Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 11 - Operation: Cole

Parker: Julie, the chef would like to know what you would like for dinner this evening.
Julie: Oh - what's the Parker, sorry?
Parker: You look very distracted again Julie, are you sure you're alright?
Julie: Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a really strange feeling that's all.
Parker: Oh, what about?
Julie: I can't help but feel that we're being watched.
Parker: Oh, that's quite alarming.

Chef: Mrs. Cole would you like some chicken and vegetables tonight?
Julie: Yes please Roberto that would be great.

Julie: Oh my god! OH MY GOD!

Maid: Mrs. Cole there's people running around the outside of the mansion they have guns -
Parker: (Gasps) Missy! What are you doing?! GET BACK INSIDE!

Missy: ARGH!


Leon: Mummy -

Julie: Get inside now! Quickly! JASMINE! COME ON!

Parker: GRENADE!

Julie: What the!?

Jasmine: OH MY GOD! MUM!

13th October 2008:

Julie: Morning sweetheart. I've missed you.
Paul: Wow, I could get used to this welcome everytime I come back from doing work for the Initiative.
Julie: What can I say? I've missed you more this time.
Paul: Heh, I've missed you too.
Julie: The kids have missed you.
Paul: Oh, god, yeah. I've missed them too.
Julie: Come and see them!

Paul: Hey Jas - you alright my little stunner?
Jasmine: I'm good dad, I've missed you.
Paul: Missed you too. Hey Leon, you alright bud?
Leon: Hi daddy!
Paul: Give us a hug then!

Paul: Kids can you nip upstairs for a minute? I've got to speak to your mother.
Julie: But Paul they've only just -
Paul: Please?
Jasmine: Alright dad, come on Leon.
Leon: Will you come up and see us soon?
Paul: Of course, I can't wait to see the pictures your mummy said you drew for me.
Leon: Yay!

Julie: Does this chat really have to be now? You've only just seen the kids.
Paul: Sorry love, but it's important.
Julie: (Sighs) Go on then, what is it?
Paul: Chambers called me earlier, he said he wants us to have a potenial recruit over for dinner tonight.
Julie: What!? It's your first night back in weeks!
Paul: It's very important honey - it's the only day this guy can do.
Julie: Fine, whatever. I'll go tell the chef to do the lobster then.
Paul: Great, I'm sorry love but this is our job. We've gotta do as Chambers asks.
Julie: I know, we always have too...

Present Day:

Parker: Julie - Julie! Please. Wake up! Wake up!
Julie: Hmm, Parker? What happened?
Parker: They threw a grenade. It didn't get you, don't panic, but you got blasted off your feet and you hit your head and you blacked out.
Julie: Where's Leon and Jasmine!? Where are they?
Parker: We're in the panic room!
Julie: I can see that! Why aren't they here?
Parker: I told them to get inside and come here whilst I grabbed you and carried you in doors. But when I got here they were nowhere to be seen.

Julie: We have to go get them!
Parker: Take it easy! You're still woozy!
Julie: No - Parker - I can't let anything happen to them! I can't! I can't! (Cries) I promised him! I promised him I'd take care of them.
Parker: Julie - settle down. I'll go find them.
Julie: No, I'm their mother - I need to do this!


Dana: We've got to do something! Julie and her family could be dead now for all we know.
Terry: I've alerted Chambers, he's sending people there as we speak.
Dana: But they could be miles away! What if they're being shot at right now!? We need Cole alive! She's essential for what's to come, or don't you care?

Terry: Of course I bloody care! I've been close friends with her for years, her husband Paul was my partner. I'm worried sick!
Dana: I know - sorry.
Terry: I just don't think there's much we can do Dana. You're in Canada - and I'm in China!

New York:

Delta: Okay honey, go upstairs and do some drawing for me eh? I've got a phone call arriving soon.
Liam: Why are all those men outside with cameras mummy?
Delta: They're just nosy people who can't mind their own business, now go on please...
Liam: Where's daddy?
Delta: Liam - upstairs.
Liam: But...
Delta: Now!
Liam: (Huffs) Fine!

(Phone rings)
Delta: Hello? Wayne.
Wayne: Yeah, honey it's me.
Delta: Don't call me honey.
Wayne: Oh come on a little bit of support wouldn't go a miss would it?
Delta: Wayne - have you lost the plot!? If you think you could run over my Auntie just because I hate her with every inch of my body then you're gone in the head!

