Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 3

It's time for the third episode of Sim Date! Here's your host: MR LOVE!

Mr Love: Hello! Welcome to the third episode of the show. We have been very delayed with this episode due to Sim Brother but we're now back in business! Were here in yet another new studio, because our show is so cheap to make we get a new studio almost every time! Any way, tonight a man will choose a woman, but first lets see our man!

Mr Love: Hi Joe, welcome to the show.
Joe: Hi. Glad to be here.
Mr love: So why have you turned to sim date?
Joe: I just want to find the right woman.
Mr love: Oh so you have had dates before then?
Joe: Erm.. well.. no. But that's just because I can't find the right woman.
Mr Love: Yeah, keep telling yourself that! Let's introduce the women. Door number one, who are you?

Becky: Hi, I'm Becky and I'm 23 from Liverpool! I'm here tonight to find the right man, so we already have something in common. My hobbies include fashion, shopping, going out and having fun!

Julia: Hi, I'm Julia and I'm 24 from Manchester. I am also on the search for the right man. My hobbies include poetry, partying and playing!

Joanne: Last, but defiantly not least! I'm Joanne, I'm 32 from Cheshire and my hobbies include shopping, buying houses and fashion.

Mr Love: Well that's the women. Who do you like so far?
Joe: I dunno. I'm not sure on the last one though. Sounds a bit of a snob.
Mr Love: Well It's now time for you to ask each a question. And here they are:

1: What's your favourite piece of stationary, and why?
2: What's your favourite traditional meal and why?
3: What's your favourite fairground ride and why?

Mr Love: Well what would you like to ask door number one?
Joe: I'll go with: What's your favourite fairground ride and why?

Becky: My favourite fairground ride has to be the ghost train, because I enjoy having my hand held by a strong man.

Joe: Door 2, What's your favourite piece of stationary, and why?

Julia: Oh that's easy. It has to be a pen because it reminds me of something from a mans body. (giggles)

Mr Love: Door three, you get: What's your favourite traditional meal and why?

Joanne: Oh that has to be Wellington boot, because I like things juicy!

Joe: (Laughs) I have no idea what that ones on about, so I'm going between the others now.
Mr Love: Well here's a little recap.

Will it be door number one, our scowser Becky. She'll go out and have some great fun, as long as you hold her hand!
Or will it be door 2, Julie. She really likes the 'P' words, poetry, parting and playing with pens.
Finally will it be door 3, Joanne. She like's things juicy!

The decision is yours!

Joe: Well I'm going to go with door 2, Julia!
Mr Love: Lets see who you turned down!

It's Becky!
Joe: Oh you look lovely.
Becky: Thanks, you too.

Here's Joanne!
Joanne: Hi, here's my card, call me sweetie.
Joe: (Laughs) Ok! Freak.

And here's your date: Julia!

Mr Love: Looks like there off to a good start, but it's time for there date!

They're off to old town tonight. We will follow.

Joe buys some pastries and coffee, while Julia uses the toilet.

Julie: This is nice.
Joe: Yeah, delicious.
Julia: I meant the date, not the cakes! (Laughs)
Joe: (Laughs) Of course. Silly me. Would you like a present?
Julie: Ok!
Joe: We'll have a look around then.

The couple have walked to the mall next door. Joe has brought Julia some roses.

And some chocolates!

AND a teddy!

Joe is buying Julia a pet goldfish when the camera man tells them it's time to return to the studio.

Joe: Oh no!
Julie: Oh well, perhaps another time.

Mr Love: Well? Is this our first success story?
Joe: Yes!
Julie: No!
Joe: What!?
Julie: No offence but all you ever did was buy me presents! I mean where was the jokes, kissing and talking?
Joe:I thought that would be too much. I thought you liked those presents?
Julie: No! Why would I like a teddy bear!? I was just trying to be nice. You're a nice man and I didn't want to upset you. But you're not my type.
Joe: Ok!
Mr Love: Wow! I hardly spoke then. See you again in two weeks for the fourth episode!