Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 4

Mr Love: Hello and welcome to Sim Date, today is a woman's show where a woman will choose one of three men. Starting next week is a interactive man's show, where the viewers will choose the man's date! But today we have Joanna, who's here to choose one of three men, so let's meet them.

Alex: Hi, I'm Alex. I'm 23 and I like sport, music and the performing arts. I have had many date's but I am just trying to find the right woman for me.

Mr T: Hi there baby, I'm Mr T and I work down at magic town carnival. I like to ride all the rides, but I'd love someone to hold my hand on the ghost train.

Mr Love: And finally..
Clive: I'm Clive, I'm not working anymore but I have plenty of money to give you a treat. I like to dance, sing, go fishing and worship God.

Mr Love: So, Joanna, what do you think so far?
Joanna: I'm not too sure on them all yet, but I suppose Alex sounds the most normal.
Mr Love: Ok then, which of the following questions would you like to ask door number one. Remember you can only ask each once.

1: What is your age?
2: What is Favourite TV Show?
3: What's your favourite sport?

Joanna: I will ask number 3 to door number 1.

Alex: Ah, that's easy. My favourite sport is football.. because.. erm.. I like my woman to watch me play it.

Joanna: Door two, what's your favourite TV show?
Mr T: My favourite TV show has to be Sim Brother, I like to watch people getting it on!
Eww, pervert!

Mr Love: Finally, Door 3 what is your age? Be honest.
Clive: My age is 79.
Joanna: Aww, how sweet.

Mr Love: Well Joanna, who will it be, here's your choices.

Will it be:
Door 1 with Alex, who has no idea on how to sound sexy.
Door 2's Mr T, the magic town carnie, the one you called a pervert!
Or Door 3's Clive, he's quiet and like's his god but I'm sure he'll worship you too!

Joanna: Well it's a hard choice between one and three, but I'm going to say three.
Mr Love: Well let's see who you turned down!

Here's Alex from door 1!

Joanna:Oh, your pretty nice.
Thanks, you are too.

Here's carnie Mr T!

Joanna:Oh my God!
Mr T: Same to you!

And here's your date: Clive!

Joanna: This has to be a joke right!?
Clive: Come on baby, give us a hug.
Joanna: Arghhh! Get away, you stink of fish.

Joanna:I am not going out with him! No way.
Clive: Fine! Stupid cow!
Joanna: What are you, some sort of fisherman!?
Clive: At least I worship our God properly, you blasphemy all the time!
Joanna: Oh My God! Just shut up! Your so annoying!
Clive: See, there you go again. Blasphemy.

Mr Love gets the date's to come to the couches.

Mr Love: Come on you two, aren't you even going to try?
Clive: I am totally willing too, but look, she wont even sit near me!
Joanna: Answer this Mr Love, doesn't he stink?
Clive: It's the smell of my church!
Joanna: What so your church smells of fish does it?

Joanna: You make me so angry!
Mr Love: So is the date off?
Joanna: Of course it's off, you idiot!
Mr Love: Hey, listen! No one calls me an idiot.

Alex from door 1 returns.

Joanna: Come on you! Me and you. What do you say?
Clive: Ah come on! You must be kidding, look at him, he's basically still a kid. Don't you want a more mature man like me?
Joanna: At least he doesn't smell like fish! Right Alex, were going on a date.
Mr Love: Hey listen, you have to go with who you first choose.
Joanna: I never mentioned this rubbish show! I'm going on a date without you. If those camera's come anywhere near us you better get down the camera shop ready to get some new ones! Now bye!

Mr Love: Well that's the first episode of Sim Date so far that's ended before the date even began. See you next time!