Outbreak Series 1 - Episode 13 - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Borislav: Hey boss. Yes I'm heading there now. I won't fail you boss, I will get hold of Darkhome and I will make sure Michael Collins will die.

Marvin: I'll see you later man. Are you sure you're ready for me to go? Will you be alright?
Michael: Yeah granddad, I told you - I've gotten over that silly self-harm stuff now. Have a great time in Germany.
Marvin: Thanks buddy, if you ever need me just call alright?
Michael: You know I will.
Marvin: See you later Raven, take care of my boy for me.
Raven: Don't worry Marvin, I will do. Have a good trip.
Marvin: Cheers Raven, take care.

Raven: Are you alright Mikey?
Michael: Yeah, Raven, I'm fine - just a little sad he's left is all. But I'll be alright.
Raven: Good.

Marvin: (Humming).
Borislav: Excuse me?
Marvin: Yeah?

Marvin: Argh!

(Knock on the door)

Raven: That's probably your granddad Mikey, must of left something behind -

Raven: Oh my god... no!
Borislav: Hiya Raven, good to see you again. May I come in?

23rd August 1995:

Raven: Would you like to come to a tea party with the others teddy’s Mrs. Boots? Yes, I think you would. I think you would.
Raven: Yes Mrs. Boots - I would like sugar in my tea...
Raven: I'll do you some milk Mrs. Boots, do you like a lot of milk or just abit?

Raven: Dad?
Nigel: What do you want?
Raven: Where's Tanya gone?
Nigel: Took off, you drove her away - just like you did with your mother!
Raven: I'm - I'm sorry daddy... I don't mean too.
Nigel: Whatever, you're nothing but a burden too me.
Raven: I'm sorry.
Nigel: Get the hell out of my sight kid before I do something I don't wanna do.

Raven: He loves me really... I know he does.

Borislav: Hello little girl, should you be sat out here all by yourself?
Raven: My dad doesn't care where I go.
Borislav: I know he doesn't Danielle, but what you decide to do is up to you.
Raven: How do you know my name?
Borislav: I know a lot of things about you.
Raven: Are you a teacher?
Borislav: Yes, I'm a very special type of teacher.
Raven: What do you teach?
Borislav: You're too young to know right now, but soon when you're old enough - some people I work for think that I'll be able to turn you into a very valuable young lady.

Raven: You mean you'll get me out of here?
Borislav: Yes, away from that father of yours.
Raven: Then I want to go now - then I want to leave now.
Borislav: You'll have to be patient, but I'll tell you when you'll see me next.
Raven: When?
Borislav: On your fifteenth birthday you'll see me. And then I will let you know on what to do from there.
Raven: Okay, what will I have to do?
Borislav: Well we'll have to make sure you'll be able to do what we'll pay you to do.
Raven: And what's that?
Borislav: Just take things easy for now little Danielle, and it would be best if you don't have this conversation with anyone else - alright?
Raven: Okay. So what will I have to do?
Borislav: You'll find out then -

Borislav: - that you're gonna kill your daddy.

Jasmine: Mum, where's Parker?
Julie: He's - he's gone too...
Jasmine: Get rid of the bodies of who died yesterday right?
Julie: Yeah.
Jasmine: Do you even want to get Leon back?
Julie: Excuse me?
Jasmine: You've been sat here doing nothing! Leon was taken! Don't you care?
Julie: You shut your mouth! Right now! I am going to do everything I can to get Leon back! I will die to get him safe if I have too.
Jasmine: I'm - I'm sorry Mum.
Julie: I know you want him home love, I do more than anything else in the world. But we have no idea where Wright took him or why he took him. I have somebody from the Chambers Initiative me and your father worked for coming down soon. So go upstairs and try and get some sleep. We'll be leaving here later tonight most likely.
Jasmine: Alright.

Julie: Hello, who are you?
Beth: My names Beth Hunt. I've been doing research about my sons disappearance and I found out that you were at the place he was seen before he and his friends vanished.
Julie: I'm sorry who's your son?
Beth: His names Johnny, Johnny Smith.

Chambers Island:

Alexandra: Well Johnny, you should be pleased to know that Lucy and the baby are fine, everythings normal and everything’s how it should be. I'll be back in a few days to do another check.
Johnny: Alright, thanks. You didn't turn up yesterday at that meeting point though.
Alexandra: I know and I'm really sorry about that but I had to go off looking for my sister-in-law. I just had her brought her for her own protection, I probably shouldn't of told you that.
Johnny: Cause of the Outbreak right?
Alexandra: How do you know about -?
Johnny: James told me.
Alexandra: Oh right. Well, she's not taking it too well. She's freaked because her husband - my brother, wasn't brought here with her.
Johnny: Why not?
Alexandra: It's a long story - but it was because I did something stupid. Anyway I'll see you in a few days. Make sure she eats twice as much as she normally does and get gallons of water down her!
Johnny: Will do.

