Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 8

Welcome to the 8th episode of Sim Date. Meet Gordon, outside his house in Veronaville. In a few moments time, he will me meeting Cathy, who you chose as his date. Will the date go well and lead to a success story, or will the date go wrong from the moment she arrives?

Here Cathy is. She says that she has never had time to get herself a proper boyfriend, and has spent her whole life looking after other people. Will Gordon be the man for her?

It looked like Cathy made the first move to go into the hug. Now she has arrived, Cathy must stay here until at least 10PM. At that time she will make a decision of whether to stay or go.
Gordon: You look beautiful.
Cathy: You've got to be joking! This is the only thing I could find to wear.
Gordon: I think it's very nice, honestly.
Cathy: Oh, well thank you. I think your very handsome yourself.
Gordon: (Laughs) Cheers. Please, come inside.

Cathy: Wow, this is a nice place you've got here.
Gordon: Thank you. Take a seat, I'll make you a cocktail.
Cathy: Mmmm.. thank you very much!

Gordon: So. I was just wondering, who have you been looking after all your life?
Cathy: Well, not really all my life. I've been caring for my sisters children though for about 20 years.
Gordon: Oh, where is your sister?
Cathy: She's dead.
Gordon: Oh, I'm sorry.
Cathy: Please, don't be. I'm not.
Gordon: Really? But, why?
Cathy: I knew you'd ask this. I really don't want to talk about it.
Gordon: Oh, ok.

Cathy and Gordon have both had two cocktails each, and they are now watching TV.
Gordon: Are you hungry?
Cathy: No, I'm ok thank you. I ate before I came out.
Gordon: Oh right.
Cathy: Oh, don't be offended. It's just, my son cooked a meal for me. He always cooks for me on Friday nights.
Gordon: Your son?
Cathy: You know what I mean, my sisters.

Gordon scoots over on the sofa.
Gordon: What about the children's dad? Can't he look after them?
Cathy: No way! He's a alcoholic and addicted to drugs. Those children must never go near him!
Gordon: Sorry. Maybe we should talk about something else.
Cathy bursts into tears.

Gordon: It's all my fault. I've obviously brought something very traumatic back up.
Cathy: No you haven't. I'm just a big lier! I've never even had a sister!
Gordon: What!?
Cathy: I have three children, but there my own children.
Gordon: Why didn't you say anything?
Cathy: I didn't think any one would want to go out with a single mum.
Gordon: Why on earth not? Some people love children, and I'm one of them! In fact, I'm more attracted to you to know your a mum!
Cathy: Thank you for being so understanding!

Without warning, Cathy drags Gordon on top of her and they start to make out!
Cathy: Your such a great man!
Gordon: Your a great woman!

The couple have been making out for a few minutes. They are talking during breathers.
Cathy: It's been so long.... since... I did anything... like this.
Gordon: Are... you... enjoying... it?
Cathy: ..Yes!
Gordon: Stop!... Sorry, I just think we should go somewhere more comfortable.
Cathy: Yeah, ok.

In the bedroom the couple keep on making out! They just cant stop.
Are you a pervert or something? ... Yes, you with the camera. Get out!
Camera man:
But, sir, it's not 10PM yet.
Well, wait outside will you!? Thank you!

30 minutes later.
That was great. You've reminded me well of what it's like. Thank you.
(Laughs) My pleasure, literally.
(Laughs). Oh, look at the time. 10PM.
Are you going to stay?
Of course!

As we fly away in our helicopter, we can here noises starting again from the bedroom. It looks like we have another success story. Get voting, for episode 9 next Friday!