Wayne: How many bloody times do I have to explain it to you Delta!? I didn't run her over!
Delta: Our yellow car was used Wayne!
Wayne: It wasn't me!
Delta: Why the hell do you expect me to believe that!?
Wayne: Do you honestly think I'd be stupid enough to use our own car if I wanted to kill her?
Delta: Well, yes! You must be! You knew where the witness protection program were keeping her!
Wayne: I know but I -
Delta: Just tell me the truth!
Wayne: I am! I didn't do it!

Delta: Then who did eh!?
Wayne: (Sighs) I don't know.

Man: How did it go?
President Kelly: Haven't you heard?
Man: No, you know I don't read the newspapers or watch the TV Robert.
President Kelly: I had it done.
Man: You had Swan's auntie killed?
President Kelly: Yes.
Man: You had Mayor Davidson framed?
President Kelly: Yes.
Man: Good, with him out of the way Delta should be easy for you to manipulate. Mr. Barrett will be very happy with your progress.

President Kelly: Why should I have to impress him? I'm the President of the United States for crying out loud.
Man: Believe me you have no way near the amount of power Barrett has.
President Kelly: I just -
Man: You want to live through the Outbreak don't you?
President Kelly: Obviously!
Man: You went to be the leader of the brand new world? The leader of all who survive?
President Kelly: What's the point when I'm just going to be a talking head for Barrett!?
Man: To be honest, I'd consider it of the highest honor.
President Kelly: Why is the sodding Mayor of New York's wife bloody needed anyway?
Man: Who ever said it was her Barrett wants?
President Kelly: I don't understand?

Man: We want her son.


Man: How was the steak?
Woman: It was good. Thank you.
Man: Anything else I can get you?
Woman: No thank you, just the bill please.
Man: Alright.

Katashi: You seem to be getting used to this whole being a waiter thing Shiro.

Shiro: I have no choice, it's the only way you'll let me and my mother stay here.
Katashi: Relax, I appreciate you working in my restaurant.
Shiro: Well it's not technically yours.
Katashi: Yes but nobody needs to know I killed the owner do they?
Shiro: No.
Katashi: Your mothers upstairs, I caught her playing with the phone.
Shiro: Sorry about her... she's -
Katashi: Special.
Shiro: That's one way to say it.
Katashi: Why did you have to come here to stay anyway? Why couldn't you stay in your big fancy mansion?
Shiro: I was being followed on that day.

Katashi: What!? It wasn't any of our gangs enemies was it!?
Shiro: No, it wasn't. Don't worry. And my sister went missing so I knew I had to get me and my mum out of there.
Katashi: You're clever, but how are you going to get your hands on your fathers estate with your sister missing?
Shiro: I don't know.
Katashi: Well I'd hurry if I were you, you know me Shiro - I'm a patient man. But the other gang members - they're not so happy to wait.
Shiro: I'll get it alright?
Katashi: Good. Now go serve some tables.
Shiro: Alright.

New York:

Michael: Alright, excellent. I'm heading there now. Thank you.

Michael: Guys, I've gotta shoot off for ten minutes.
Marvin: What? Why?
Raven: Where are you going? You keep wandering off.
Michael: I'm just going out for a walk alright?
Raven: Michael, can I speak with you in the hall for a second?
Michael: Alright, but quickly.

Raven: Did nothing I say to you mean anything to you the other day?
Michael: What?
Raven: Is this about that whole support group you've signed onto?
Michael: Maybe.
Raven: I don't understand why you just can't share it with me-  you know I'm not going to say anything to your grandfather.
Michael: It's not just that... it's - embarrassing to admit that I have problems.
Raven: But Michael, I'm meant to be your friend. You should be able to talk to me about things mate.
Michael: I'm sorry - but I just... can't. I need to be able to confide in somebody who doesn't know me and somebody who wont' judge me.
Raven: You think I'm going to judge you?

Michael: Look Raven, I've got to go. I'm sorry.
Raven: Alright - I guess I'll see you when you get back then.


Parker: Julie this is a bad idea, the people who were attacking us are probably in the house right now.
Julie: So what do you suggest? That I sit tight in the panic room not knowing if my son and daughter have been killed!?
Parker: No - I'm guessing that I just don't know what to do. I'd feel a lot happier if you were back in the room and I was searching for Jasmine and Leon.
Julie: Well I wouldn't!
Parker: Julie, quit I think somebody’s...
Julie: They're my kids and my responsibility -

Julie: NO!

