Sim Date Series 2 - Success Stories

Episode 1 - Thomas and Claire

Do you remember Thomas and Claire from the first episode of sim Date series 2? We saw them hit it off from the moment they met, and the date ended successfully when Claire stayed past 10PM, and the two of them had Woohoo!

When we caught up with them both again, two days after the date the crew located them out together! They have wasted no time in forming a proper relationship. Megan, Tom's daughter who has never had a mother, adores Claire, and Claire adores her back. Even though it's just two days after they met they are already talking about having babies! What a broody couple!

We certainly hope, that the couple work well together, as our first ever success story! Maybe it was Mr Love in series one which was preventing any success... but we don't want to go accusing him now do we?

End of series catch up: When we caught up with Thomas and Claire after the series we were extremely pleased to find that they were still together and we were absolutely delighted to hear that they had brought a new house together. When we asked about the purpose for the move Claire revealed she was a month pregnant! They certainly didn't waste any time!

Episode 3 - Gary and Louise

Medical student Gary, and Louise, who was recovering from a relationship break-up, seemed to hit it off right from the start! They started the date with sandwiches, and then made out before desert!

When we caught up with them both again, the day after the date we found Louise still at Gary's house! When the crew arrived in the afternoon they were exhausted, and Louise told us she had been being reminded of a good time all morning! They have both decided to see how it goes so we will have to wait to find out!

End of series catch up: After the series we were very sorry to find that Louise and Gary were no longer together. Gary told us that Louise was the one who wanted to break up and when we asked her about it she only told us that he wasn't her type! We tried to get a bit more information for our viewers, but neither Louise or Gary would tell us anything. In the end, every researcher who attempted to talk to them was thrown out of their houses!

Episode 5 - Andy and Emma

Layabouts Andy, and Emma, both just want to have as much fun as possible while doing as little work as necessary. At the start of the date Andy struggled to occupy Emma, but when Emma found out that Andy had brought a Jacuzzi just to occupy her she took a sudden liking to him.

When we caught up with them both again, the day after the date we found that Emma had stayed for the whole night. It is possible that Emma is just after Andy so she can quit her job and have an easy life with Andy's parents money, but Andy hasn't even thought of this and thinks Emma loves him... which she might.

End of series catch up: Wow! Less than five weeks after the date we can already hear wedding bells ringing! The day we caught up with Andy and Emma was the day of their wedding! When they saw us they told us to leave. When we asked why, Emma told us how she didn't like how we'd basically shown her as a gold digger, simply after Andy's money. She might not be a gold digger, but we couldn't really find out as Andy's brothers, who both worked as security guards made us leave pretty quickly!

Episode 6- Alex and Tina

When Tina met Alex we weren't sure how the date would go. We had already met Tina on two other occasions and both times the dates hadn't gone well. Alex had watched the other episodes and was very edgy around Tina, but when our cameraman left to the toilet he came back to find the two of them flirting!

When we caught up with them both again, the day after the date we found that Emma was seriously enjoying herself with Alex. She had spent over two hours before we came choosing a new colour scheme for Alex's living room, kitchen and bedroom. Alex doesn't have any objections and that includes to Tina moving in!

End of series catch up: When we set out to find out how Alex and Tina were doing we expected to find both of them at Alex's house. However, when we got there, Alex was the only one there and he told us that he hadn't seen Tina since the day after the date! Tina had been planning to decorate almost all of Alex's house that day, but when Alex asked her to slow down, she stormed out of the house and didn't come back. No one knows where terrible Tina is, but what's obvious is that she'll be alone.. I mean, who'd want her!?

Episode 8

When Cathy applied to Sim Date she felt it was necessary to lie about the fact that she had children, as she thought men would be put off. However, when she met Cathy met Gordon she couldn't keep the secret in, but was relieved to find that Gordon thought that dating a single mum was an added bonus!

When we caught up with them both again, the day after the date we discovered that they had already begun to make many plans for there future. Gordon, who is fairly well off, is going to buy a large house in Veronaville for himself, Cathy and her children to live in.

End of series catch up: As Cathy and Gordon's date was late in the series, they didn't have much of a break between it and when we came to catch up, but we still found that they had already moved into there brand new house, which happens to have 9 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms by the way! When we saw them they were just like a young married couple. It's heart warming to see these two people, who thought they would never have true love, living happily ever after - In a huge house!