Sim Date Series 1 - Episode 9

Mr Love: Welcome to the last Episode of Sim Date! Today I have Steve with me, searching for a beautiful woman. Here are his choices.

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm 23. I work as a zoo keeper and Sim City central zoo. I just love the cuddly little animals.

Hiya! I'm Claire and I'm 22. During the day I stay at home, but at night I walk the streets looking for business.

Howdy. I'm Sophia and I'm 32. I work at the simmers arm pub as a barmaid, mainly because I get free drinks.

Mr Love: So Steve, what do you think of that?
Steve: They all sound pretty good to me!
Mr Love: Well you can only choose one, here are some questions to help you.

1: What would you do if a Tiger came towards you?
2: What would you do to occupy yourself and lover during a storm?
3: Do you want children?

Mr Love: So, who are you asking what?
Steve: Door one, get's question one.

Charlotte: Well it all depends on whether it's a cuddly Tiger or a fierce one. If it's a nice little cute one then I will go and cuddle it. If it's fierce I will stay very still.

Steve: Door 2, do you want children?
Claire: Children, me, no way! I have been pregnant with little brats many times, but I've chosen to get rid of them! I wouldn't of done that if I wanted them!

Mr Love: Door 3, What would you do to occupy yourself and lover during a storm?
Well I'd need a good twenty drinks to calm my nerves a bit, then I'd have a few more. I usually can't do much after that, it happens often.

Mr Love: So, who will it be. Here's some help from the voice above.

Will it be door number one, animal loving Charlotte.
Door number 2 with prostitute Claire?
Or Door number three home to alcoholic Sophia?
The decision is yours!

Steve: Looks like I've ended up with all the girls with problems! I don't want any!
Mr Love: You have to!

Steve: There all stupid idiots!
Mr Love: Listen.. we have another three hours to fill, you must choose one!
Steve: That's SimTV's problem, I don't want them.
Mr Love: How about if you can see them before you choose?
Steve: I suppose I can give it a try.

Mr Love: For the first time ever were allowing the contestant to see the date's before choosing. Here's Charlotte.
Steve: I'll think about it. No actually, NEXT!

Mr Love: Claire!
Steve: NO! NO!
Mr Love: Aw.. come on, don't be so cruel.
Claire: Your hardly Mr. perfect now are you?
Steve: No, I don't want her. Next!

Mr Love: Sophia!
Steve: Look at her! Look at her clothes and the dark circles under her eyes. And I have just remembered, I hate gingers.
Mr Love: They're all sort of Ginger!
Steve: Exactly.. bye!

Gary: Well goodbye, from me from this rather cut short episode of Sim Date. If SimTV choose to run another series then I'll see you then... unless they sack me. Anyway, up next is a repeat of the Cross, to fill in the time. See you!