New York:

Raven: Please Borislav, you have to go! Now! Please! I'll come and see you but just go!
Borislav: What's wrong Danielle? Can't I come and have a chat?
Raven: Don't call me that!
Borislav: Why not? It's your name.
Raven: It's not!
Borislav: What's the matter? Don't you want your friend to find out what you're all about Raven?
Raven: No - please. Don't do this.

Michael: What's going on here? Who are you? Why are you back?
Borislav: Hello Michael, as I told you before my names Borislav Armtridge and I've only come to talk to you about something.
Michael: Talk to me about what?

Borislav: Her.

24th July 2004:

Raven: Morning.
Nigel: Yeah, do my coffee?
Raven: Yes father, it's on the table.
Nigel: Right.

Raven: It's my birthday today.
Nigel: So? How old are you now? Eleven? Twelve?
Raven: Fifteen.
Nigel: Right - why do you look sad? I normally forget your birthdays why are you upset that I've forgot this year?
Raven: I'm not sad about you.
Nigel: Watch your bloody mouth Danielle. Pfft, Danielle. Wish I would of stuck with what ya mum wanted to call you.
Raven: What?
Nigel: She wanted to call you Raven, after her poxy friend that died. When she died she told me to call you it but I got so mad with her for leaving me here - with you - when I never wanted you anyway.

Raven: Why didn't you keep my name? Why couldn't you of let her last wish come true at least!?
Nigel: Shut your bloody face now! Just cause it's your birthday you think you can mouth me back without getting a clout?
Raven: No. Sorry.
Nigel: Right. I'm gonna put the box on, dinner soon would be nice.
Raven: Okay.

Raven: Come and visit me when I'm fifteen, pfft.
Man: Hello there Raven.

Raven: It's you! I've been waiting for you!
Borislav: Well I'm here aren't I? I wasn't going to forget.
Raven: So what is it you want me to do? Can I leave here now?
Borislav: Easy Raven. We've got to take things slow.
Raven: I thought you were a teacher? What were you going to teach me?
Borislav: Well it's difficult to explain, I call it how to look after yourself.
Raven: So when will you teach me?
Borislav: Cut school tomorrow and meet me at the edge of the road.

A few weeks later:

Borislav: That's it!
Borislav: Good one!
Borislav: Alright, enough!

Borislav: Bloody hell Danielle. I'm impressed at how little time you've manage to perfect your shots.

Raven: Thank you.

Present Day:

Borislav: Coffee? Anybody?
Michael: No.
Borislav: I might just be paranoid Michael but I think you have a slight problem with me.
Raven: Borislav - don't.
Michael: Yes, I do have a problem with you! I have a problem with you bothering my friend! Stalking her!
Raven: Michael it's alright - you don't have too...
Borislav: Hah! Stalking her? You have no idea son, you have no idea at all.
Michael: Pfft, whatever.
Borislav: For instance - do you even know your friends name?
Raven: Borislav - please.
Michael: It's Raven!
Borislav: It's Danielle!

Raven: Why are you doing this?! My name is Raven! I am not being called the name that bastard gave me!
Borislav: Let me tell you another thing Michael.
Raven: Enough of this! I'll come with you but please don't make Michael feel badly about me - he's the only friend I've ever had!
Borislav: SHE was the one who attempted to shoot Mayor Davidson dead! Remember that Michael? Caused a lot of chaos in the city didn't it, eh?

Michael: Oh come on. That's the biggest load of crap I've ever had.
Raven: M-Michael... I...
Michael: No you wouldn't! You couldn't!?

Borislav: What else do you want to know about your friend Michael?

Beth: That's it? You saw him drive up to you but you didn't talk to him? Nothing.
Julie: No I'm sorry, I only saw him briefly - I was meant to be holidaying in the same cruise as he was. But there was a mix-up and we were given a different ship. I saw him with a group of his friends thougn, he looked happy.

Beth: (Sighs) Well, you was with Paul Cole right? That's your husband?
Julie: You've done your research well.
Beth: Well it's took me years, but I will do anything to find my son.
Julie: I know how you feel...
Beth: Sorry?
Julie: Oh, nothing - sorry. Go on.
Beth: Can I have a word with your husband, Paul? Maybe he saw something or knew anything about the cruise my son went on?
Julie: Erm - my husband died two years ago.
Beth: Oh my goodness, I am sorry. I feel so awful.
Julie: Don't, honestly it's alright.
Beth: Well I think I've troubled you enough. I'll look elsewhere.
Julie: I do know how you feel.

