Season 3


Simvivor is back; but this time, famous faces are gracing the Island for the first time ever!
Having just waved farewell to Amanda, Gemma, James, Toni and the amazing cast of Simvivor: Pearl Islands; we are here to officially announce that WE'RE BACK! Only this time, it's the "celebrities" turn to fight for survival. That's right, the famous, and not-so-famous Celebrity contestants are set to take on the challenge of a lifetime, as they step into previous contestants shoes to try and win SimTV's biggest survival series.

Returning for one last time, the Pearl Island's Civilians quarters shall play host to the first Celebrity edition of Simvivor. This time, the contestants will be in danger the moment they step foot on the island, because within one of the huts on the Island lays a terrible secret; a blast from the past that will sure make the celebrities want to FIGHT for survival. After all, no one wants to leave SO early on in the show, do they?

This series will see some of the greatest and most dangerous challenges take place, as the celebrities will battle for power and immunity. That's right; TWO contestants could win immunity each week, but the celebrity who wins power will be granted a range of privileges; privileges to change things on the island for the good, and the bad.

The public voting shall return again for this series, as you, the viewers, will eliminate your most hated contestant from the show yet again.

Debbie McClean shall return as the main host, however, we're about to give a warm welcome to newcomer, Jeff Daily, who will be fronting a brand new panel-style spin off show; Simvivor: Offshore; where members of the audience will air their views (and it some cases, shout them...) and debate about the goings on from the Celebrities on the beach of Pearl Islands.