Sim Date Series 2 - Episode 10 - Christmas Special

Hi, welcome to this special episode of Sim Date! I am the producer of the show. Tonight, two of the loneliest people we could find are going on a Christmas themed date, prepared completely by myself.

5 Hours ago I began cooking a Christmas dinner for the chosen couple, along with a layer cake.

I've also been busy setting up the house with a festive dining area, lit only by the lights on the tree and the candle set. You'll notice that there are even presents under the tree for our dates. The contents are based on what we found out about them. You should also know that this house belongs to neither of the dates, but we will be giving this house to them if the date goes well. We haven't told them this just in case they both fancied a free house and pretended to get on!

Mary is the female date tonight, who's just entered through the front door and walked straight into the festive dining area.
Mary: This is beautiful.

You may be wondering why you didn't get to vote on the couple for tonight's show. We have been searching for a month for the loneliest people we can find, and have managed to pair up two people who should be perfect partners. Both of our dates would have woke up on Christmas day alone, so hopefully, if all goes well they will at least have company on the big day tomorrow.

Joseph is our male date. Yes it's a total coincidence that we ended up with a Mary and Joseph, but hopefully this will be more lucky. Joseph has just entered through the back door, and is smelling my layer cake! Any moment now they should notice each other's presence

Joseph: Hello, you look lovely my dear.
Mary: Hello. You look nice yourself.
Joseph: Not as nice as that turkey though, eh?
Mary: Yeah, it's smells absolutely delicious.
Joseph: Well, in that case should we start?
Mary: I'd love to.

Host: They have been eating for 3 minutes in silence. My turkey must be good. They obviously didn't think about sliding the turkey along the table so they didn't have to eat on there knees!
Joseph: What do you think?
Mary: It's delicious, but it doesn't taste the same without a big puddle of gravy.
Host: I knew there was something I forgot!
Joseph: Yeah, I know what you mean. I never really have turkey though, living by myself, it seems a waste to have such a large bird.
Mary: Yes, I usually get myself a small chicken portion, but I do go round to my daughters house and have turkey on boxing day.
Joseph: I don't have any family.
Mary: Oh, I'm sorry.
Joseph: Oh, don't be, it's not like they've died, I've just never been married to have children.
Mary: I've just got the one daughter myself. She's very nice. She said your welcome to come on boxing day, whether we get on well or not.
Joseph: Thank you so much. I don't often socialise very much.

Host: My layer cake has now come out. They are getting on fairly well.
Joseph: I don't even know why I'm eating this, I'm stuffed.
Mary: Hmm.. so am I. People just seem to eat for the sake of it at Christmas.
Joseph: Yes, that's true.
Host: With the meal nearly over I'm going to turn some quiet Christmas music on.
Joseph: Oh.. (sings along) I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..
Mary: (Laughs).
Joseph: Would you care to dance.
Mary: I'd love too.

Host: Aww!

Host: They're moving into the kiss!

Host: They've gone to the sofa as the kiss ends.

Host: There kissing romantically, and it's all down to me! Woo!

Joseph: Mary, will you spend Christmas with me?
Mary: Oh yes!
Joseph: Mary, will you marry me?
Mary: Yes!
Host: It sort of brings a tear to your eye to know that two lonely people will no longer be lonely this Christmas. Marriage was an unexpected bonus. All that remains for me to say now is good night, and have a great Christmas and new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!