Sim Date Series 3 - Success Stories

Episode 14 - Jo and Dan (Split the next day!)

Librarian Jo had forgotten how to have a good time. When she met Dan is was back to basics on how to have a good time. He taught her to worry less and think less about others and what might happen if something goes wrong. At the end of the date Jo had really enjoyed herself and they went to Dan's house together.

The next day we found that they'd fallen out, and Dan was annoyed with Jo and said she was too boring for him. Jo had also upset his daughter by turning off her Children's TV to watch the news.

Episode 13 - Derek and Shannon

Shannon and Derek got paired up during a special studio episode where some dates got another chance. They were sent to a modern art museum, where they had fun criticising the art work and dancing to classical music. At the end of the day Shannon gave Derek her phone number, and he said he'd call her.

The next day, we found out that he did call her, and they were planning on going out many more times. They both really like each other, but will this relationship develop, and eventually lead to Derek's second marriage?

Episode 12 - Eric and Anne Marie

Anne-Marie was obsessed with having a good time, and when she met Eric he tried his hardest to make sure she enjoyed herself. Unfortunately, taking her to a posh nightclub wasn't the best idea, and it was only after many pints of alcohol that the pair started to enjoy themselves. At the end of the night, the couple were leaving for a bath together at Eric's house.

The next day, we found two very hung-over, but also happy, people. They both know they had a really great time, and defiantly want to go out together again. We now need to wait and see if this relationship will go anywhere.

Episode 11 - Matt and Jenny

Matt and Jenny were meant for each other. They seemed to hit it off really quickly when they were on the date, and spent 32 minutes doing 'something' in the photo booth with a very pleased audience outside the curtain! At the end of the night they got in a taxi together and drove off.

We met up with them the next day to find out what they'd done after the camera's left them. Matt had spent the whole night at Jenny's and even made her breakfast in bed the morning after. They've decided to go on holiday together to get to know each other a little better, but will this honeymoon period last?

Episode 10 - Halloween Special - Count Clive and Katy

If you can call getting turned into a vampire and almost being fried alive a success story, then this is a success story! When Count Clive, a desperate vampire who thought no normal woman would ever love him, met Katy, a totally crazy woman who likes her men to be very interesting and exciting, they hit it off really well. Before the night was out he gave her a vampires bite and she became a Vampiress. The fast rising sun in Pleasantview caught them by surprise and we last saw them racing away together in a taxi.

The next day we found them in Count Clive's darkened living room, soothing some rather nasty looking burns. They've decided that they are right for each other and are going to continue to date (at night of course), but is this relationship a little too unreal to last?

Episode 9 - Jack and Gillian

When Jack met Gillian he fell in love with her wild side, and ability to create fun. Despite going to a posh restaurant, with classical music and unrecognisable meals the couple still managed to have fun together. Once Gillian had got them thrown out after jumping on the sofa's, they walked away together to the heart of the downtown district.

The next day we asked them about what they got up to later that night, and we found out that they'd been to three different nightclubs, and a bar. They then made out in the park and headed back to Jack's place. Is the romance just a spur of the moment thing, or will this be long term. Find out at the end of the series.

Episode 8 - Richard and Diane

Richard and Diane were another great pairing made by the viewers. Diane used to be a man, and you found someone who was willing to accept the fact. When they went on a date together they got off to a rocky start with Diane constantly worrying that Richard really wanted a real woman. After she was reassured that he really liked her they kissed and left our camera's behind.

The next day we asked them about what they got up to later that night, and we found out that they really enjoyed themselves! They've both agreed to give their relationship a good go so now only time will tell whether they work out.

Episode 4 - Chad and Karen

Chad and Karen were paired up by you, the viewers, and Chad took Karen in his classy sports car to his favourite restaurant. Being a successful business man the restaurant was way about Karen's standards, but she soon stopped acting uptight and begun to flirt with Chad. After slow dancing, and more flirting the couple decided to drive away together and we were unable to follow them.

The next day we caught up with them and we found out that Karen had stayed the night at Chad's house. They seem to genuinely like each other, but will it last. We'll find out how things have gone for them at the end of the series.

Episode 3 - Johnny and Rose

Johnny and Rose met in the second studio episode of Series 3. Rose had resorted to Sim Date because she was sick of men only using her for one thing: sex! The moment she saw Johnny after choosing him she took an instant liking to him, and claimed that he smelt lovely. The couple didn't waste much time eating dinner on their date, and instead decided to relax on the double bed in the dating room. Despite what Rose had come on the show looking for she let Johnny take off his trousers and minutes later the couple were under the duvet doing the dirty.

The next day, when we caught up with them they were found together in a hotel room. They'd been getting to know each other well overnight and decided to give a proper relationship a go.

But is this attraction to each other love, or did it only start because Johnny needed a quickie? Only time will tell as the couple try to get to know each other better. Only one thing's certain, we'll be catching up with them at the end of the series!