Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 1

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of Sim Date! I'm your host Mr Love. This is the sim dating show where we find all those desperate sims dates. Today's a Ladies show, where our lucky female contestant will walk away with a handsome male.

As usual we have males behind three doors. We'll meet them soon but first lets meet our beautiful desperate lady. This is Julia. How old are you Julia?
Julia: I'm 32, and let me just correct you. I'm not desperate, I could have any man I wanted but I'm just looking for my type.
Mr Love: Oh, well you have been on date's then?
Julia: Oh yeah of course, Loads. I've actually lost count.
Mr Love: So I suppose your not a virgin then.
Julia:No, Of course I'm not a virgin.
Mr Love: Well Julia lets meet your choices!

Remember that only you, the viewers can see these men. Julia would of never met them before and will have to wait. Door one, Who are you?
Door 1: I'm Tony and I'm 29 years and I work as a builder. I come from Hawaii but have moved here to the states recently. I like doing lot's of thing's mostly sport and I love doing it doggy style!

Door number 2, who are you?
Door 2: I'm David. I'm 35 and I work at central park zoo. I did live in Texas but like Tony I recently moved here. I will do anything you like, but I especially like eating out and caring for my elephants.

Finally door number 3, who are you.
Door 3:I'm Mike. I'm 24 years old and I work as a life guard. I don't have any particular home because I'm always travelling to catch the waves. I love surfing obviously and other water sports, which leaves a little free time for cooking.

After that who's given you the best impression?
Julia: Mike sounds nice, but so does David and Tony, so I have absolutely no Idea.
Well lets hope these questions are of help. You have three and can only ask each one once. So which question would you like to ask door number one?

1) What's your favourite colour?
2) Truefully, how many date's have you been on?
3) Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Julia: Question 1: What's your favourite colour?

Door 1: My favourite colour is red hot because that's the colour I use to express my love!

So what did you think of that?
Julia: Wow! I can't wait for him.
Host: Whoa, slow down there girl. What would you like to ask door number 2?
Julia: Door number 2, truefully how many dates have you been on?

Door 2: Well, I've been on quite a few really. There was Janice and Michelle and George and Andrew and Michael and.. oops, did I just name a few men? Oops. Well I guess you now know I'm bisexual! Dammit.

Julia: NO WAY, I'm not going out with him. I suppose it's between the other 2 now.
Mr Love: Finally Door 3, Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Door 3: Any where? Well I wouldn't mind as long as I could ride the wave's and be with the women.

Okay then, It's now time to choose. Here's a little summary.

Commentator: -Will it be door number one, which is home to the 29 year old builder Tony, who's interested in doing you like a doggy and making things red hot.
-Or will it be door number 2, with our Bisexual David, who's been on plenty of dates and wants to show you a trunk.. his elephants.
-Or finally our surfing fanatic at door number three, he'll show you the waves and teach you to ride.


Julia: It's going to have to be.. door number 3!
Mr Love: Okay then, lets see who you turned down!

Commentator: Here's the doggy doer at door number one. Give a hand for Tony!
Julia: Umm.. He's nice. Sorry mate.

Commentator: And here's David, who turned out to be something more than what he seemed. Give it up for David!
Julia: Sorry, nothing personal, but I don't want to touch you.

Commentator: And here's Julia's chosen date! Mike! There now off downtown to a fabulous beach location for a wonderful all inclusive meal!

Julia and Mike are now off downtown. Our camera's will be following close behind.

Mike and Julia are now at there beach location. Mike looks at the ocean while Julia freshens up.

Julia joins him.
Mike: Have you seen the sea, look at it, you don't often see a sea as calm as that.
Julia: Are you obsessed with surfing?
Mike: Oh yeah, sorry. Lets get up to the restaurant.

On the way to the restaurant, Mike drops into a toy shop and buys Julia a teddy bear.

Mike gives Julia her teddy bear.
Julia: Oh thank you. It's lovely. Cheers. Lets eat!

Julia and mike decide not to eat yet and have a drink from the bar. Mike talks away.
Julia: Yeah.. ummm ... yeah.. ok.
Mike: I'm boring you aren't I?
Julia: A bit (!). Come on lets go downstairs.

Mike gets ice creams for him and Julia. Julia is outside smoking.

The camera man asks Julia a few questions as instructed to by Mr Love.
Camera man: How do you think your date's going?
Julia: Truefully, Crap!
Camera man: You can go back to the studio now if you like. You do have another hour and a half if you want it though.
Julia: Now? Defiantly.

Julia: It's time to go back now.
Mike: Wow, already. Time flies when your having fun.
Julia: Oh shut up!
Mike: What?
Julia: Come on lets go back.

Julia: That was the worst date ever! Save the questions mate!
Mr Love: Ok, so I guess you won't go on a date again.
Julia: Not with him. He's an idiot. I would probably have been better with the bisexual.
Mike: I didn't think it was bad at all. What's a matter sweetie, is it that time of the month?
Julia: Oh *Beeeeep* off you stupid *Beeeeep*, all you do is talk about *Beeeeep* and your obsessed with *Beeeeeping* surfing!
Mike: *Beeeeep*.
Mr Love: Oh shut up for *Beeeeeps* sake! That concludes our show, lets hope next weeks is a happy ending!