - the thought of living here for a long time is great. I've always had to move from place to place so it's nice to have a place to settle you know? Especially with Angel.
James: Excellent, although I should brief you about what might be happening in a few weeks time.
Saskia: Oh?

Johnny: Trust me guys, okay? We're in the safest place we could be right now.
Warren: But yesterday you were so determined to go and confront that James guy and demand that he let us leave.
Johnny: Look it's just that -
Nita: I really am fond of you Johnny, you know that?
Johnny: Of course.
Nita: But I just have to agree - what was it that changed your mind?
Sarah: How can this craphole place be safer than my own house?
Suzie: If this place is safer then I'd like for my mum to come here -
Rachel: Guys - if Johnny says this is the safest place to be then we should believe him.
Glen: Yeah. I see what you guys are saying - but Johnny's kept us alive for two years, we need to trust his word.
Johnny: Cheers guys.

Rachel: Where's Lucy, Johnny?
Johnny: She's taking a nap - I told her too because it's baking today and its dangerous for her being pregnant and everything.
Rachel: Makes sense.
Warren: Don't change the subject here! How are we safer on this place then we are at home?
Johnny: Just trust me okay - trust is what this all comes down too. I care about all of us and my main priority here is to keep everybody safe, and we will be I promise.
Warren: Safe eh!?

Warren: Tell that to them!

Nita: He'll come around Johnny.
Johnny: I hope so Nita, I hope so.


Liam: Mum this museum is boring!
Delta: You wasn't complaining when you saw the dinosaur bones.
Liam: Yeah but they're cool - all these portraits are dull!
Delta: Remember that time Mummy spoke to you about how to not be selfish?
Liam: Err - I think so.
Delta: Well, you enjoy looking at the dinosaurs and I like looking at these paintings - o you can wait until mummy is finished okay?
Liam: Sure Mum.
Delta: Good boy.

Liam: Why do you like this place so much Mummy?
Delta: Because I've been here before.

20th September 1987:

Mrs. Brook: Hello there Delta darling.
Delta: Morning Mrs. Brook, how are you?
Mrs. Brook: I'm very well thank you my love. I really love the fact you come here each and every single day - not many people do. (Sighs) People just don't find museums as much fun as they used too back in my day.
Delta: Well I love it here, the artwork is fascinating.
Mrs. Brook: Yes, and there's somebody who agrees - come on. I told them you'll meet them.

Delta: Who is it Mrs. Brook?
Mrs. Brook: Oh somebody who visits here all the time as you do, I'd even go as far to say almost as much as you. I don't think he has many friends.
Delta: That makes two of us.
Mrs. Brook: So I thought I'd introduce the two of you together.

Wayne: Hey there - I'm Wayne.
Delta: Hiya Wayne, I'm Delta.

Present Day:

Officer: Excuse me Miss. Swan? There's somebody here who would like you to come and see them.
Delta: Oh - okay.

Delta: (Mutters) Could if be? Surely Mrs. Brook still couldn't be alive.

Delta: Oh my goodness - Mr. President!

President Kelly: Delta, hello! It's good to see you again!

24th September 1987:

Wayne: Why are you in such a rush!?
Delta: I've gotta go - there's no time to explain!
Wayne: Wait - Delta, hold on. Can't I get a kiss?
Delta: I'm sorry Wayne - I've got to go home!

Karen: Where have you been!?
Delta: I'm sorry Auntie Karen there was really bad traffic on the way back from the museum I -
Delta: Auntie Karen - I'm really sorry! I really am!
Karen: TOUGH!

Delta: No - no Auntie Karen! NOT THE IRON - NO, PLEASE! DON'T! NO!

Present Day:

President Kelly: It's good to see you again Delta, what's it been a year since I last visited the City?
Delta: Oh, wow - it must be, yeah.
President Kelly: Would you like to take a seat? I'd very much like a catch up.
Delta: Yeah, sure.
President Kelly: Give us a minute would you fellas?
Bodyguard: Yes Mr. President.

