Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 5

Welcome to Andy's house, and meet Andy! Andy has been busy today preparing for his date's arrival. He has found out that she get's bored very easily so he has brought a games console, dart board, a new stereo and even a Jacuzzi in hope of entertaining her.
Andy: I hope this works out, the Jacuzzi cost over 6 grand!

And here's his date for tonight. Emma was chosen by you, the viewers as Andy's date tonight. Let's see how they get on...

Andy seems very eager to greet Emma and runs to meet her! He then plants a cheeky peck on her lips!
Emma: Wow, you were eager to meet me!
Andy: Yeah, I know. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you. You sound like my type of woman.
Emma: That's good isn't it. I read your bio, seems like you might just be my type of man, but we'll see how it goes.
Andy: Yeah.
Emma: Sorry to have to ask, but can we go inside? I'm freezing!
Andy: Oh yes, of course, sorry.
Emma: It's ok.

Once inside, Andy immediately gets into entertaining Emma by playing on the games console. They have been playing for 25 minutes. Emma is repeatedly winning.
Andy: I think I should have practised this a bit before you came!
Emma: (Laughs) Yeah, I can see that! No offence, but can we do something else, this isn't much of a challenge against you.
Andy: Yeah, of course. Are you hungry at all yet?
Emma: Erm.. yeah a bit of food would be nice. I'll have a pack of crisps if possible.
Andy: Yeah, well.. er.. if that's all you want then..
Emma: Thanks honey.

We go with Andy when he goes to the toilet.
Andy: I think the date's going ok, but it feels like I'm just entertaining a young girl. She's like a girl trapped in a woman's body. I'll show her what it's like to be a real woman though! ...Well, I'll try to later on.

Emma is busy playing a one player game on the games console, while Andy occupies himself by making two TV dinners. Over an hour of the four hour date has passed.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes of the date Andy finally gets to talk to Emma when she gets stuck on a level and turns the console off.
Andy: Looks like we get to talk at last.
Emma: Yeah, I guess.
Andy: Hey, do you feel like going in the Jacuzzi to talk?
Emma: Isn't it a bit cold?
Andy: We'll soon feel warm in the Jacuzzi.
Emma: Yeah, well ok then.

Emma: Ah, this is quite nice.
Andy: Yeah it is. Told you it was.
Emma: It smells really new.
Andy: I know, that's because it only came today. I got it especially for you.
Emma: Wow! It must have cost you a fortune.
Andy: It did, but my parents are loaded!
Emma: Cool.
Andy: Yeah, I know. It means I never have to get a job. Woohoo!
Emma: Wish I never had to have one.
Andy: You just need a man to look after you then.
Emma: (Laughs) There's that eagerness again!

Ever since the mention of money, Emma has been becoming a lot more open: Flirting, splashing, laughing and cuddling! Andy is enjoying it!
I didn't realise you were so muscled.
Cheers. I didn't realise you were this sexy! I knew you were sexy, but not this sexy!

Andy: That feels so good.
Emma: There's better feelings to come.
Andy: (Laughs). I take it you like me then.
Emma: I think your a really nice guy. It's not everyday someone buys a Jacuzzi just to please me!
Andy: Do you think we've got a chance?
Emma: I don't know, but we can at least try!

What started as a massage is becoming a whole lot more! It look's like buying that Jacuzzi has paid off, but will Emma decide to stay until after 10PM in just under 1 hours time?

It looks like a lot is happening under the water, or maybe she's drowning him to steal the Jacuzzi... but it seems doubtful.

After the performance in the hot tub we asked Emma if they had just had Woohoo.
Maybe, I'll guess you'll never really know.
Yeah you will, we didn't. It proved kind of difficult underwater. But, guess what now it's 10PM it's time for the camera's to leave and were heading up to the bedroom.
Woo! I can't wait.

As the two of them go upstairs it seems that the Jacuzzi clenched the date, and we have another success story. What will happen next week? Tune in then to find out!