Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 9

Meet Jack, who has moved house since the last time we saw him. In about one minute Jack will meet Kate, his chosen date for tonight. Will this date be more successful than the last one?

Here's Kate. Last time Jack's date ended when he found out that his date didn't want children, which is something Jack must have! Kate, however, has told us she's also looking forward to starting a family so perhaps tonight's date will do well.

Jack hasn't come out to meet Kate. He went to the toilet just before Kate arrived. Has he blown his chances?

Here he is. Kate has only been standing outside in the freezing cold, in her rather summery dress, for 3 minutes. Maybe he still stands a chance.
Jack: I'm so sorry! Please, come in.. get warm.
Kate: About time.
Jack: I'm really sorry.
Kate: I'm only joking! Don't worry about it, we all get preoccupied sometimes.
Jack: Oh, I wasn't, I was just..
Kate: You don't have to explain.

Just five minutes into the date, conversation turns to children.
Kate: So, I hear you really want children.
Jack: Yes. Do you?
Kate: Oh yes!
Jack: Cool, I'm glad to hear that.
Kate: Right, lets have them then!
Jack: What!? Just like that, we hardly know each other.
Kate: So? We both want kids so let's have them!
Jack: You can't just go around making kids. They need parents who actually love each other.

Kate: Of course you can!
Jack: Why are you so desperate to have a baby?
Kate: Why are you!?
Jack: Why are you acting like this? You must seriously be desperate for children. Do you plan on selling your baby when you have it or something?
Kate: No! Of course not. I just want to show my mum that I'm as good as my sister.

Jack: I can't believe you just said that! Children are not tools in a family competition.
Kate: I know! I know! I want them too of course.
Jack: Just get out! I can't believe you!
Kate: No please. I'm sorry. I've only been here for 10 minutes. Can't we start again?

Jack: Well, I suppose so. Lets not talk about children for a while though. I'd like to get to know you first.
Well. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yeah, I've got a brother and sister.
I've just got the one sister, and she's miss perfect at everything. She's just got married, but if I get married and have a child then I'll be one step ahead and my mum will like me more!
Kate! Let's just watch TV for a couple of hours.. clear your mind about children.

When Jack turns the TV on, it goes straight to the children's channel.
Kate: Oh Jack! I really want one. Please have one with me.
Jack: Kate, I'm not having a child with you for the sake of it! You're acting like it's a puppy or something. I don't think this is going to work out.
Kate: Neither do I.
Jack: And, well I've already found someone. She's upstairs right now, one week pregnant!
Kate: What!? Why didn't you withdraw from the dates database?
Jack: I forgot.
Kate: Well thanks for nothing!

Well, as Kate ran away crying there wasn't much that could be done to keep the date going. That is another failure, but because this is the last main episode of the series everyone has been wiped from the date's database until the next series begins. Next week, we have a special Christmas dating show, so tune in then!