Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 4

Welcome to Sim Date, Episode 4. Were back at Adam's bachelor pad, and he's made a special effort again by getting his fellow bachelors to go out and by tidying up. You have decided to give Tina a second chance with Adam, but will it be worth it!?

It's 6PM and Tina has arrived. We were surprised that Tina even agreed to try again with Adam, but she told us that she had changed. After seeing herself on the show she became more confident and by the looks of her she has - the old Tina would never have worn a top with that much cleavage!

Being a very polite man, Adam greets Tina with a hug.
Adam: I'm glad were giving this a second try.
Tina: So am I! I just want to apologise for last time!
Adam: It's no problem.

After Adam finished with his hug, Tina, rather surprisingly, strikes back with a smooch!
Adam: Whoa! Your going to drop me.
Tina: You've got to have more trust!
Adam: Ok, I trust you.
Tina: Good. Now then, what are we eating? I'm starving!
Adam: TV dinners!

Adam microwaves the food while Tina sits at the kitchen table.
After burning the food last time I decided to go for something simple.
I don't mind.
You've really changed alot since the last time we met.
I know, and it was only 2 weeks ago!
Well, you've defiantly changed for the better. I like the new you a lot more!
I like the new me too.

Tina decided to cook her own TV dinner, and it ended up very burnt!
Adam: (Laughs) I can't believe you burnt something in the microwave! I didn't know it was possible.
Tina: I did (Laughs). I do it all the time.
Adam: You don't have to pretend to be funny you know, like if you burnt it on purpose.
Tina: I absolutely never lie Adam! Ever! Get that straight from the start!
Adam: Ok, sorry. The old Tina would never have fought back. I'm liking this!
Tina: Yeah me too, a bit of burn never hurt any one.
Adam: I meant the date.

Adam is cuddling Tina after she said she was cold.
Tina: I really can't believe you don't have central heating!
Adam: Well it was either that or the widescreen TV. We had to make a choice!
Tina: Well there's always other ways to keep warm I guess.
Adam: (Laughs) These bachelors don't get much action though, to be truthful.
Tina: It might change soon, well for one of them!

Adam and Tina have moved to Adam's bedroom where Adam says it is warmer.
Is it really always warmer in here or did you just want to get me into bed?
Well, I never lie either.
Really!? Well, I guess we have something in common.

Tina: Ah, that's better!
Adam: Maybe you should have worn a few more clothes!
Tina: Oh, don't you like them?
Adam: No, I love them! Just saying that they don't look very warm.
Tina: I suppose there not.

Whoa! Without warning, Adam begins to make out with Tina.
Adam: So, do you want to..?
Tina: That really is all men want from women isn't it?
Adam: That's a no then.
Tina: Erm.. no. I suppose we can.
Adam: Don't make it sound like it's a chore!

Tina: Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that. It's just been a really long time.
Adam: Don't worry. We don't have to.
Tina: No, I want to! It's a great way to end a date.
Adam: Right, well lets go...

One hour later, we re-enter the bedroom.
Tina: Well, I'm off.
Adam: What!?
Tina: Oh, are you waiting for a mark out of ten or something?
Adam: No. Why are you going? What have I done to upset you?
Tina: What haven't you done to upset me?
Adam: I don't understand, I thought the date was going great..

Adam: Well, wasn't it going great?
Tina: No, I hated it.
Adam: But!? Have you been faking it?
Tina: Yeah, pretty much.
Adam: You said you never lied.
Tina: I lied!
Adam: You bi**h! At least tell me why!

Adam: For what!?

Well there was a date with a strange twist! She didn't even stay until 10PM but we couldn't stop her. We asked Tina what the revenge was about, but she wouldn't tell us. Both Adam and Tina are remaining in the date's database, and you may decide to test whether third time is really lucky with them. Or maybe you will choose another couple, out of the existing dates and new dates which are added on Saturdays. Whoever you vote for, you can catch a date every Friday until the end of the series!