Parker: OH!
Parker: Go Julie - go get the kids! Go!
Julie: I'm so sorry.

13th October 2008:

Paul: I've been in the kitchen hun, the chefs done a great job.
Julie: Yeah - he always does.
Paul: Is something wrong?
Julie: Oh, so you actually care about my feelings now, is that it?
Paul: Where the hell is all of this coming from?
Julie: Forget it - don't worry yourself over it.
Paul: Hey! Julie! That's not fair!

Julie: No I'll tell you what's not fair you selfish twat! The kids have been missing you so much since you went away for a few weeks because of that stupid Chambers Initiative - and you've just gone and sent them away for the night and made Parker take them out! That's so just so selfish of you!
Paul: Will you relax? I'll spend time with them tomorrow!
Julie: Well maybe they're sick of always being second best to you! I wouldn't blame them if they felt like that!
Paul: What are you saying? Are you suggesting we just give in on the Chambers Initiative or what?
Julie: I - I don't know Paul.

Paul: We've got an important job Julie! Areas of Research have got to be taken down! I owe it to Samuel Chambers to keep on with what we're doing! I'm one of his top agents! Terry's my partner for goodness sake! Do you just expect me to abandon him? What we do is for the good of mankind! If we didn't blow up that facility in Bulgaria imagine how many other people the Areas of Research would of tested on and killed!
Julie: I know but -
Paul: But what?
Julie: Perhaps I want to give it all in.
Paul: What?

Brian: Hi? I'm Brian Burke, I'm here for my interview for the Chambers Initiative, is this a bad time?

Present Day:

Leon: Jasmine - what's happening? Why are these people trying to hurt us?
Jasmine: I don't know Leon, keep your voice down alright? We've gotta find somewhere to hide.
Leon: But there's nowhere to hide in your room is there?
Jasmine: I'm not sure... come on - lets get in the closet.
Leon: Where's Mummy?
Jasmine: Leon - I don't know alright? Just keep your voice down! If them men hear us then we're all dead.

Matthew: Well? What's the status Pete?
Pete: We've killed all of the workers, and their butler who saved Cole from the grenade.
Matthew: But we haven't got any of the famiy!?
Pete: Not yet Sir, no.
Matthew: WELL FIND THEM! And when you do bring them to me.
Pete: Yes, Sir.
Matthew: And Pete?
Pete: Yes boss?
Matthew: Don't hurt the boy. Barrett needs him.

The Chambers Island:

Alexandra: James, sorry to disturb you. Is this a bad time?
James: Nope, just finished the chapter I was on anyway. Take a seat.
Alexandra: Alright. What you reading?

James: Of Mice and Men. Ever read it?
Alexandra: Can't say I have.
James: Oh Alex, shame on you - it's a classic.
Alexandra: Well maybe I'll catch it sometime. What's it about?
James: Two guys who travel to different ranches. Ones called George, the others called Lennie. Lennie's not quite there, gets George into trouble a hell of a lot.
Alexandra: Why does George put up with him?
James: Because he cares about him, but in the end when Lennie accidentally kills a woman, George is forced to shoot Lennie in the back of the head because he would of gone through a lot worse had the woman’s husband caught him.

Alexandra: That's sad.
James: It is, yes. Anyway - what is it I can do for you?
Alexandra: That thing - I asked you about. Is it being done?
James: You mean the people you want brought to this Island so that they'll survive the Outbreak?
Alexandra: Yes.
James: It's being taken care off.
Alexandra: How do I know you're telling me the truth?
James: Why wouldn't I?
Alexandra: Maybe you're just lying to me - trying to keep my happy. Like George did to Lennie, promised him a place of their own, promised him a place where he could tend to his beloved rabbits.
James: I thought you said you didn't read the book?

Alexandra: I lied.
James: Well rest assured, I have made what you asked for happen.
Alexandra: Good.
James: You seem very determined and serious about brining those people here.
Alexandra: I am.
James: What if I decided not to bring them here? Then what would you do?
Alexandra: Are you saying you're going to do that?
James: No.
Alexandra: Good - because James.
James: Yeah?

Alexandra: I'm like Lennie sometimes - don't know my own strength.


Julie: Leon? Jasmine? Are you in here?

