Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 6 - Christmas Special

Mr Love: Hello and welcome to Sim Date! Yes, I am your host, MR LOVE! Tonight I'm Santa love! Today I look a little different as I have dressed up for this special Christmas show!

Here I have Katrina! Our date seeker for today. She's going to pick one of the following three men!

Jamie: Hi I'm Jamie and I just love this time of year! I really hope we get snow so I can roll around in it with the woman I just know I will get tonight!

Jack: Hi there I'm Jack. Don't listen to him because the only place he'll get you is in his dreams, although I must admit you're my dream lady!

Santa Love: And finally..

Alex: Hi I'm Alex. Listening to those pair make me wanna cry with laughter. You really want a more mature man, like me!

Katrina: (laughing).
Santa Love: What do you think of them?
Katrina: They all sound just a little too desperate!
Santa Love: I think they are! It's time for the questions. You must choose one question or a newly introduced task for each person. Here they are:

1: Tell us what happened on the best Christmas you've had.
2: What is your favourite Christmas pastime and why?
3: What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner and why?

Katrina: I'll have 2 for door number 1!

Jamie: I really like snow, I don't know why, and I enjoy making snow men, and woman, and call me sick but I'm sure you can guess what I make them do.
Katrina: EWW!

Katrina: Jack. What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner and why?
Jack: It has to be the bird itself and I don't mean the one on the table, but that isn't really such a bad idea!

Katrina: Alex, Tell us what happened on the best Christmas you've had.
Alex: Oh that's easy, me and my wife married on Christmas day.
Katrina: WIFE!?

Voice: Mr Love, there's a call for you.
Mr Love: It's Santa Love you idiot! This is one problem with a live show. Ok put them through on the speaker I guess.

Voice (female): Hi Santa Love. I wish to make a complaint.
Santa Love: Well, were, er kind of in the middle of a show right now. Can't it wait?
Voice: NO! My husband is there. Alex! Get home now! You said you were going to a meeting. You lying little Bas**beep**.
Santa Love: Where's that stupid beep guy, you need to be faster at beeping you stupid B**beep**. That's a bit better, we'll have to work on that.

Santa Love: Alex has had to go. You now have the choice of two guys.
Katrina: I wouldn't of chose him anyway!
Santa Love: Ok, so who's it going to be?
Katrina: It has to be Jack at door number 2, the other one's a sicko!

Santa Love: Here's Jamie who you turned down!
Jamie: I am not sick! Every guy has thought's like that! It's natural!
Katrina: Yeah, well most don't actually do it!
Jamie: Oh you stupid little Bi**beep**
Santa Love: Speed up those beeps!

Santa Love: Here's your date! Jack!
Katrina: (Sniffs) (Sniffs) Ah.. ah.. ah... Choo!
Jack: Eww! That was right in my face!
Katrina: Sorry, I've got a bad cold.
Jack: Is that it! What about this on my face!
Katrina: I said I was sorry!

Santa Love: It's not Christmas without a good fight on live Sim TV. Good night, it looks like were getting no where tonight!

....Credits play...

Santa Love: I think that went rather well. Mwhaaha, Mwhaaha (evil laughter)! I love this running success. What are you twittering in my ear? Were still on air! Sh**beep**. Speed up those stupid beeps! ..............

..We seem to have lost connection with Sim Date. Sim Date will be back in the new year.. up next it's The Cross..