Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 2

Hello and welcome to Sim Date! Today a poor desperate male sim will pick beautiful female to walk away with.
Mr Love: Today we have Mike! Hello Mike. So you're desperate then?
Mike: Yeah, pretty much.
Mr Love: Ever had sex?
Mike: Once yeah.
Mr Love: Well Mike, you've come to the right place, were going to choose you a woman!

So Lets meet them, here's door no.1

Door 1: Hi I'm Mary, and I'm 24 from Liverpool. My hobbies include football and men!

Mr Love: Door number two who are you!?
Door 2: I'm Gillian and I'm 24 also. I like swimming and athletics which keeps me very fit for activities in the bedroom!

Mr Love: And finally, door three, who are you?
Door 3: I'm Sophie and I like poetry and drama. I'm very dramatic and like to role play with my men! Oh yeah I'm 22!

Mr Love: Well then Mike, what did you think of that?
Mike: Not much.
Mr Love:Its now time to ask them questions. You can ask each one once only. These are the Questions:

1: What's you favourite type of music?
2: What's your favourite location on Vacation Island?
3: What's your favourite Letter in the alphabet?

Mr Love: You choose! Which would you like to ask number 1?
Mike: Door 1, What's your favourite type of Music?

Mary: My favourite type of Music has to be national anthems. They really get me in the spirit for football.

Mike: Door 2, what's your favourite location on vacation island.
It has to be the beach, so I can roll around in the sand with my lovers.

Mike: (Laughs) Door 3, What's your favourite Letter in the alphabet?
Sophie: It has to be S, because its the start of my favourite word, sugar!

Mr Love: What do you think of that then?
Well, I dunno. I thought Door 3 was about to say Sex, not Sugar!
Mr Love:
Well here's a little recap before you choose.

Will it be door number one, MARY, the football fanatic. She's bound to have a game or two! Or will it be Door number two, GILLIAN, who just wants to keep fit and roll around in the sand! Or Finally will it be door number three, SOPHIE, you'll do a bit of role play and talk about sugar!

The Decision is YOURS!

Mike: Well, it's got to be Gillian at number two.
Mr Love: Ok then, lets see who you tuned down!

Here's Mary!
Mike: Hi, sorry. You're a bit too much of a football fan for me.
Mary: Well, door number twos very lucky, isn't she?!

Here's Sophie!
Sophie: Give us a kiss sexy!
Mike: No way! Get lost.

And here's your date! Gillian!
Mike: Hi, Nice to meet you love.
Gillian: You too, you're very nice.
Mr Love: Well its time for you to go off downtown for your date now. You're off to Hedman's hideaway!

Mike: So, here we are at Hedman's Hideaway. Come on, lets go in.
Gillian: (Laughs) Come on handsome.

Mike: Hi, we'll have the Gourmondo, as it's the most expensive. And they're paying!
Gillian: (Laughs) Your so funny.

Mike: (Giggles)
Gillian: (Giggles)

Mr Love: Oh my god, he's gone in for the cuddle, will she let him?
Oh no, she has!

Mike: Mmm..
Gillian: Arrrrr..

Gillian: Wow, you must have been hungry!
Mike:I like my food!

Mr Love: Oh my god, they're making out! This can't be a successful date, there's no way! What about our reputation!?

Miss Crumplebottom: Oy! How dare you! This is a civilised restaurant!

Mike: Finally it's here. I thought it would never come!
Gillian: (Laughs) Your so funny.
Mike: What have I done now! You laugh at everything I say!
Gillian:That's because you're funny.
Mike: Oh thanks! So I'm funny am I? Funny looking, ugly, eh? Well that's it missy. You can forget it!
Gillian: All I did was laugh!
Mike: Well that's quite enough of it!
Gillian: Man, take a chill pill!

Mr Love: Phew, looks like that's finished it! We survived and kept our reputation.
That concludes tonight's show. Join us again in two weeks for the third show which will be a lady's show.