Sim Date Series 3 - Episode 8

Richard is 24 years old and isn't having much luck with the women. This week you've paired him up with Diane. Diane used to be a man and is very open about it, which is mainly why she hasn't got a boy friend. Richard knows all about it and his desperation has led him to overlook it. After a 20 minute drive together, they've arrived at Rodney's hideout in the local downtown area. How will the date go?

Diane: Do you play?
Wow, let's hear something!

Diane: That's really great (!).
Richard: Thanks... I'm still learning though.

Despite being on a date together, Richard and Diane have decided to have a game of poker.

Woman: Hi, can I play?
Richard: Sure... it's only a friendly game though.
Woman: That's fine by me!

When Richard allows another person to join the game, Diane get's up.
Richard: What are you doing?
Diane: Leaving! Were supposed to be on a date, but you'd rather hang out with other people!
Richard: You should of said something.
Diane: You shouldn't have been so stupid.
Richard: Come on Diane, let's at least have dinner. Sorry ladies, but we'll have t leave you to it.

Richard: What is wrong with you? You were so embarrassing!
You know what's wrong.
Richard: I don't though.

Waitress: Can I take your order please?
We'll both have the spaghetti please.
Right away.
There... you did it again!
You haven't told me what I'm doing yet!
Looking at other women! REAL women... unlike me.
Don't be ridiculous.
This is hard for me. It's understandable that I get jealous isn't it!?
Richard: I suppose... but don't. What you used to be doesn't bother me at all.

Diane: Sorry I ate so fast.
No, I just eat slow.
I can't believe what you said earlier, about my past not bothering you. I was really flattered.
It's the truth.

Diane and Richard have been getting to know each other for 20 minutes.
We have got quite a lot in common.
I guess it's because were both guys! (Laughs)

Diane: What!?
I didn't mean to offend you. II meant you used to be a guy so maybe you've still got some of your old interests.
Richard: Come on, I'm sorry.
It's ok, let's go outside.

Diane: Richard, does my past really not bother you, or are you just so desperate that I'll do?
Of course not. I don't care what you used to be! Your a woman now!
Diane: I'm glad you said that, because I feel so special with you. Your the only one who treats me like a real woman.

Richard: I really think we could work out.
I hope so.
Richard: Come on let's go somewhere else, away from the camera's.

Diane: No! Wait!
What's wrong?
Kiss me.
They'll be plenty of time for that.
Diane: I just want to know if my past really doesn't bother you. If you can kiss me, I'll know it doesn't.

That gives us our 3rd success story of the series, and another good choice by you viewers! You'll have lots of time to vote for the next interactive episode because it won't be here until episode 12 after a series break and three studio episodes, so make sure you make another good choice!