Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 8

Mr Love: Welcome to the 8th episode in the series of Sim Date! Just 2 more episodes after this one! Any way today isn't a special after the last three episodes all being specials, it's a normal show, where a woman will choose a man from behind three doors! This is Tara, now lets meet the guys!

Hiya! I'm Gary and I'm 31! I came on the show because I am having trouble finding the right woman for me.

Hiya, I'm Joel and I'm 31 as well. I like playing sport and just having a good time!

Hiya, I'm Bob! I am 42 years old. I like eating, watching TV and sleeping.

Mr Love: Hmm.. that bob sounds familiar. Any way, Tara, tell us about yourself.
Tara: I'm 25 and I'm here looking a a guy, of course. I think they all seem a but old, but I suppose one of them will have to do.
Mr Love: I was going to ask you what you thought so far, but I think you've just done that! Well here's the questions you can ask:

1: How much do you weigh?
2: What is your favourite type of household work?
3: What career track are you on?

Tara: Door one, what career track are you on?"
Gary: I am on the Law enforcement track. I'm currently getting a lot of trouble from it though as Mortimer Goth and Bob Newbie are on the run and I'm supposed to be finding them.. but any way, I enjoy the work, I like chasing people around and get a adrenaline rush from it.

Tara: What's your favourite household work?
I like doing the gardening, because it's relaxing and I can kick a football around in the garden straight away when I want a break from work.

Tara: Door three, how much do you weigh?
Mr Love:
Door 3? Are you ok?
He did a runner out of the fire exit sir, obviously embarrassed by his weight.
Mr Love:
Ah right.

Mr Love: Well Tara, you now have two to choose from, who will it be?
Tara: I'm going for number one, I can't resist police!
Mr Love:
Well here's the one person you turned down!

Tara: Oh, he's a really good guy. Sorry mate.
No problem.

Mr Love: Here's Gary!
Hiya, you're pretty good looking.
Thank you, you too!

Tara and Gary have gone to an old town coffee shop. 45 minutes of there date were wasted as their cab ran over some old man in a greasy green t-shirt and they had to give statements to the police. The man was ok, and staggered away, so don't worry!

Tara and Gary talk in the coffee house lounge.
Can you smell cheese?
...Yes a little bit, is your pastry cheese?
No. Hmm.. weird.

Tara and Gary go upstairs and play on the computers. Their date seems to be going well.
There it is a again.. cheese, but now with an essence of sweat!
(Laughs) It's disgusting, must be this minging old building.

Tara and Gary play chess just as the day turns into night.
Oh my god!
Yes, that was a good move wasn't it!?
No, not that.
Oh no, not the cheese again, it's really strong!
Gary: I know why.

Gary leapt up and grabbed the man, Bob Newbie!
Gary: Sorry, but the date's over, I'll have to take this guy down to the station. Sorry Love. Another time maybe.

Mr Love: That's it I guess. Good night!

Just after the show ended, Bob Newbie escaped Gary's clutches and ran away. The next day he was caught in a gym by a TMS Reporter. Mortimer Goth is still on the run. Lets hope he doesn't turn up during next weeks show!