Beth: Sorry?
Julie: My son - Leon. He's missing too, he was - he was kidnapped.
Beth: Oh my god. That's awful! What are the police doing!? Why aren't they doing searches?
Julie: Because the people that took him are bigger than the police, they're even bigger than the US government.
Beth: That's daft, nothings as big as the US -
Julie: Trust me, they are. But I am going to do anything I can to get him back, so from one mother to another. I'm going to help you.
Beth: How - how can you help?
Julie: I think I have the documents upstairs about the cruise me and Paul were meant to go on, the one your son and his friends ended up boarding. I'll go fetch them.
Beth: Thank you.
Julie: It's no problem.

Michael: You wouldn't do this! She wouldn't! You wouldn't of tried to of killed somebody - least of all the Mayor!
Borislav: She did Michael, but she missed and she popped a bullet into two innocent bystanders instead. One of them was a police officer, he was a single father to his child. Now that child is orphaned. Just like you was at one point Michael until your grandfather claimed you huh?
Michael: What!? How - how do you know about that? How do you know all of this about me?
Borislav: Don't be alarmed Michael but we know because we know. I could give you answers, I could tell you everything you need to know.
Michael: Answers?
Borislav: Yes Michael, haven't you ever wondered what happened to you?
Michael: What happened to me?
Borislav: Yes, don't you ever want to know how your mutated face came to be?
Michael: I - I...
Borislav: I only ask for one thing Michael.
Michael: And what's that?

Borislav: You let me take her with me.

7th September 2008:

Raven: Morning dad.
Nigel: Alright. Coffee?
Raven: Table.

Raven: Dad, there's something I have to do. I don't want to do it but if I want to get out of here then I'm going to have too.
Nigel: What you on about?
Raven: I'm sorry.

Nigel: Danielle? What are you doing? Put that down you stupid idiot or I'll knock some sense into ya!
Raven: I won't shoot - I just need to know why you're so horrible to me. Why have you never treated me like a daughter? Or even a friend that you remotely care about?
Nigel: Because you killed your mother!
Raven: I was born! How could I help that she died giving brith to me!?
Raven: That's not my fault! I was innocent!
Nigel: Whatever, I'm gonna drink my coffee and you're going to shut up and get to your room before I do something stupid.
Raven: What did I ever do that was so horrible?

Nigel: YOU - WERE - BORN!


Nigel: Argh!
(Mug shatters)

Nigel: No - no...

Raven: I've got to get out of here...

Present Day:

Julie: Right - this here is the ship number your son boarded. One moment...
Beth: Okay.
Julie: Oh my god. This isn't right - what the?
Beth: What? What is it?
Julie: It says here your son was on a cruise which was not part of the fleet.
Beth: Sorry? I don't understand?
Julie: The ship was not part of the Swiftways company.
Beth: So, what does that mean?

Julie: That cruise your son was traveling on - it was meant for him. We'll need to get in touch with Swiftways now, see what they can do! An investigation needs to be done about this!
Beth: So - what are you saying that my son and his friends were somehow lured onto the cruise? That they were kidnapped? Without knowing they were being kidnapped?
Julie: I can't be sure but one way or another Swiftways did not own the ship your son boarded. Alright this is the site I -

Beth: Oh my god.
Julie: That's a message to both of us! To both of us!
Beth: I don't understand.

Julie: The same people that took my son were the same ones who made sure that your son boarded that cruise.
Beth: But who would do that? Why would they do that?
Julie: I don't know. But it looks as if we're going to have to find out together!

New York:

Michael: No - I don't want you to take her.
Borislav: Are you sure Michael? Look at what type of person she is - she tried to kill the Mayor. She murdered her own father.
Raven: SHUT UP!
Borislav: Do you understand Michael? She's sick, she's wrong in the head.
Raven: NO! You're not going to do this! You're not going to make out that I'm the bad one here! Michael won't let you take me without a fight or without alerting the police - will you Michael?
Michael: No - no - but how do I know that I can trust you?
Raven: Oh Michael, you can! You really can! I know I've been dishonest but I'm sorry for that! I'll make it up to you - I promise you that I will!
Borislav: Let me tell you a little story Michael, it's not about Danielle -
Raven: RAVEN!
Borislav: Danielle. But hopefully it make you see sense.

