Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 5 - Interactive Episode

Welcome to the interactive episode of Sim Date! This has been done to celebrate the half way mark through the series. In this show you were asked to vote over several questions and select a date who you wish for the man to go out with, here is what you voted and how the date went.

The Dates

Here's how the public voted:

Age 21
I promise a wild time!
Rating: Ok

Age 32
Some men may prefer an older woman.
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Age 20
Blue hair is the new cool ya know!
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Age 20
Come on, you know you like me!
Rating: Ok

Age 29
Choose me if you want a more sophisticated woman!
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Age 41
Please choose me!
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Age 34
It's raining men, and I want one!
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Age 25
I can't wait to go on this date, as it'll obviously be me!
Rating: Hot!!

Age 21
Do you want to see a girl having fun? If so, choose me!
Rating: Ok

Age 30
Woopsie, ouch, fell off my chair.
Rating: Desperate Dog!

Your Decisions

Here's the decisions that the public madet:

Best date: Rachael

Most Minging: Mary

Go where? Downtown Restaurant

The Date

Here is the actual date, with winner Rachael and date Andy.

Andy: Hiya I'm Andy..
Rachael: and I'm Rachael.
Both: Welcome to Sim Date!

In this special episode of Sim Date the dates were taken to Burger Hut for their meal. This time the date must pay and Andy decides to go for the sim saver option meal at only 80 simoleons. Rachael is not impressed by him, especially as he makes her order and goes to sit down!

Andy: Nah.. I hate cars, sports and music. I like computers and stuff though.
Rachael: Oh, right. Do you like science?
Andy: Oh yes! I love everything scientific or mathematical! He he..
Rachael: Oh right, ha ha.

Andy: So, as it was this special interactive show I never got to ask you a question. But Mr Love has issued me with three options. I decided to ask you how many boyfriends have you had?
Rachael: Did he really give you that question? Let me see..
Andy: Erm.. ha ha, you got me. So how many?
Rachael: Shut up but I'm sure it's more than the amount of girlfriends you've had!

The date isn't going well. They are no longer speaking to each other and the meal hasn't even arrived yet. In a last attempt to change this Andy tries something stupid:

Andy: So then how about we just forget about this meal and go back to my place!?
Rachael: You what!? You dirty.. little... ! Arghhhh, you make me so mad!

Rachael leaves the restaurant and goes outside.

Rachael: Ok guys, turn them off, I've had enough, and I want to teach Andy a lesson, and it shouldn't be seen on TV!

Although it would have been great to see what happened next we had to obey her wishes. Good night, and see you next time!