Leon: MUMMY!
Jasmine: Oh mum thank god!
Julie: Are you alright? Are you both okay!?
Jasmine: Yeah we're fine, we've been hidden in the closet for ten minutes.
Julie: We need to get to the panic room - now.
Jasmine: Okay.
Leon: Mummy, where's Parker?
Julie: He's - he's already there honey... now c'mon lets go.

Jasmine: Mum, he didn't make it did he!?
Julie: Jasmine - it's not the time!

13th October 2008:

Paul: Well I have to say Mr. Burke this is all very impressive.
Brian: Thank you. And please, call me Brian.
Paul: Sure. So Brian, what makes you think you've got the ability to become an agent for us?
Brian: Oh, I'm extremely tough and very involved with my work - how it should be with what we do.
Paul: Exactly.
Julie: Sorry to be rude, but excuse me a moment.

Parker: Are you alright Julie?
Julie: Yeah, Parker - I'm fine. It's just - that man seems so familiar, and Paul's been making cheap digs at me all night.
Parker: Is there anything I can do?
Julie: Can you give Terry Langerek a call? Ask him to look up exactly about this Brian Burke?
Parker: Of course.
Julie: Thanks.

Julie: Dammit - where's the vodka when you need it!?
Julie: What the -!?

Julie: Paul - what have you done!?

Julie: I - OH!
Brian: Sorry about that, my fingers slipped.

Julie: PAUL!

Present Day:

Jasmine: Mum, how are we gonna get to the panic room safely? It's on the other side of the house!
Julie: We've got to try! I'm keeping you kids safe if it's the last thing I do!

Pete: Sorry to interrupt a family chat - time to come along with me to Mr. Wright, he'd like to be the one who pops a bullet into your head himself Mrs. Cole.
Jasmine: Mum...
Julie: Quiet kids, just do what they say. Alright - we're coming. Just don't shoot them.
Pete: Come with me then, now!

Delta: Okay! I'm coming!

Delta: Hello there - you must be Mr. Collins. From the help program?
Michael: Yes. It's lovely to meet you Miss Swan.
Delta: Please, call me Delta. Well come in - take a seat.
Michael: Thank you.

Michael: I really appreciate you coming to see me, I know everything’s been a little hectic with your family.
Delta: (Laughs) That's one way of saying it.
Michael: I'm sorry to hear about your divorce and how Mayor Davidson ran over your Auntie with a car. You must be in shock.
Delta: Thanks Michael, that's very sweet and yeah - it's all been a blur to say the least. Would like some coffee?
Michael: Sure, coffee would be great.
Delta: Excellent.

Michael: Can I ask you a question?
Delta: Shoot.
Michael: Why didn't you jump or gasp when you saw my face?
Delta: Why on earth would I do that?
Michael: Because the only two people in the world who didn't flinch at the sight of it is my grandfather and - well... my blind neighbor.

Delta: I didn't gasp Michael because I'm not like other people. What's on the outside doesn't matter to me. It's the person inside that counts.
Michael: Thank you, even though I've only been here two minutes you've already made me feel so much better.
Delta: Really?
Michael: Yeah, I mean - why wouldn't you? I mean you're all posh and important and you're glamorous and beautiful and I'm just a nobody really.
Delta: Michael if I thought people like you were nobodies would I of signed onto the help program?
Michael: Well, no I suppose not. Not many big faces have...
Delta: Like I said. I'm different.

Michael: I wish everyone was like you - don't judge people I mean.
Delta: I wish everyone was like you - someone I'd call a truley wonderful person.

Delta: I'd love it if we could become friends, I could do with somebody to talk too after everything that’s happened to me.
Michael: Me too, I couldn't agree more.

Pete: Here they are boss.
Matthew: Good, excellent work Pete. Why don't we all take a seat huh? Have some lunch?
Julie: Please - if you're going to do anything to me Wright, don't do it in front of the kids.
Leon: Mummy -
Julie: Not now sweetheart.
Matthew: I'll do what I feel is necessary Mrs. Cole.
Julie: Please - just don't hurt them two.
Matthew: Why shouldn't I?
Julie: Because haven't you done enough!? Haven't you killed enough people today!?
Matthew: No - I haven't even started. Let me show you just how nasty I can be to those who oppose Areas of Research. Bullet - kill the girl.
Jasmine: What!? Mum!
Julie: NO!

