Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 3

Meet Gary, outside his student rented house. Tonight, he has been set up on a date with Louise. The couple were chosen by the viewers, but will your voting be worth it?

It's 5 minutes to 6 and Gary is busy preparing sandwiches ready for Louise's arrival in a few minutes.
Gary: I'm not very good at cooking, so I've gone for the simple option. I hope she doesn't mind.

Here's Louise, walking up the street to Gary's house. Louise is currently getting over another relationship, where her boyfriend slept with another woman. She wanted a man who would be gentle and kind towards her, and Gary say's that he will do this.

Louise and Gary meet in a friendly way, and they seem to get off to a good start. Louise must stay until 10PM, but after that she must make a decision whether to stay or go.
It's nice to meet you.
You too.
Please, come and sit down. I thought we'd start with some food.. sorry it's not much, I'm not a very good cook. I hear you are though?
Yeah, I could teach you a bit some time.
That would be great.

Louise: Well, you might not be able to cook much, but you make a great sandwich!
Gary: Really!? Is there such thing, I thought they were all pretty much the same!? (Laughs)
Louise: No, I mean like right amount of butter, just enough meat. Mmmm..
Gary: (Laughs) Glad you like them! Hope my desert is as successful.
Louise: Cool, what is it?
Gary: Jelly (Laughs).
Louise: I LOVE Jelly!

With the Sandwiches eaten Gary and Louise have moved to the sofa to chat before moving on to the desert. They have began to talk about Louise's ex-boyfriend.
Gary: He must have been something good if you still like him even after he betrayed you.
Louise: No, you've got the wrong idea. I don't still like him, I just can't believe he did that to me and it's sort of made me hate men!
Gary: Luckily not all men are the same.
Louise: I know, I'm a fool. I need to get over it and move on!

Louise was just crying for over 5 minutes over the thought of her betraying ex, in which time we left them alone. Gary is now comforting Louise.
Louise: I'm such a fool!
Gary: No your not! He's the fool for doing that to you.
Louise: I really thought that he loved me.
Gary: Unfortunately, some men only think about one thing.

Louise: Are you one of these men?
Gary: Absolutely not! I have never used a woman as a throw away toy, ever! And, I never will.
Louise: That's good to hear.
Gary: It's true too.
Louise: Good.

Louise has just spontaneously jumped onto Gary's knee and begun to cuddle him!
Louise: What are you like at kissing?
Gary: No idea, hopefully not as bad as cooking!
Louise: Well, your cooking was good, so it might be hard to beat... but let's find out.

Gary and Louise are making out! They haven't even had dessert yet!
Gary: Do you want to go somewhere more comfortable, only if you want to though.
Louise: God yeah! It's been about a month since I last did it! Remind me what it's like! Please!
Gary: Your wish, is my command.

Screaming and moaning have been coming from just behind this door for the last hour, and Louise is defiantly being reminded well! It's now 9PM and Louise may leave in 1 hour, but only if she wants to. Hopefully they'll come out of the bedroom soon!

30 minutes (and a Jelly for the crew) later the noises finally stop. Snoring then begins! It looks like this date is now over, and we have our second success story! For the second time the viewers have chosen wisely, but can you make it happen again? New dates will be added soon along with a new success story!