Delta: So what brings you here?
President Kelly: Oh you know - they've opened up a new section and it's about the history of the former Presidents, so I have to be here to see it all. It looks fantastic.
Delta: It does indeed. I heard about your wife passing, I'm very sorry.
President Kelly: Ah, yes. I wanted to resign office, but she wouldn't allow me too - said I had to continue on. I suppose she was right.
Delta: Absolutely. Cancers a terrible disease, I was really amazed by how much you're helping the charities. You must of saved hundreds of lives.
President Kelly: Well it holds a very special place to my heart, I heard about you and your husband getting a divorce - I'm sorry.

Delta: I'm not - ever since he became Mayor it's like he was a different person. He wasn't the man I loved anymore, he had become self involved and me and Liam, my son, had to take a backseat.
President Kelly: I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you don't think not all politicians are like that? (Laughs).
Delta: I don't, no.
President Kelly: I also read that interview you did in People magazine, you spoke about your abuse as a child. That was very touching and very brave. You helped alot of people come forward to tell somebody it had happened to them too.
Delta: Yeah - alot of people sent her death threats after it, she's had to be put in the witness protection program.
President Kelly: I know she'd probably deserve what would come to her but you know we can't allow for people to get killed.

Delta: I know, I know. It's just very difficult you know. She used to the most horrible of things - she used to hit me with her belt, burn me with the iron, punch me - anything she could hurt me with she did it.
President Kelly: That's awful I'm very sorry.
Delta: (Gets tearful) Yes, it still stays with me, even today.
President Kelly: Oh I'm sorry Delta for bringing it up - come here.

President Kelly: You must almost wish she wasn't under witness protection huh?
Delta: (Laughs) Kinda. Wayne knows where she is but he's got this attitude about how we'd be worse than her if we allowed people to get to her. It angered me.
President Kelly: I can understand why - but I suppose he's right in a sense.
Delta: Yeah, I guess so.

Woman: See you later Hannah, take care.
Karen: Thanks Mary, see you tomorrow.

President Kelly: Relax - she can't hurt you anymore.

Delta: Thank you for being so sweet.

President Kelly: Believe me, it was my pleasure.

14th February 1994:

Vicar: I now pronounce you husband and wife.
(Round of applause and cheers)

Delta: Oh Wayne - I'm the happiest woman in the world.
Wayne: And I'm the happiest man.
Delta: I love you so much.
Wayne: I love you too honey.

Soon after:

Debbie: Congratulations to you both.
Delta: Thank you so much Debbie, I'm so happy.
Wayne: Yeah, cheers Debbie.
Debbie: I'm sure you are sweetheart, I'll see you at the reception later.
Delta: Yeah defiantly!

Delta: Honey do you mind if I go to Saint George's for a while?
Wayne: Oh.
Delta: Oh - never mind, we've got photos to be taken, it's just there's something I need to do and - I think i owe it to her.
Wayne: You know what hon? Go. Go on. You should go. I think it's right that you do.

Delta: Thanks so much love.
Wayne: Don't worry about it, you're always going to come first with me.
Delta: Thank you.
Wayne: Now, go on - go.
Delta: Love you.
Wayne: Love you too - Wife.
Delta: (Laughs) That feels so nice that you can now say that.

Present Day:

Woman: Good for you for signing up Mr. Collins - I look forward to letting you know when somebody can see you.
Michael: Thank you very much.

Raven: What on earth was that all about mate?
Michael: Raven? What the hell are you doing here? Did you follow me?
Raven: Yeah - I did. I'm sorry.
Michael: But why?
Raven: You've been acting weird for the past few days and I'm not the only person to notice. Your grandpa and lover girl have noticed too.
Michael: Katherine's not my "lover", she's just a friend.
Raven: That's not just what you want her to be though eh? So what was that all about?

Michael: I signed on to a - well... a help program.
Raven: A help program? For what?
Michael: My depression.
Raven: Oh Michael - I'm sorry man. I wouldn't of known.
Michael: (Sighs) They get some well known and important people to meet with you - try and cheer you up, and they work with you to try and improve your life and feel better about yourself.
Raven: Well that's good.
Michael: Yeah, lets just go home eh?