Borislav: There once was a boy who lived in a village, his father was a shepherd and one afternoon he asked his son to watch over his flock. The boy got extremely bored just watching the sheep that he decided to see what would happen if he cried out "Wolf!". The villagers heard his cry and ran up to help chase off the Wolves that were attacking the flock, but there were no wolves there. The villagers laughed at his joke and then they left, the boy then decided to push his luck a few hours later when his father hadn't returned, he cried wolf again and the villagers came running up to defend the sheep, but there were no wolves, the villagers laughed at themselves for falling for it again and they went home. Then a wolf did attack the sheep, he began to attack all of them. The boy leapt up and cried "Wolf!" and the top of his voice, but nobody came. Eventually when the boy continued to cr7 for help they did arrive and were shocked at the bodies of the sheep all around them. The boy began to cry and his father who had returned put his arms around his son and told him that nobody believes a liar, even if they are telling the truth. So tell me Michael -

Borislav: Can you really listen to a single word she says?

3rd October 2009:

Jack: Remind me again why I agreed to this damn birthday picnic? (Laughs).
Judy: Because we never do stuff together anymore. I think it would just be nice.
Jack: Right, I agree of course a day in the park with my lovely wife is worth every second.
Judy: Thanks so much honey, I know you've been busy with work lately.
Jack: I know and I'm sorry.
Judy: You work for the Chambers Initiative right?
Jack: Yeah, why?
Judy: Oh, somebody just knocked on our door earlier and asked to confirm if you did. Was it an insurance agent or something?
Jack: What - what? What did he look like?

Judy: He was European - had a big black beard.
Jack: Oh my god.
Judy: Honey, what's wrong?
Judy: NO! JACK!


Borislav: Did you do it?
Raven: Yes.
Borislav: I'm proud of you Danielle, I know you struggled to do these that I ask you to do.
Raven: It's fine.
Borislav: Why did you well. Why doesn't it bother you Raven? Why can you do all this with no remorse? I'm not complaining, I kill if I need too without caring - but why can a girl so young like you do it?

Raven: Because I never feel anything.

Present Day:

Raven: Please - Michael. Please, it's not like that! Please!
Michael: You tried to kill the Mayor?
Raven: Yes - but he made it me Michael! I never wanted too - he and his men are the ones who beat me up! Please, Michael. Don't do this - you're my friend, you're my best friend - you're the only friend I've ever had.
Michael: You'll tell me everything?

Borislav: We'll leave detailed pages of information about everything you want to know about yourself. Your face, your childhood - your parents.
Michael: My, my parents?
Borislav: Yes Michael.
Michael: Did you really kill your own father?
Raven: Yes but Michael - it wasn't like that! I mean I did it and I regret it but he was a horrible man - and they made me do it otherwise I would of been trapped with him forever!
Michael: Take her.
Raven: What!? Michael - no! Don't do this!

Borislav: You know the old mechanics round the corner from here close to that Chinese restaurant?
Michael: Yeah.
Borislav: At eight o'clock tonight, walk in there and you'll find the information on a desk waiting for you.
Michael: Why do I have to wait until then?
Borislav: We have to make sure we have time to get in and out of the area incase you decide to double cross us to try and get back Raven.
Raven: I don't blame you for doing this Michael; I know what it seems like.
Michael: Don't hurt her. Please.
Borislav: Don't worry. I don't intend too - now come on you. Lets get out of here.


The Chambers Island:

Isabelle: I appreciate you letting me stay here Saskia, I'm just so angry with my sister-in-law right now.
Saskia: Don't you worry, it's the least I could do.
Yuriko: Morning Sask, who's this?
Saskia: Yuriko this is Isabelle Duguét, she's just arrived here on the Chambers Island but her husband got left behind.
Yuriko: I know how you feel, I had to come here without my brother and mother, I have no idea if they are dead or alive.
Isabelle: That's awful, I'm sorry.

New York:

Anarka: Shiro - Shiro wake up now. We're in New York.
Shiro: Hmm? That was quick!
Dawn: It wasn't quick, you've just been asleep for four hours.
Shiro: Well I couldn't sleep on the plane with that baby crying.
Anarka: What are we doing here again?
Dawn: I've got some people to recruit.

Lionel: Well done. You got her. Barrett will be pleased with you.
Borislav: Thank you Sir.
Lionel: What about Michael Collins? Is he going to be taken care off?
Borislav: That man is so desperate to find out about his past he'll go walking into that place without a seconds thought, and then once he trips the wire - he'll be blown to smithereens.
Raven: No! NO!
Borislav: Shut your mouth and keep walking!

Well, isn't that quite funny?
Shiro: What's quite funny?
Dawn: You see that girl there who's clearly being marched away by those men?
Shiro: Yeah?
Dawn: She's my next recruit.
Anarka: What?
Dawn: Strap in.
Shiro: Huh?

Shiro: WOAH!


Man: ARGH!

Borislav: No! NO!

Dawn: Get in.
Raven: I don't need telling!