Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 7

Welcome to Jack's house in Veronaville. Tonight, Jack will be meeting Sarah, who you chose as his date. Sarah will be arriving at 6PM and must stay until 10PM at least.

Jack: I think she seems like a lovely lady and I can't wait to meet her. If I do get a long well with her I'm not really going to hesitate asking about children, as there's no point in me being with someone if they don't want to have children.

Here's Sarah. She apparently requires a lot of attention so let's hope Jack will give it to her.

Jack has made a good first move and come out to greet Sarah.
Hi, you look really beautiful.
Thank you. I love your hair! I don't think your suit really goes though (Laughs).
(Laughs) Yeah, I know. I just wanted to wear something smart for once. Anyway, come inside.

Jack and Sarah are sitting on Jack's couch.
You've decorated really well in here.
Cheers. I got my mum to choose the colours though. I'm not very good at that sort of thing.
Me neither... my house is in a real state!
I can't believe I've never seen you around before, when we live in the same neighbourhood.
We probably have, but we've never been looking for each other before. If you know what I mean (Laughs).
Yeah, I get you. Do you fancy a drink?
Yeah sure, what've you got?
I've got a bar upstairs.
That is so cool!

Jack and Sarah have gone to a bar upstairs where Jack has made some drinks.
I'm pretty impressed Jack! This is a nice drink you made.
Cheers. Hey, watch this..

Jack is juggling tumblers.
Sarah: Laughs. You're almost as good as a professional.
Jack: I've only just started trying to do it. Notice I'm using plastic glasses. (Laughs).
Sarah: Yeah, but still, I'm impressed!

Sarah has been laughing for over a minute because Jack dropped the tumblers while juggling.
Jack: (Laughs) Told you I was only a beginner.
Sarah: I can't stop laughing.. it wasn't even that funny. (Laughs)
Jack: You've even got tears in your eyes!
Sarah: (Laughs) I know. I've not laughed so hard for a long time.
Jack: Me neither.
Sarah: I guess we can make each other laugh well.

Jack and Sarah are in the kitchen. Jack is making sandwiches and Sarah is watching.
You can wait in the living room if you want.
I'd rather be in here with you.
Fair enough. I remember you don't being liked left alone.
Oh, did you read my bio? I never ready yours. I'm sorry for being a wimp, about not being left alone.
It's fine, I don't mind. Did something happen to you to make you not like being left alone?
No, I'm just always bored by myself.

Jack and Sarah are back in the living room. Sarah has decided that she isn't hungry yet so she's talking while Jack eats.
Sarah: I walked through the kids playground on the way.
Jack: Really?
Sarah: Yeah, it saved me a bit of time.
Jack: Oh.
Sarah: I had to walk quickly through, because there were some kids, they were only about 12, smoking cigarettes. They looked rough. Kids these days aren't like what I was like. They are so naughty today. I would never have kids.

Jack: Never!? Surly you could raise them as good children.
Sarah: Yeah, but I would still never have them! I hear it's like pushing a melon through one nostril! And they sometimes have to cut you and stuff. I couldn't cope with that.
Jack: But..
Sarah: How about you? Would you have kids?

Jack: Yeah! I've always wanted kids.
Sarah: Oh right.
Jack: I'm really sorry Sarah. I can't settle down with someone who never want's children.
Sarah: Oh. Well I must say I really do like you though.
Jack: I really like you to. Can we be friends?
Sarah: Yes, of course!

Sarah and Jack spent the last 2 and a half hours of the date watching TV. They didn't sit in silence though. Sarah was mentioning some of her friends who really want children to Jack. We have another failure, Jack and Sarah will remain in the date's database until they reach success. Keep voting!