Bullet: It would be my up most pleasure.
Julie: No don't touch her! NO!

13th October 2008:

Julie: Oh! What have you done!? Paul! PAUL!
Paul: Argh - help!
Julie: I knew there was something fishy about you! I knew you wasn't who you said you was!
Brian: You're a very clever woman Mrs. Cole, that's why I had to strike now - I was hoping to play it all out a little while longer but you sussed me out.
Julie: I remember you now! You were in that Bulgarian facility! You're an Areas of Research scientist.
Brian: (Claps) Very good, Julie, yes. You remember what you all did? What you did to my beloved Fiona?

Female Scientist: GARGH!
Brian: NO FIONA!

Brian: My wife - is she dead? Is Fiona dead? Oh god... my Fiona - my poor Fiona.
Julie: Go on - you get out of here too.

Brian: This is what I like to call revenge Mrs. Cole.
Julie: Look - I didn't kill your wife did I!? I was the one who let you live!
Julie: I'm - I'm sorry - but it wasn't me! I let people live!
Brian: IT MATTERS NOT WHO IT WAS! I loved her! I was only with Areas of Research because of her - I loved her! Fiona - she was my everything.
Julie: Please don't! I have children! Please - no!
Brian: So did she.
Brian: ERGH?

Terry: Julie - I'm so so sorry! I should of known it was him!

Julie: Paul! PAUL!
Paul: Julie - looks like it's the end for me here huh?
Julie: I'm so sorry I've been off with you Paul! I'm so sorry - Terry call an ambulance.
Paul: Don't bother - it's too late - I  - I can't be saved now.
Julie: Don't talk like that baby, you're going to be just fine, you're going to be fine!
Paul: You were right! The kids are what matter, I'm sorry I had to have a bullet in my chest for me to see sense...
Julie: Paul - please don't, please don't leave me! I can't live without you!
Paul: You've got to. Take care of the kids okay? Protect Jasmine and Leon no matter what.
Julie: I love you - I love you so much.
Paul: Promise me Julie!
Julie: I promise - I promise. But you're going to be fine! You're going to be alright!

Paul: I - love - you...
Julie: PAUL! NOOO!
Terry: I'm so sorry Julie. I'm so sorry!

Present Day:

Bullet: GARGH!

Julie: NO YOU DON'T!
Matthew: What the!?
Matthew: Argh - my shoulder!

Julie: OOPH!

Julie: Go on then you coward! Do it! Pull the trigger on an unarmed woman!
Bullet: Oh - I intend too.

Julie: Oh my - who? Who?

Parker: Ever heard of a bulletproof vest you scum bags?
Parker: Indeed.

Pete: Aargh!

Julie: Parker - how did you? Why do you have a bullet proof vest?
Parker: I'm an agent for the Chambers Initiative.
Julie: What!? Since when!?
Parker: Since your husband employed me.
Julie: Paul!? He hired you too watch over us whilst we were away!?
Parker: Indeed, and as I grew closer to you all as a family I came more absorbed in my job. I even stayed after his death to protect you all!
Jasmine: MUM! MUM!
Julie: What?
Julie: WHAT!?
Parker: No!

Julie: LEON!? LEON!?

Julie: NO! NO! LEON!

Parker: How!?
Julie: No - no please - my son - not my son.

15th October 2008:

Terry: I'm so sorry Julie, Paul's death was all my fault.
Parker: She hasn't spoken since it happened Mr. Langerek.
Terry: It's been two days.
Parker: I know. She hasn't even spoken to the kids about what happened.
Julie: I'm - I'm leaving the Chambers Initiative.
Terry: I know, I would of guessed nothing less. I'm sorry Julie - I really am.

Julie: I'm going to keep my kids safe. Even if it kills me doing so...

Present Day - France:

Pierre: Hello Nurse, how is Isabelle today? I've come to pick her up and take her home.
Nurse: Mr. Duguét! We've been trying to call you!
Pierre: What's the matter is everything alright!?
Nurse: You don't understand Sir - Isabelle!
Pierre: Yes?
Nurse: She's gone!

Chambers Island:

James: Alexandra - I brought you what you asked for.
Alexandra: Isabelle! But where is Pierre!?
James: Sorry Alex, but like in Of Mice and Men, I can be like George sometimes -

James: I make promises I can't keep. Oh and next time you want to threaten me - don't!