Raven: You know you can always talk to me if anything’s bothering you.
Michael: Really? I didn't know you see me as a friend.
Raven: Of course I do - you've given me a place to stay, plus you're probably being watched every now and again by the people who want to capture me, so I took a risk following you today.
Michael: Oh Raven, you shouldn't off. Did anybody see you?
Raven: No - I'm pretty sure nobody did.

av: Wrong.

(Phone rings)
Delta: Oh - that's my friend Debbie. I best answer it, she's coming to visit me this weekend.
President Kelly: Okay, sure, no problem.

Delta: Hello?
Debbie: Delta it's me - where are you!?
Delta: At a museum, why?
Debbie: You're not going to believe what's happened me and Justine were walking our dogs and we went past your house and Wayne got arrested!
Delta: What!? What for!?
Debbie: Running over some woman.
Delta: Oh god.
Debbie: He said he's gonna call you from your hotel in twenty minutes - you had best get there quickly.
Delta: Right, thanks for letting me know. I'll ring you later.

President Kelly: Is everything alright love?
Delta: Mr. President -
President Kelly: Please, call me Robert.
Delta: Robert - I'm sorry but I have to head back to my hotel.
President Kelly: Oh okay sure, I hope we meet again.
Delta: Me too!
President Kelly: I'm sure we will. Take care.
Delta: You too.


Delta: Wayne? What the hell are you playing it?
Wayne: I got arrested!
Delta: I know that! Why did you run over a woman!?
Wayne: I didn't Delta - I didn't! And it wasn't just any woman - it was your Auntie!
Delta: What!?
Wayne: It was your Auntie! She's been killed!
Delta: Oh my god Wayne, why did you do it?
Wayne: I didn't!
Delta: Oh right - well if you didn't then who was it then eh?

At the Museum:


Liam: What's going on Mummy?
Delta: Get your stuff together champ. We've gotta go home.

14th February 1994:

Delta: Hi Mum. I know you might be abit surprised to hear me - it being my wedding day and everything.

Delta: I just got married. Oh Mum how I wish that you could of been there, you could of walked me down the aisle - ever since your accident when I was younger all I've dreamt about was my mum being able to watch my life as I start off as a wife and mother. It's not fair this happened to you Mum - and it's not fair that you don't know the truth... Auntie Karen used to abuse me Mum... she used to beat me - Wayne was the best thing that came along after your accident and I'm happy now but god Mum I so wished I could of ran in here whenever I visited and told you just how bad it was.

Delta: Oh mum.
Voice: Del-ta...
Delta: What - mum?

Delta: Mum - can you hear me?

Present Day - Canada:

(Phone rings)
Dana: Hello?

Red: Hello there Dana! How are you?
Dana: Who the hell is this?
Red: Don't you remember me? It's me - Red!
Dana: What do you want you son of a bitch!?
Red: Easy sweetheart, easy. Just thought you should know that what you're fearing about the Cole's - it's happening. Well it will - in about ten minutes?
Dana: What!?
Red: Cheerio!
Dana: Don't you bastards harm that family! Hey! Oi!

Dana: Oh god - just what I wanted when I wanted to have a peaceful day. Come on pick up - pick up -
Man: Hello?
Dana: Thank god! Terry where are you?

Terry: I'm at my mums house in China, what's up?
Dana: Crap! Never mind!
Terry: Hey - Dana, what's wrong? Why are you so spooked?

Dana: Barrett's men - they're going to kill Julie and her family.
Terry: No! NO! We can't let them! Not Julie! How can we save them?
Dana: That's the problem Terry - it might already be too late.


Borislav: Wright it's me.
Matthew: Hey Borislav, found Raven Darkhome yet?
Borislav: Yep. You killed the Cole's?
Matthew: Nope - but she'll be dead within the next few minutes.
Borislav: Make sure you get it right - the boss was fuming you let Saskia slip through your fingers.
Matthew: Trust me -

Matthew: I won't fail again. Julie Cole dies today.