Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 1

Welcome to the first Episode of Sim Date 2. This series you choose which sims go on a date together. This time, you have chosen Tom and Claire. This is Tom's house. He, with help from his young daughter Megan have been preparing all day for tonight's date which will be held at Tom's house...

Megan has been baking cakes.. which have all turned out rather black, while Tom has been cleaning the house and preparing for cooking tonight. He has even gone as far as to buy new bedding. He's obviously planning for this date to be a success.

It's 6PM and Claire has just arrived at the house. Claire must stay for the next 4 hours at least, but after that she may leave.
Tom: Hi! I'm Tom. It's really nice to meet you.
Claire: Hiya. It's nice to meet you too.

Megan: Claire! Claire! I'm Megan.
Tom: Oh sorry Claire, this is Megan.. my daughter.
Claire: Oh, hello sweetie.
Megan: Claire, can I show you my bedroom?
Tom: In a bit pumpkin, let Claire come in first! (Laughs)
Megan: Ok then daddy.
Tom: Go and play with your toys a bit.
Megan: Ok!

6.04PM - Claire and Tom have just come inside.
Tom: Sorry about Megan, being here... my baby sitter let me down at the last minute.
Claire: It's fine! I love children!
Tom: Really!? Well, that's brilliant!
Claire: Steady on Tom! Not moving in yet mate! (Laughs)
Tom: Yeah, sorry... guess I sounded a bit desperate.
Claire: Well if you are, it makes two of us!

6:45PM - Tom and Claire have been talking on the sofa for over 30 minutes. They are talking about Megan's mother who died when giving birth.
Tom: She's never got upset about not having a mum, because she doesn't know what it's like to have one.
Claire: Yeah. Anyway... I don't want to sound rude, but I'm starving! What have we got to eat?
Tom: Were having roast chicken. Oh no!
Claire: What? What's wrong?
Tom: I forgot to put it in before you came! It's going to take 3 hours to cook!
Claire: Well, I can always stay later.
Tom: Really!? Well... that's great, but your starving, and I don't think Megan's burnt cakes will be that nice.

Megan has come and joined them on the sofa's and turned on the TV.
Megan: It's ok Tom, we must be able to make something from what you've got.
Tom: It's no use, I hardly ever go shopping.. I've got no ingredients!
Claire: Well, in that case let's get pizza!
Megan: Woo! Woo! Woo! Pizza!
Tom: Ok, sorry about this.
Claire: It's fine! I love pizza anyway!
Tom: Well, me too!

7:30PM - The pizza arrived a few moments ago.
Tom: Are you sure this is enough for you? I feel like such a cheap skate, especially because we got it free because they took over 20 minutes.
Claire: (Laughs) It's absolutely perfect!
Tom: Like you.
Claire: Aww! That is like the most sweetest thing anyone's ever said about me. (Laughs)
Tom: (Laughs)

Tom and Claire have finished a whole Pizza. They are now flirting in the lounge area.
With clothes on you look really muscular, are you like that underneath?
(Giggles) Maybe one day you'll find out.
Oh I hope so!

Tom: You want to what me!?
Claire: Oh you heard!
Tom: Serious?
Claire: Deadly! But before that, I'd like a kiss!
Tom: Ok, but it's been a while..

Just as Tom and Claire are about to kiss, Megan interrupts.
Not now Megan.
But you said Claire would come and see my room ages ago!
In a minute Megan!
Oh alright... sorry about this Claire.
It's ok, I'll be back in a bit. Just go and get comfortable.

Claire: Wow Megan! It's lovely... very pink!
My daddy decorated it for me.
Oh right. What are you doing with that toy car?
Well your going to be this one, and I'll be the red one because that's my favourite.
But Megan, I'm supposed to be on a date with your Dad.
But I thought you were my friend!
I am sweetie.
Well play with me then!
Oh, alright, but...
And then we can play with my dolls and go on the computer!

Tom is in bed relaxing, waiting for Claire. She has been playing with Megan for the last 20 minutes, and Megan is just making her play more and more games.

It's 9:00PM, meaning a whole 50 minutes, before Claire comes to join Tom.
Sorry Tom, you should have come and rescued me!
I wouldn't have had a chance against her, she's great at making you do things.
(Laughs). Yeah, she certainly is a little bossy boots.
I agree with you there. I guess it's because I've always spoilt her, to make it up to her, because she hasn't got a mum.
Yeah, a lot of single parents do that.. but Megan's still young, you can change her.
Yeah... I probably should or no man's going to want her in the future!

Finally, at 9:30PM Tom and Claire get back to where they left off when Megan interrupted them. A deep kiss was followed by even deeper ones, and finally Woohoo! Your first decision seems to have been a wise, and this may be one date which develops into a success story. Success stories are added on Wednesday, and are a continuation of the date to see how the relationship develops. It's now past 10PM and Claire has stayed, so there could be a success story this week. If a sim leaves at 10PM there is no chance of a success story.