Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 7 - Kids Special

Mr Love: Mr Love: Hi there! Welcome to episode 7. After the last show I never wanted to never do a special again but guess what, the producer has received letters from this boy, asking us for help! So Peter, tell us what's been happening.
Peter: Well, I have been wanting a girlfriend for about a year, but I can't find one that's my type.
Mr Love: Well, luckily, we have 3 young ladies behind those curtains for you. If you want my opinion though, you shouldn't be dating at 12 years old, but any way, lets meet them!

Emma: Hello, my names Emma. I am 12 and a 1/2 years old. I like playing with my dolls, watching TV with my mum and dad and going to school!

Louise: Hi, I'm Louise. I'm 13 years old and looking for a good looking guy. I like dancing and go to a dance club 3 times a week. Unlike the swot next door, I hate going to school!

Carla: Hiya, I'm Carla, and I'm 12 and a 1/2 like Emma. I like to go outside and play in the garden making daisy chains and mud pies! I prefer to be outside but when I have to be inside I help my Granny bake cakes and look after my younger brother.

Mr Love: So then, what did you think of that Peter?
Peter: They're all cool! How will I ever choose?
Mr Love: Well hopefully the following questions will help you make up your mind.

1: What was your favourite toy as a younger child and why?
2: What is your favourite lesson in school and why?
3: What would you buy with one million pounds, and why?

Peter: I'll ask door one number one.

Emma: It's obviously dolls!

Peter: Door 2, Question 2.
Louise: It's dance, obviously. My favourite lesson is dance!

Mr Love: Carla, you will get question 3.
Carla: If I had one million pounds I would buy a huge area of land and transform it into a beautiful garden with flowers and trees and butterflies and birds and insects and ponds and frogs and pathways and grass and..

Mr Love: ... Ok, we get the picture sweetie.

Ok then Peter, who will it be, here's the re cap.

Will it be Emma from door number 1, she's absolutely dolltastic!
Or will it be Louise from door 2, the danceaholic.
Of Finally will it be Carla from door three. She's a little flower.

Peter: Ok, I have decided to go with Carla from number three.
Mr Love: Ok, lets see who you turned down.

Mr Love: It's Emma
Peter: Give us a kiss.
Emma: Ow! Get off me, .. Mummy! (runs off crying).
Peter: Was it something I said?

Mr Love: It's Louise!
Hi! You were my second choice!
Thank you. Call me!

Mr Love: Finally here's your date! Carla!
Hiya! Let's go!
Mr Love:
Woo! Wait a minute. Your date's here in the studio. You're way too young to go downtown alone. Please follow me.

Peter: This is silly (Laughs)
I know, I wanted to be outside in the park holding hands.
Yeah! Me to. Lets get some food. Try and have some fun.

Carla: Mmmm.. This buffet table food is delicious.
You're right! It's yummy, yummy.

Peter: Now time for the after dinner kiss.
Carla: (Giggles)
Mr Love: Hold it right there young man! No kissing on the first date, at your age you must wait until at least the 10th!
Peter: Oh man! This is unfair. We have to have a date with adult supervision.
Carla: I know.
Peter:Meet you outside after the show, when they're not looking. (Laughs)
Mr Love: Oh no you wont! Your taxi's here. Hey you, with the camera over there. Escort this boy to his car, don't let him kiss anyone or anything.. Good night every one!